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Let us all first agree to the fact that sweeping is a tedious task, and no one enjoys doing it. Now, if you are planning to chuck your good-for-nothing broom and dustpan away and switch to a vacuum cleaner, then you need to check this compilation we have made of the 10 Best Vacuum Cleaners in India.

Oh, and we have also curated a detailed guide by the end of the article that you can use to make an informed buying decision. Get reading and find your perfect match for all your home cleaning requirements!


Best Vacuum Cleaner in India

These are Best Vacuum Cleaner in India 2021

  • Philips PowerPro FC9352/01 Compact Bagless Vacuum Cleaner
  • iLife Robot V5s Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
  • Inalsa Spruce Vacuum Cleaner-1200W for Home
  • AmazonBasics Cylinder Bagless Vacuum Cleaner
  • Karcher WD 3 Multi-Purpose Vacuum Cleaner
  • American MICRONIC AMI-VCD21-1600WDx Vacuum Cleaner
  • KENT Wizard Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner
  • Deerma VC20 Cordless Portable Handheld Stick Vacuum Cleaner
  • Dyson V11 Absolute Pro Cord-Free Vacuum
  • Prestige 1200 Watt Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner


Best Vacuum Cleaner in India 2021-2021

Check out the top picks for vacuum cleaners in India below! You will be surprised at how much technology has advanced!

Philips PowerPro FC9352/01 Compact Bagless Vacuum Cleaner:

Philips PowerPro FC9352 01 Compact Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

If you’re looking for a promising brand to invest in, there is nothing that can beat Philips India. The brand is being managed by the parent company called Royal Philips, which is currently based out of the Netherlands. The electronics world would have a core part of it missing if we were to remove Philips from its history. This brand has been functional since the 1800s, and we can see how they have basked well into their experience as they have been introducing only the very best in the market.

Key Features:

  • Type: Canister Vacuum Cleaner
  • What We Like: Allergy H13 filter, powercyclone 5 technology, powerful motor, fully-sealed filtration system
  • Warranty: 2 years warranty on the product

There are some obvious reasons why this product sits at our number one position today. For starters, the Philips PowerPro FC9352/01 comes with a high-suction power that has been made possible with the help of PowerCyclone 5 Technology. This technology allows you to pull out even the smallest particles (0.3 microns), including all the notorious allergens and bacteria that can rile up breathing problems in Asthma patients. The package includes an integrated soft brush and Turbo nozzle, both of which can easily maneuver around the house for deep cleaning.

The ergonomics of this vacuum cleaner are class-apart, and it’s not just us who say that. This product won the 2018 Gold iF Design Award, which certainly shows the dedication of the brand into creating an overall satisfaction for the customers. It does not come with a bag but still has an easy-to-clean and empty approach. The powerful motor of 1900W is capable of cleaning every inch of your house as fast as you like. It also comes with an Allergy H13 filter that keeps all minor dust particles away.


  • Powerful and high-performing motor
  • Protects against allergens and bacteria
  • Offers you a clean floor within minutes
  • Compact and portable size


  • Bagless


iLife Robot V5s Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Mopping:

iLife Robot V5s Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Mopping

Recommended by the NY Times, iLife Robotic has been consistently providing products that will help you in the pursuit of a better life. This brand is spread across 40+ countries, making high-quality robotic vacuum cleaners accessible at an affordable price. They will help you take the daunting task of cleaning headfirst, allowing you leisure time after a long day at work by programming this automatic cleaner to do the chore. Not only sweeping, but mopping has been taken care of by this robotic cleaner as well. Get your pristine floors back by investing in this beauty!

Key Features:

  • Type: Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
  • What We Like:
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty on the product

This product is one of the best sellers on Amazon due to its many aspects that makes cleaning the house less of a daunting task. Unlike all other types of vacuum cleaners, you do not have to do the job or even supervise it being done. This robotic cleaner comes with two cleaning modes that allow you to pick up both wet and dry dirt. I-Dropping Technology in this product minimizes the consumption of water while mopping, while the 5X high suction picks up everything you spill.

You can also choose from different cleaning settings like auto, schedule, edge, and spot cleaning mode. Our favourite is the auto and schedule modes that you can use to start the cleaning without even being present in the room. Whether you come late from work or generally have a hectic busy day—all you have to do is set the timer and witness the magic happen around you.


