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What is Anti-Bacterial Filter in Air Conditioners

Anti-bacterial air filters are one of the most prevailing filters present in air conditioners. It acts as a complement filter compared to the other filter types. The anti-bacterial filter architecture eliminates the harmful irritants and particulates from the surroundings and purifies the air before redistributing it to the room. The absence of irritants and dust will enhance the overall ACs cooling performance. Most of us have a misconception that since we are inside the home, we are breathing in pure and clean air. But according to the recent studies, it is seen that air pollution indoors is almost ten times more than the outdoor due to the lifestyle we are following.

The air we are breathing in and out is not only composed of carbon dioxide and oxygen but consists of impurities and other microbes also. Thus to stop the spreading of these objectionable intruders, nowadays ACs come with anti-bacterial filters.


What is Anti Bacterial Filter

Anti Bacterial Filter

Air conditioners eliminate all the solid contaminants like dust, smoke, grease, and pollen grains to deliver enhanced air quality to the users. The filters mainly do this job and are placed on the way of the returning air. The air full of contaminants gets trapped here efficiently. The anti-bacterial filter is one of those filters that not only stop the dust and other impurities but also removes microbes for the user. The filter also has an enormous control on the lifespan and efficient performance of the AC.


Principle of the Anti Bacterial Filter

Anti-bacterial filters include a single HEPA filter piece. They can destroy any anti allergens, dust, and bacteria present inside the room. The filters look like a crumble carton and destroy the microorganisms through the UV rays. The construction of the anti-bacterial filter in an air conditioner is such that it will get rid of all the harmful particulates and irritants from the air and cleans it before recirculation of the air. It also enhances the cooling performance of the ACS as the resulting air does not contain any dust or other pollutants.


How Does Anti-bacterial Filter Operate?

Anti bacterial Filter Operate

An anti-bacterial filter is one of the best air purifying equipment present in air conditioners. It can combat various bacteria like debris and dust that get trapped. Another filter deals with the non-bacterial objects so that the AC can deliver purified air. The anti-bacterial filter operates based on the five mechanical movement principles, which are as follows.



Straining of AC Filter

Straining restricts the particle passage through trapping. The traps are present in the microscopic fiber form. Since the air molecules are much smaller than any microbe or bacteria, the former will then go through and depart the later trapped behind inside the filters.



Interception of Ac Filter

This process refers to the large element collision and the filter fiber when the distributed air passes through them. Trapping bigger particles is dependent on the space amount present in between the fibers and how sturdily they will get reinforced when the filters will exert the pressure.



Diffusion occurs when a particle goes randomly towards the fibers collision. When the particle further moves towards the fiber, it will remain stuck in the high concentration areas. It will produce a void in the location before and will cause another particle to get attracted. Both of them will get captured by the filter.


Inertial Separation

Inertial Separation

Due to inertial law, the interpreted moving object remains in motion where there will be no resistance. The filter can separate the particles present inside the filter while encountering resistance. The air molecules also start moving forward with no further influence on the immobile particles.


Electrostatic attraction

This process includes two charges moving or restricted through influencing their polarities. Attraction primarily occurs when the charges of the opposite polarities get in touch with a specific field. Unwanted particles get themselves charged with particular polarity in the fibers in opposite directions to form an attraction field.


Ways to Select an Anti Bacterial Filter Air Conditioner

If you are using a window or split air conditioner type, you have to select an anti-bacterial filter based on the following conditions.

  • Select an air conditioner with an anti-bacterial filter that will be of the exact size as that of the machine
  • Choose an anti-bacterial filter of reputed brands with compatible pore size.
  • Pick up an anti-bacterial filter with high efficiency for matching the operation of the AC system.


Applications of the Anti-bacterial filters

Different brands of AC manufacturing companies include their own anti-bacterial filtering process. The setting might be different due to the air conditioner installation, but the primary principle remains the same.



Carrier With Anti bacterial filters

Their anti-bacterial filter is known as Biofilter that can collect the entire unwanted microscopic and polluted particles like fungi and other microbes.


Blue Star

Blue Star ac with Anti-bacterial filters

The anti-bacterial filter of this company can remove a minimum of 95% of the bacteria like Escherichia Coli and Staphylococcus Aureus. It will terminate all the microorganisms that will protect users from various infections and diseases.



Voltas ac with Anti-bacterial filters

The Acaro Bacterium Filter of this company imprisons harmful organisms like ticks and mites. Its antiseptic characteristics can get rid of any microorganisms and enhance a healthier environment inside the air conditioner.


Advantages of Anti-bacterial filter

Advantages of Anti-bacterial filter

Now let us take a quick look at the pros of the filter below.

  • The filter can imprison unwanted dust particles like bacteria, microorganisms, and dust before circulating the air inside the room.
  • Enhances the air quality and cooling capacity of the air conditioner
  • The thermal build-up gets lessened due to the capture of unwanted particles.
  • Removes and prevent any blockage formation, thus enhancing the air conditioner lifespan
  • There will be no or less requirement for thermostat adjustment that will reduce the power consumption bill.
  • These filters also enhance the air conditioner’s performance efficiently.
  • The filter is economical to buy and easy to maintain
  • You can easily clean the filters also through a vacuum cleaner.
  • There is minimal damage due to the reduction of the heat built up and thus decreases the maintenance and care cost.


Disadvantages of Anti-bacterial filters

Disadvantages of Anti-bacterial filters

Since now you know the advantages of the anti-bacterial filter, you should know its drawbacks as well. They are as follows.

  • The lifespan of the filter itself is short due to the wear and tear of the fiber.
  • You have to change the filter once in almost 3 to 4 months.
  • If you fail to change them or continue to implement the filter even after the replacement time, they can damage the AC due to unnecessary heat building up or dust jams.
  • Various cleaning methods like vacuum cleaning or washing will cause damage to the fibers, making them less efficient.


Final Words

If you are utilizing an air conditioning machine in your home for cool air, we will highly suggest investing in anti-bacterial filter models. It delivers numerous health benefits to the users and also improves the air quality they will be inhaling. The filters also reduce mechanical trouble and enhance performance. If you can understand how much advantage this filter will give you, you will go for an AC with an anti-bacterial filter. In this way, you might enjoy outstanding air quality in a polluted surrounding in an economical way.

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