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10 Signs You Need a New Mattress ASAP

The hustle-bustle of city life is tiring. Your bed is the only place where you can find solitude at the end of the day. But, what if the mattress that is supposed to give you comfort fails to do so?

Unlike other products in your house, a mattress is something you use every single day. Yet, we ignore that it needs replacement until and unless it starts giving us discomfort in one way or the other.

A mattress will start giving you noticeable signs whenever it needs replacement. Ignoring these signs can take a toll on your health. In this article, we shall look at those signs and check whether your mattress needs a new successor or not!


10 Signs You Need a New Mattress

1. Your Mattress is Saggy

Your Mattress is Saggy

A mattress is saggy when the surface takes a big dip right in the middle. It is natural for a mattress to become saggy over time. The reasons can be the weakening of springs or the deformation of memory foam. Sometimes, even the fiber materials might get compressed due to constant usage.

If there is a giant crater between your bed, you need to get rid of the mattress. Even the slightest dip should not the ignored. Sagging might happen commonly in innerspring, hybrid, or memory foam mattresses.

In a memory foam mattress, the impression of the body is supposed to bounce back to the surface. Typically, the structure of a memory foam mattress breaks over time and becomes less supportive. But if the impact remains and is more than two inches, it is not a good sign.

Sleeping on a saggy mattress can lead to improper sleep and body ache in your exposed areas.

Tip: Flip or rotate your mattress regularly to avoid sagginess.  If your mattress is of high-quality it can be saved for a period. But, if it is of low quality, it will sag anyway. Also, not all mattresses are flippable!


2. Your mattress is lumpy

A lumpy mattress is another red flag. It means you need to end your relationship with your current mattress and get a new one. Lumps arise because of the shifting around of padding in a mattress.

Lumpy mattresses might cause a lack of support because of uneven density. These lumps in a mattress might also trigger unwanted pressure points. They can cause discomfort while sleeping and lead to improper sleep.

Note: Lumps are usually visibly present in low-quality mattresses. But, they can also arise in high-quality mattresses when they have run their time.


3. You don’t get enough sleep

You don’t get enough sleep

All work and no sleep makes Jack a dull boy. If it takes hours for you to sleep after you tuck yourself in, it is not the embarrassing thing you did years ago. It could be your mattress telling you to get rid of it.

A worn-out mattress is uncomfortable for sleeping. You can even wake up in the middle of the night because of it and it also causes insomnia. It is surprising to know how a mattress can affect your life so much. And if it affects you in a bad way, it is time to get a new one.


4. You wake up to body pain

You wake up to body pain

The deformation of a mattress can prove to be dangerous for your body. The indentations and lumps in the mattress can cause uneasiness while sleeping. Even if you can sleep on a deformed mattress, you might wake up with sore joints or muscle pain.

The pain in your neck is not because of your sleeping position. If you wake up with throbbing backache or joint pain, it might be a poor-quality or old mattress that needs a substitute.

The lumps or broken springs of a mattress can also cause back-related issues. So, if you are tired of waking up achy or stiffy, you must get a new mattress for your bed.


5. Your allergies are all worked up

Your allergies are all worked up

We all are allergic to dust. That is what sneezes are. But, despite having clean surroundings, if you wake up every morning with teary eyes and a stuffy nose, it is the dust trapped inside your mattress.

Mattresses can trap dust, pollen, allergens, and even dust mites over their course. If your allergies are getting worse every time you wake up, take this as a sign not only for your health but also for your mattress.

While you purchase a new mattress and if you don’t want more allergens, you can choose a latex mattress. They have anti-allergen qualities and are very durable and supportive.


6. You sleep better at other places

You sleep better at other places

Who doesn’t love hotel beds? They are super comfortable and cozy. We sleep like babies in those white sheets, soft blankets, and uncountable pillows. But, the real hero here is the hotel mattress.

If you sleep better on a hotel mattress than on the one at your home, get yourself a better one. It simply means that you don’t like sleeping on your bed. You prefer sleeping elsewhere.

Don’t torture yourself with an old rotting mattress that doesn’t give you any pleasure. Give yourself a hotel-like experience with a hotel-like mattress.


7. Your bed is too noisy

Your bed is too noisy

Does your mattress make those squeaky noises every time you toss and turn in your bed? If it does, don’t tolerate that noise even for a single day. In this circumstance, it will get worse and more irritating.

You don’t want to sleep on a noisy mattress because, with time, it will become more uncomfortable to lie down. A noisy mattress arises because of the broken springs and misalignment of the bed mattress.

The springs inside a mattress might get rusty and start losing their strength with time. It can be seen usually in old innerspring mattresses. So, it’s time you replace your bouncy bed with a sturdy one!


8. Your bed has a bad odor

Over the years, a mattress can become home to fungi or bacteria. Even if you clean all your bedding items regularly, you might notice a weird smell. It can come from the mattress.

We know that spot-cleaning is easy. However, spilling a beverage or gravy directly on the mattress can be dangerous. When we spill something, a part of it reaches down in the layers of the mattress.

The leftover spilled thing that is hard to clean is an open invitation for bacteria or fungi to breed. It can lead to smelly beds even if they are brand new.

Tip: Use mattress protectors for your brand new mattress. They can protect your mattress from becoming a breeding ground for fungi and bacteria.


9. Your weight has fluctuated

Our body goes through a lot of changes when it comes to weight. There are several reasons for weight gaining or losing, like surgery, injury, pregnancy, or diet. The fluctuation in weight affects the firmness of the mattress.

A mattress that has supported you for years might feel a little weird to sleep. It might feel colder, warmer, firmer, or softer. But, here, the fault is neither the mattress’ nor yours.

It is necessary to change the mattress when you have experienced weight change because using the same one can be detrimental to your physical health.

Tip: The temporary solution for this problem can be mattress toppers.


10. Your mattress has aged

Any mattress is bound to experience wear and tear when it reaches a limit. A good quality mattress is supposed to have a long run. On average, any high-quality mattress can be used for seven years.

Generally, mattresses don’t come with an expiration date. When a mattress reaches its optimum limit, it needs a replacement within time. It’s not necessary to wait for a sign and only then substitute it.



Is it unhealthy to sleep on a 15-year-old mattress?

Typically, a manufacturing company advises replacing the mattress within eight years of usage. Using an old mattress can affect your health in many ways. The changes might be slow. That is why it is better to purchase a new one as soon as you can.


Which mattress is good for side sleepers?

A soft mattress with memory foam or latex foam is advised for side sleepers. It is also good for couples and people who like to sink in their beds.



All these signs point towards the only solution. Replace your mattress. Saggy, lumpy, smelly, noisy, or old, every mattress needs replacement. They need this permanent solution.

Also, sometimes you don’t need a sign to change your mattress. Consider this article as a sign from the universe. If you feel like getting a brand new mattress for your bed, go for it. We would love to know which mattress do you want to purchase!

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