  • Consumes less water for mopping with i-Dropping technology
  • The high suction power on all kinds of floors
  • Does not require human intervention
  • Comes with many useful cleaning modes


  • Expensive as compared to other products on the list


Inalsa Spruce Vacuum Cleaner-1200W for Home with Blower Function:

Inalsa Spruce Vacuum Cleaner-1200W for Home with Blower Function

Inalsa appliances have been around for more than five decades, and they believe their customers deserve a lavish and high-tech lifestyle without having to invest a lot of money. This is the reason why they offer you a range of electronic home appliances related to cooking, home care, and personal care that extend convenience to you in this hectic lifestyle. All Inalsa products are compliant to the strict guidelines and directives of GS, CE, RoHS, ISI—delivering safe and long-lasting solutions for you and your house.

Key Features:

  • Type: Canister Vacuum Cleaner
  • What We Like: Compliant to RoHS guidelines, high-filtration cloth dust bag
  • Warranty: 2 years warranty on the product

This vacuum cleaner is one of the very few that offer a blow function. But what does it do? A blow function can help you if you have a garden with many plants and trees, by helping you gather all the faller leaves at one place. When you use it to clean your floors, you will not have to change the bag in the machine again and again, because it comes with a reusable cotton bag. The dust bag has a 2L capacity, so you can clean your entire house before having to empty it. It works on a 1400W motor that offers you high-performance and does not rust as time passes by.

The Spruce offers you unbeatable confidence with a 2-year warranty on the product. You can save up to 30% on your repairing costs when you have such support from the brand. The product comes with multiple attachments that work well with different kinds of cleaning necessities. From sofa brush to crevice tool, you can clean every corner of your house with these attachments.


  • Complies to international electronics safety directives
  • Allows easy and smooth movement
  • Large 2L capacity for collected dust
  • High suction-power


  • Short hose pipe


AmazonBasics Cylinder Bagless Vacuum Cleaner:

AmazonBasics Cylinder Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Not very long ago, the house brand of Amazon was introduced in the market, and it is known as AmazonBasics. Sometimes one wonders how they have been able to compete with all of the top electronic brands on the market so effortlessly. Most of the products released under this brand have one thing that remains the best—appearance and affordability. This Cylinder Bagless Vacuum Cleaner comes packed with features that will make everyday cleaning easy.

Key Features:

  • Type: Canister Vacuum Cleaner
  • What We Like: HEPA filter, works on 700W power, dust-cup
  • Warranty: 2-year warranty on the product

This AmazonBasics product comes with many exciting features, along with a noiseless operation. You do not have to worry about your neighbors calling you noisy over the vacuuming sounds with low 78 dB. It also consumes very less power, with only 700Watts per operation, and less than 25kWh on an annual basis. You do not have to worry about your electricity bills spiking overnight for adding a little bit of convenience to your lifestyle. You will not require any dust bags either, as the product comes with a dust cup with ample capacity.

Other features that we find useful for today’s consumer is the removable and washable HEPA filter installed inside the product. You must have seen this filter in air purifiers, as it helps clear the air of 99% pollutants like the smallest dust particles, allergens, pollens, and other bacteria. The inclusion of the HEPA filter in this vacuum cleaner only shows how much the brand considers the health of buyers. The product is portable, and it also comes with crevice & upholstery nozzle along with carpet brush, etc.


  • Works on low noise
  • Does not consume a lot of power
  • Filters out allergens and other air pollutants
  • Ideal for car cleaning


  • Sofa brush doesn’t work well


Karcher WD 3 Multi-Purpose Vacuum Cleaner:

Karcher WD 3 Multi-Purpose Vacuum Cleaner

If you don’t know much about Karcher, let us introduce it to its magical world. This not-so-conventional brand is a German family-owned company that is a global provider of cleaning technology. They have been working relentlessly in creating and serving the customers with the most innovative, high-performance, and high-quality products. They currently have 1000+ patents and an entire market abroad under their spell.

