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Best Amla Juice in India 2023

Amla is a boon with a reservoir of health benefits for human beings. It is also known as the Indian Gooseberry. Amla is a natural ingredient that is included in many home remedies and products due to its antioxidant properties. You should surely make a habit of intaking Amla in your regular diet. Moreover, it can also be taken as amla juice to increase the immune system and overall health of mankind.

There are different brands of amla juice that are available in the market. You may get confused about which one to buy. This article will help you to make a decision as we have discussed the top 7 amla juice along with their benefits.


Best Amla Juice Brands in India 2023

Based on the natural ingredients, and benefits, we have classified the finest 7 amla juice in India 2023 from the top brands. They are:

Baidyanath Amla Juice

Baidyanath Amla Juice

Baidyanath Amla juice is the most effective herbal Juice that is mainly beneficial to make your immunity system strong to protect your health from cough and cold. The juice is made from 100% pure quality Amla (Indian gooseberry) extract that is loaded with a high amount of antioxidants and Vitamin C.

The product has many other health benefits like promoting healthy hair, helps to control the cholesterol level, supports the loss of weight, rejuvenates the eyes and also works as anti-aging herbs for the human body.

This 100% organic, natural and safe Amla juice is free from sugar, artificial flavor, color, oil, impurities, and seeds. You can directly apply this product on your scalp to control hair fall, graying and dandruff issues safely and naturally.

Moreover, you just need to mix 30ml of Baidyanath Amla juice with a glass of water and consume it in the morning on an empty stomach once in a day. You can add some sugar, salt or honey as per your taste.

Important Features: 

  • Improves immunity system
  • Prevent from seasonal diseases
  • Promotes healthy hair
  • Helps to reduce bad cholesterol
  • Made with pure quality Amla extract
  • No added sugar, color or flavor
  • Enriched with Vitamin C, A & B6
  • Effective for clear eyesight


Kapiva 100% Natural Wild Amla Juice

Kapiva 100% Natural Wild Amla Juice

Amla has been considered as the most essential traditional Ayurvedic element for years that boost our immunity power and digestive system in regular use. Kapiva 100% Natural Wild Amla Juice is one of the best Amla juice products that are made from top quality pure Amla sourced from Pratapgarh.

This healthy drink is enriched with many nutrients along with Vitamin C, Calcium and Iron. It is a great detoxifying drink that fights against inflammation, seasonal diseases and protects us against free radicals.

More so, this ayurvedic remedy from Kapiva helps to keep our body in a healthy range by controlling blood pressure, metabolism rate, and blood sugar level. It also has a positive impact on our hair and skin to make it nourished and healthy.

Daily consumption of 30ml Amla juice can be enough to see some effective results in your body. Mix it well with a glass of purified water and drink it in an empty stomach in the morning. Below are a few of the important features.

Important Information: 

  • Made with high-quality Amla sourced from Prataparh, UP
  • Effective one to boost immunity, digestive system, and metabolism
  • Works as an anti-aging herbs
  • Supports weight-loss effort and glowing skin
  • A helpful product for healthy hair
  • Prevent from cough and cold
  • Keep blood sugar & pressure in control


NourishVitals Aloe Vera + Amla Super Energizer Juice

NourishVitals Aloe Vera + Amla Super Energizer Juice

Aloe Vera and Amla have been the healthiest combination that creates a rejuvenating herb for the human body. NourishVitals Aloe Vera + Amla Super Energizer Juice comes with multiple nutrients, vitamins, Amino Acids, Enzymes, minerals and more healthy elements that can help to normalize our various bodies function naturally.

This health tonic from NourishVitals works as a great antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-aging, and anti-inflammatory. It can easily improve our immunity system, glowing skin, healthy hair, strong digestive system and more functions by regular consumption.

Moreover, this NourishVitals health syrup is a 100% suitable product for vegetarian men and women. The drink is made up of 65% of Aloe Vera and 30% of Amla extract along with Citric acid, Sodium Benzoate (C6H5COONa), and Potassium Sorbate.

Just stir 15-30ml of this tonic with lukewarm water and drink it 2-3 times in a day after having meals. Always try to keep it in a cool and dry place away from sunlight and keep the cap of the container tightly closed. Check out its important features here:

Important Features: 

  • Made from natural Aloe Vera and Amla extract
  • Contains vitamin, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants and more
  • No artificial colors, preservatives or flavors
  • Maximum shelf life 18 months
  • 100% vegetarian product
  • Helps to grow immunity, digestive system, hair & skin health


Sri Sri Tattva Amla Juice

Sri Sri Tattva Amla Juice

Sri Sri Tattva Amla Juice comes with a great promise to boost your metabolism rate, immunity system, digestive system, and overall health wellness. This health tonic is an excellent source of Vitamin C that helps us to fight against viral ailments and many seasonal diseases.

No added sugar, color, flavor or preservative has been used to process this health juice. It is made up of 100% pure quality Amla (Indian Gooseberry) extract, water, and citric acid that help our body to balance all three doshas.

Now how to consume this health tonic? You just need to mix 30ml of this Amla tonic with 100ml of water (normal temperature) or any other fruit juice and consume it regularly in an empty stomach in the morning. This is a suitable health tonic for vegetarian people.

