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Window AC vs Split AC – Which One should you Purchase?

Did you know?

There are eight different types of ACs. Examples- Central Air Conditioner, Ductless Mini-Split, Floor Mounted AC, Window Air Conditioner, etc. But out of that lot, people choose Window ACs or Split ACs for their homes and office spaces.

If you had to choose one- which one would you go for? It can be difficult to answer that question before understanding both sides of the story. That is precisely what the following article is all about. Read ahead and learn the difference between Window AC and Split AC.


Window AC vs. Split AC

What is a window AC?

Window AC is a wall-mountable type suitable for small room spaces with a window. Talking about their benefits, they are available at an affordable price and are pretty feasible with their maintenance.

The basic design of these types of AC is pretty simple one face is installed inside the window, and the other is installed outside the window.

What is a split AC?

The next type of AC which is very popular, is none other than split AC. Like the window AC, the split AC is also mounted on the wall, but they are suitable for large rooms. They come with a high cooling capacity and thus can quickly cool a large room.

A compressor and a condenser accompany the split AC. The compressor is installed outdoor, whereas the condenser is placed inside the room for efficient cooling.

The comparison – split AC vs. Window AC; which one to choose?

After understanding the basic design and structure of both ACs, it is time to have a quick comparison between the two. Here we highlight some of the essential parameters for the comparison so that you can easily make the most suitable decision.

Design and looks:

To begin, the first thing we are talking about is the design and look of the AC, as it is mostly the first thing that is noticed by all.

Split AC generally comes in different looks and colors, which can enhance the décor of your room instantly. On the other hand, windows AC are generally made in the same design and are available in white.


Split AC requires professional assistance for their installation and also includes extra installation charges. They are also not portable.

Talking about the window AC, they are pretty easy and convenient to install and do not include extra installation charges. They are also portable and thus can be easily shifted from one place to another without hassles.

Cooling capacity and power:

If you have a large room and are looking for an AC that can instantly and effectively cool the entire room, then you should go for split AC. These ACs are available with a large cooling capacity which makes them suitable for large-sized rooms.

On the other side, windows ACs are meant for smaller-sized rooms. These ACs are compact with less cooling capacity, and therefore, they make a suitable choice for smaller rooms.

Power Consumption:

This is one of the major concerns that most people worry about. Generally, ACs are considered an appliance that consumes a lot of power and results in heavy electricity bills.

The power consumption of the AC mostly depends on its star ratings. The higher the star rating, the more efficient your AC will be. A 5-star AC will consume nearly 10% lesser power than that of a 4-star AC.

Considering this,

  • If you are buying an AC for large rooms that would require longer use, then you should choose a 5-star Split AC to save more power.
  • If you are buying an AC for smaller rooms with average use, then a 3-star window AC of 1.5-ton would make the best choice.


Another important factor that attracts most of the most attention is the price of the AC. Generally, split AC costs you double the price of a window AC.

Besides the buying price, there are also the installation charges which further make split AC more expensive than the window AC.


Would you prefer an AC that makes a lot of noise while working? Frankly, no one will. Therefore, it is important to pay keen attention to the noise generated by your chosen AC type.

  • Split AC is known to work silently without creating any noise or very little noise.
  • Talking about the window AC, as they work against the window, they tend to create some noise while working.

On this parameter, split AC stands as a clear winner against window AC.


Lastly, let’s talk about the maintenance of the AC. After all, your AC is a machine, and just like every other machine, it requires maintenance. But, this does not mean that it should come at a cost.

Maintenance of the AC is an important factor for its efficient working, and therefore, it should be handy and convenient.

Window AC requires very minimal maintenance and can be conveniently accessed without any hassles. On the other hand, split AC requires proper professional maintenance after a regular interval of time. Also, the troubleshooting for the split AC is more complicated than windows AC.


Advantages and disadvantages of the ACs:

Other than this comparison, let us also have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of both AC types.

Window AC:

Advantages of windows AC:

  • Easy to install; does not require any additional installation or service charges
  • The service and maintenance cost is also relatively low
  • It easily fits in your room’s window and thus does not require any additional space; space management
  • No intervention needed to drain the water into the outdoor
  • Affordable; mainly less expensive

Disadvantages of windows AC:

  • They are noisy
  • Meant for smaller-sized rooms

Split AC:

Advantages of split AC:

  • They can be installed anywhere without blocking any particular space in the room
  • They work in a noise-free manner
  • They are pretty suited to the modern home-décor
  • It works well even with large-sized rooms.

Disadvantages of split AC:

  • Its installation requires professional assistance and costs additional charges
  • It requires more space for its installation; as it comes with 2 different units


Final Verdict:

Certainly, both types of AC are suitable in their respective place and have their own pros and cons. The final decision about buying the AC mainly depends on the type of décor, interior, and room space.

If you are looking for an affordable AC for a small room, then window AC will surely impress you. And if your need is for an AC that can match the modern room décor and style with powerful cooling, then your search should end on split AC.

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