Key Features:

  • Type: Canister Vacuum Cleaner
  • What We Like: Pull & Push locking system, wet/dry cartridge filter, removable handle
  • Warranty: 1-year on product

This German company gives us more than we could have wished for. The product features a variety of functions that can add functionality to your overall cleaning experience. For starters, it comes with a pull and push-lock system that you will rarely find in other vacuum cleaners on the market. You also have a floor nozzle and a suction hose that allows you to pick up both wet and dry dirt, without you having to replace the filter. Although the size of the product can scare you, it is still easy to transport around.

If you invest in this vacuuming device, you will be working with many practical features like the cable and accessory storage, and even the blower function. You can use an ergonomic carrying handle to take the product around wherever you want to use its magic. The plastic container installed in the appliance comes with a massive 17L capacity that will last you days, if not weeks! The container has been made with plastic that is both durable and strong.


  • Large container capacity
  • Comes with an ergonomic handle design
  • Easy to use and empty


  • Heavy device
  • Service centres are hard to find


American MICRONIC AMI-VCD21-1600WDx Vacuum Cleaner:

American MICRONIC AMI-VCD21-1600WDx Vacuum Cleaner

The American Micronic is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and adheres to all the stringent guidelines of the European Economic Area (EEA) & Geprüfte Sicherheit (GS). Their only aim is to bring you the safest and most innovative technology that adds comfort to your life. Currently, they have mastered the industry for home, kitchen, and cleaning appliances, from which the AMI-VCD21-1600WDx Vacuum Cleaner is among the best vacuum cleaners in India.

Key Features:

  • Type: Canister Vacuum Cleaner
  • What We Like: Wet & dry vacuum cleaner, overheating protection, reusable dust bag
  • Warranty: 1-year on product

The star of this vacuum cleaner has to be the integration of both wet and dry cleaning in one product. You get two different brush attachments for both kinds of materials, so you do not have to worry about pulling out an old-fashioned and stained mop every time you break a glass full of water or even spill anything else. If you have a pet at home, you do not have to find a separate vacuuming device for their pet hair. This product will do the job for you without any hassles or added efforts. It comes with a large 21L capacity that you can utilize in multiple ways.

It works on a 16Watt power, which means you will be cleaning your house at a much faster rate! However, more power equals quick operation, but it also means a heavier electricity bill, so consider that before opting for a high-power motor in vacuum cleaners. You will receive a one-year warranty on this appliance, so you do not have to worry about any technical or product issues at least for a complete 365-days. The inclusion of the HEPA filter clears you of all the allergens that can trigger any respiratory diseases.


  • It can be used for air vents, rugs, and more!
  • Comes with the HEPA filter
  • Works for both dry and wet dirt
  • Complies to strict guidelines for home appliances


  • Shipping and quality issues reported previously
  • Not ideal to carry around


KENT Wizard Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner 1200-Watt:

Best Vacuum Cleaner

Most people are unaware of this, but KENT is a lot more than just a water purifier brand. This brand has received several awards and accolades like Asia’s Most Promising Brands for Home Appliances by World Consulting & Research Corporation twice—in 2014 & 2016. This Cyclonic vacuum cleaner was launched in 2017 and truly works as a wizard for your house. It comes with many features and functions that add ease and functionality to your cleaning session.

Key Features:

  • Type:
  • What We Like:
  • Warranty:

You can reduce the pollution in your house with a couple of simple steps, and you can take the first step by investing in this vacuum cleaner. The FOAM filter in this product massively reduces the pollution level in your house, while also controlling the dust discharge while operating. Another feature that works well in an Indian house is the low sound or noise emission. If you live in a congested and close area, you do not want to annoy your neighbors every time you clean your house.

The product also has a strong suction force that pulls out all the debris and dust from the crevices of your house. It keeps your surroundings clean and removes all potential pollutants that can irritate or trigger your respiratory issues. With the help of the advanced cyclonic technology, you will be able to scoop up even the most minute dirt and leave you with a spotless house within minutes!


  • Comes with advanced cyclonic technology
  • Powerful suction helps remove dirt easily
  • Emits low noise


  • Does not come with a blower
  • Heavy product


Deerma VC20 Cordless Portable Handheld Stick Vacuum Cleaner:

Deerma VC20 Cordless Portable Handheld Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Deerma Malaysia was established in 2013 in collaboration with the Deerma Global Market. This brand kicked off as an online store and was geographically restricted to deliveries in Malaysia. However, very recently they have started broadening their horizons, and now you can find many impressive products by the brand on Amazon! One of the many interesting facts about this company is that they have a wide range of electronic products in their catalog within a short period.