It is suggested to keep this product in a dry & cool place and try to consume it within 15 months from the date of manufacturing. This product is also an effective one to purify the blood, improve eyesight and stimulate hair growth.

Important Features:

  • Made with top-quality Amla extract
  • Effective to boost the immunity system
  • Improve digestive system, hair growth, and metabolism
  • Enriched with vitamin C
  • Maximum shelf life 15 months
  • Helps to purify the blood


Nutriorg Amla and Aloe Vera Juice

Nutriorg Amla and Aloe Vera Juice

Amla and Aloe Vera are the most traditional and effective herb that detoxifies and energizes the human body. Nutriorg Amla and Aloe Vera Juice come with this traditional formula that helps our body to flush away all the toxins and harmful chemicals.

The Aloe Vera juice from nutriorg is made of natural Aloe Vera extract in an organic way. It contains all the essential nutrients like 30.52mg of Calcium, 33.80Kcal of energy, 6.68g Carbohydrates, 0.19g of proteins, 0.03g of total Fat, 86.17mg of Sodium and 62.70mg of vitamin C in per 100ml of serving.

On the other hand, the Amla Juice from this brand is made with top-quality Amla extracts and it contains 15.52mg calcium, 33.3kcak energy, 7.74g Carbohydrates, and 0.56g of protein. It is also composed of 0.01g of total Fat, 1100mg Vitamin C, 250.20mg Sodium, 3.94mg Iron and 46.71mg phosphorus.

You just need to mix 30ml of both Amla and Aloe Vera juice with 100ml lukewarm water to consume in an empty stomach twice in a day (morning & evening). Let us check a few more of its important features:

Important Features: 

  • Composed of fresh Amla and Aloe Vera extract
  • Effective for better immunity & digestive system
  • Use regularly for 6 months
  • Enriched with all essential nutrients
  • Keep it away from sunlight
  • Maximum shelf life 18 months


Jiva Swadeshi Shudh Amla Ras (Amla Juice)

Jiva Swadeshi Shudh Amla Ras (Amla Juice)

Jiva Swadeshi Shudh Amla Ras is the most healthy and suitable product for diabetic patients that promotes the physical and mental health of its users. The product is carefully processed with top-quality pure Amla extract (98%) and Sodium Benzoate (2%) that contains all the essential nutrients inside it.

This health juice from JIVA is a great source of energy that can keep you always fit. It also contains Vitamin A, C, Pectin, Phosphorus, Iron, Folic acid, Carbohydrates, and Calcium.

Well, what are the health benefits of this product? It works as a great blood purifier for the human body that helps to enhance the beauty of the body. It prevents unwanted hair falling and greying, controls blood pressure level, promotes weight loss activities and improves your eye-sight by regular use.

You can consume 10-20ml of this Amla ras with water, honey or directly twice in a day to get the best result from it. Keep the product away from direct sunlight.

Important Features: 

  • Effective product for hair and skin health
  • Controls blood pressure level
  • Specially processed for diabetic patients
  • Promotes weight-loss activities
  • Made from high-quality Amla extracts
  • Rich in vitamin C, A Iron, folic acid and more


Patanjali Amla Juice

Patanjali Amla Juice

Patanjali is one of the most famous brands that produce all ayurvedic health care products for us. Patanjali Amla juice is just not a healthy drink; it is an ayurvedic proprietary medicine that has been manufactured from fresh and pure Amla (Indian gooseberry) extracts.

The product from Patanjali is beneficial for autoimmune deficiencies, healthy skin & hair, powerful eyesight, and strong immunity & digestive system. It prevents us from getting seasonal diseases like cough and cold.

The product is a genuine source of Vitamin C and is also an effective one to keep your heart healthy by reducing bad cholesterol and maintaining positive nitrogen balance in the human body. It comes in a plastic bottle container that contains 500ml of Amla juice inside it.

However, it is suggested to use this product within 12 months from the date of manufacturing to avoid any damage issues with it. Consume 5-20ml of Amla juice with water twice in a day in an empty stomach to get the best result.

It is also suggested to consult your doctor or dietitian before having this Patanjali Amla juice in case of pregnancy. The product is enriched with dietary fibers that may cause stomach upset or diarrhea during pregnancy.

Important Features:

  • Made of fresh Amla extract
  • Enriched in Vitamin C
  • Strengthens immunity & digestive system
  • Promotes heart health
  • Contains dietary fiber
  • Good for blood pressure control
  • No added sugar or color


Best Amla Juice

Best Amla Juice products Brand
Baidyanath Amla Juice Baidyanath
Kapiva 100% Natural Wild Amla Juice Kapiva
NourishVitals Aloe Vera + Amla Juice NourishVitals
Sri Sri Tattva Amla Juice Sri-Sri
Nutriorg Amla and Aloe Vera Juice Nutriorg
Jiva Swadeshi Shudh Amla Juice Jiva
Patanjali Amla Juice Patanjali


Overall Best Amla Juice:

Thus we can see that Amla or Indian Gooseberries have a lot of benefits. Try it for yourself and see the difference. Among the above 7 products, our most favorite one is Baidyanath Amla Juice as it is made from the freshest bundles of amla to boost the immunity system. However, if you have more suggestions or queries regarding amla juice, you can write to us in the section below.

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