Key Features:

  • Type: Handheld Vacuum Cleaner
  • What We Like: Cordless device, 100-watt suction, weighs only 1KG
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty on the product

This Derma handheld vacuum cleaner is one of the one portable and cordless options that we have mentioned here. The product comes with a noise reduction design that easily does the job without waking everyone up. Although the design is cordless, you can still use it for a comparatively longer time than other cordless vacuuming appliances. The major reason this has been made possible is due to the smart battery management system. You only have to charge the device once and get at least 30-minutes of working time.

One of the most annoying problems that can surface by using a vacuum cleaner is the tangling of fallen hair inside the machine. However, you can avoid that with this machine as it comes with Anti-winding Comb Structure, also known as the “tooth-comb” structure, that helps separate the hair after suction. This way, you will not have to clean the brush after vacuuming, thereby, saving a lot of time and energy. Please note that this device is only for light use, do not expect it to polish your hardwood floors, or clean your dust-filled carpets.


  • Portable and lightweight device
  • Offers good style and aesthetics
  • Great for cars, curtains, desks, and upholstery


  • Expensive as compared to other cordless vacuum cleaners
  • Only for light use


Dyson V11 Absolute Pro Cord-Free Vacuum:

Dyson V11 Absolute Pro Cord-Free Vacuum

If you’re looking for high-quality British technology that is both cost-effective and long-lasting, then look no more. Dyson is a brand that has its headquarters in the United Kingdom, and it has seen very steady growth in the Indian market since its first launch. However, they created a buzz when they released their popular vacuum cleaner models called Dyson V11. Kid you not, it can capture 99.97% small particles, including many allergens and bacteria, keeping your environment free of all kinds of contaminations.

Key Features:

  • Type: Handheld Vacuum Cleaner
  • What We Like: 9 tools and accessories, 40% more suction power
  • Warranty: 2-year warranty on the product

Dyson has a reputation for delivering some of the best-in-class products on the market. Although they are always a tad bit more expensive, you cannot deny how it is impossible to ignore these products due to the exceptional quality and design they offer you. You can always expect Dyson to bring you an innovative and out-of-the-box solution for your home. You can witness the entire working of Dyson through this new Dyson V11 Absolute Pro Cord-Free Vacuum. It offers high-performance, quality, and has also received an award for its design.

The product comes in three different cleaning modes for you to choose from as per your requirement. If you’re planning to clean the deep corners of your car seat, you can opt for the handheld nozzle, while you can choose the stick for reaching to the places you wouldn’t be able to otherwise. You get more than nine accessories and attachments that can make cleaning your house less of a chore and more of a fun task! Some of the features that need a mention are the quick-release extension hose, mattress tool, combination tool, and more.


  • Comes with a point and shoot bin
  • Many accessories and attachments offered
  • Adapts to different floor types


  • Premium product
  • Not ideal for heavy usage


Prestige 1200 Watt Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner:

Best Vacuum Cleaner in India

Do you believe a brand like Prestige that has made its name in the cooking appliance industry can truly excel in a cleaning product? We are here to prove you right. TTK Prestige has been offering world-class solutions for cleaning, cooking, bathing, and more, since its official launch in 1955. One of the many milestones the brand has achieved is being a market leader in India through 18,000 outlets. They have surely raised the bar, and there are not many home appliance companies in India that can compete with their experience.

Key Features:

  • Type: Canister Vacuum Cleaner
  • What We Like: Auto cut float, absorbing brush, advanced HEPA Filter
  • Warranty: 1 years warranty on the product

You can clean both wet and dry floors with the help of this vacuum cleaner, whether you’re dealing with spillage or stain. It comes with a powerful motor that runs on 1200W, and it will not disappoint you if you’re looking for an inexpensive yet high-performance vacuum cleaner. If you are an Asthma patient, you can use this cleaner to help you capture all the fine dirt that lurks around in your house, causing problems in your breathing. This is done with the help of the advanced HEPA filtration system that sits inside the product.

The powerful blower function helps you push all the dirt from deep crevices, while also giving you a quick hand in the garden. You also receive a much-improved suction system that does not fail you when you have a tough cleaning situation at hand. The advanced HEPA filter not only helps you by pulling out all the minute dust particles, but it also keeps the dust from accumulating and clogged inside. You can enjoy a hassle-free experience with a clever cleaning appliance. The product is also extremely easy to move around with its light-weight built as well as 360-degree swivel feet.


  • Offers powerful suction
  • Picks up both wet and dry dirt
  • Free demo before installation


  • Hose extension is not long enough
  • Quality inconsistencies reported in the past


Buyer’s Guide:

Have you already shortlisted some of your favorite vacuum cleaners? Here is a buyer’s guide that will help you pick the perfect option out of that list based on your requirements. We have looked through more than 25 vacuum cleaners and thousands of customer opinions, which has been instrumental in compiling this guide.

Types of Vacuum Cleaners in India

There are many types of vacuum cleaners, and they all have a distinct purpose in making cleaning convenient and easy for you. Your first task toward choosing a suitable product for yourself will involve deciding on the type of vacuum cleaner you require! We have listed some of the categories of vacuum cleaners for you below for this reason:

Canister Vacuum Cleaner

If you have already scanned the market, you must have noticed that the Canister vacuum cleaners are the most common type found everywhere. These cleaners can be used for pulling accumulated dust on all kinds of surfaces—from desks to floors. You can find three main parts here that are the container, cylinder, and the motor. The suction nozzle comes connected to a hosepipe and allows you to swoop dirt with ease every time you use it.

The wheels at the bottom of this Canister vacuum cleaners allow you to move the product everywhere without much effort, making every cleaning operation a piece of cake. They come with longer cleaning wands as compared to other types of cleaners, along with flexible hoses that can maneuver according to your requirement. You will also find them to have a better suction and flow rate that permits them to make the operation quick as well.

The only problem being that if you are looking to buy more cleaning tools for your Canister vacuum cleaner, they will most probably be a lot more expensive than others. However, they certainly add to the overall functionality of the product and adjust according to your need.

Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

You will find all the solutions of Canister’s drawbacks in the Handheld vacuum cleaners. These models are far more versatile and lighter in weight than the previously discussed Canister models, and they are also extremely user-friendly and inexpensive. However, they are not much use when you’re trying to clean your entire house with it. They do not come with an attached bag that helps you collect all the dust particles, and you will have to work with the small container size within the product itself.

Having said that, it is a golden option for people who want a vacuum cleaner dedicated to cleaning the upholstery, shelves, desks, and more. They do not come with any complicated cords that you have to work around while cleaning, but you will have to make certain the product has enough battery to operate.

Upright Vacuum Cleaner

As the name suggests, these vacuum cleaners have an upright built. This feature is an added advantage while cleaning, as you will be able to refrain from bending a lot when you use the product. You can find these models in every American house, and they have also started to gain popularity in India now. The broad nozzle head works excellent in cleaning carpet and floors, however, this feature also cuts down on the machine’s flexibility to maneuver around the hard-to-reach areas like under your furniture or shelves.

Having said that, there are many advantages of bringing home an upright vacuum cleaner like less space consumption, better ergonomics, and more. We recommend this for people who have expensive carpet flooring in their house.

Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Quite similar to the upright vacuum cleaners, but a lot more user-friendly and accomodating to your different usages. You can avoid bending down while sweeping the floors, ensuring that you do enjoy the cleaning process. However, unlike the upright cleaners, you will not have to work with long cords that make moving the machine around a tad problematic. The stick vacuum cleaners work on batteries, and all you have to do is make sure they are charged.

These vacuum cleaners are feasible enough to be used in cars and other complicated areas. They are so light and easy to carry that cleaning the accumulated dirt and dust on your curtains as well will be a piece of cake.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Have you ever wished there was a vacuum cleaner that managed everything on its own, without you having to lift even a finger? Well, that is precisely what the robotic vacuum cleaners have to offer you. These are disc-like machines that work on battery power, being able to move around the house, collecting all the dirt without even any sort of human intervention. This technology comes handy when you’re a working person who cannot clean their house every day. You can simply set a timer and leave the rest to the vacuum cleaner.


How to Choose the Best Vacuum Cleaner in India 2021?

Determining which vacuum cleaner is the perfect choice for yourself will require you to consider some of the factors mentioned below. Check them out!

Container (Bagged or Bagless)

The distinction between the containers of the vacuum cleaners is between having and not having a bag attached to the machine. Both the bagless and bagged equipment have their own set of advantages and minus points. For instance, if you choose to go with the bagless version, you will save all the extra bucks you would spend on buying new vacuum cleaner bags again and again. However, going bagless will mean you or anyone in your house can come in contact with the dust particles, causing allergic reactions. You will also have to invest a lot of time and energy into cleaning the bagless model thoroughly again and again.

But if you go with a bagged vacuum cleaner, you will be able to keep all the allergies at bay and make sure not an ounce of dirt is left out. While also allowing better storage of the dust particles you have trapped through the vacuum cleaner. However, it will raise your overall cost of maintenance.

Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaners

You can understand the importance of both wet and dry vacuum cleaners from the name itself. Both of these types are equally important and come handy when you accidentally drop a glass of water or want me to clean up your pet’s drools and meat kibbles after their meals. Wet vacuum cleaners can help you sweep away spillage and even sanitize your bathrooms once in a while, while the dry ones work so well in polishing your hardwood floors.


You will find vacuum cleaners that come in both cordless and corded versions. Now this discussion has more to do with their capacity than your requirement. If you are looking for a cleaning appliance that you will help you reach the corners of your house seamlessly, you will always require it to be cordless and lightweight. However, you might not necessarily be able to use the same type of machine to pull the rigid dirt from your carpet or even under the furniture.

Weight & Portability

The size and weight of the product will decide how manageable it is going to be for everyday operations. Some portable vacuum cleaners include handheld and stick vacuum cleaners that allow you to get to the most intricate areas of your house without any issues. The build can also help you store the machine anywhere you want, as it also doesn’t require a lot of space.


You can find different kinds of attachments and extensions on the market that you can connect to your vacuum cleaners to complete a specific type of task. For instance, if you want to clean your dusty curtains or sofas, you will find certain upholstery or dusting tools for the same. While a Turbo Brush can come instrumental in cleaning large and plush carpets.

Warranty & Maintenance

All electronic machines have a short life, and many technical issues will make them unusable in minutes! Make sure to seek warranty promises on your appliances in order to protect your purchase against any mishaps of the future. While you should look for at least a one-year warranty on manufacturing defects, choosing a low-maintenance product is also of prime importance. However, if you are unable to get your hands on such a product, make sure you are ready for all the demanding maintenance your choice of vacuum cleaner will put across.


FAQs about Vacuum Cleaners

How long does a vacuum cleaner last?

The durability of a vacuum cleaner largely depends on the brand you’re purchasing it from, along with the overall build quality of it. If you invest ample time and effort into the maintenance of the product, you should expect it to last you more than five years. Some vacuum cleaners also survive up to eight years, but for that, you need to play all your cards right.

How often do I need to vacuum my house?

Unlike the traditional broom-sweeping method, you do not have to use a vacuum cleaner every day. If you are sensitive to allergies or live in an extremely polluted area, then you can go up to vacuum cleaning your house about thrice a week. However, if that is not the case, then you can fix up a schedule of vacuuming at least once a week, and you should be fine!

How much do vacuum cleaners cost in India?

The cost of the vacuum cleaners depends on the brand, type, build quality, as well as features of the products. However, if we were to take out an average, a decent vacuum cleaner in India can be priced between 4,000 INR to 5,000 INR. You can expect the cost to vary as per the key points mentioned before.


Overall Best Vacuum Cleaner:

If you are looking for a device that will offer you performance, innovation, style, as well as affordability, then you can opt for the Philips PowerPro FC9352/01 Compact Bagless Vacuum Cleaner. It is certainly one of the best vacuum cleaners in India, and our personal favourite as well.

However, if you are unsure about the kind of features you should look for, then it is recommended that you go through the detailed guide that we have mentioned for our buyers. Lastly, always remember to put functionality before style, but a little boost of aesthetics will not hurt anyone!

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