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Why are Some Mattresses so Expensive?

Setting a budget should be the first step when buying a mattress. If you have ever gone mattress shopping online, you might have already seen the prices on these big boys. Mattresses are expensive.

One of the main reasons is that they are not a luxury but a necessity. The materials used to manufacture a mattress also play a key role in determining the cost. The rest of the price is set keeping in mind the profit margins of the company and the average budget of consumers.

In this article, we discuss the reasons behind the high prices of mattresses along with the amount of money you should spend on a mattress. We have included everything you need to know for setting up your spending limit.


What are the factors that influence the cost of a mattress?

What are the factors that influence the cost of a mattress?

1. Filler materials

A mattress contains at least two or more layers inside it. These layers are made of different kinds of foams and springs. A mattress’s quality depends upon the type of material used to make it.

High-quality mattresses are made with highly dense foam that is more supportive and durable. But, with the rise in quality, there is also an increase in the mattress price. Some examples of dense foams are memory foam, latex foam, gel foam, etc.

Mattresses with springs are generally cheaper than all foams mattresses. However, if innerspring is combined with hybrid foam, the mattress price will eventually rise up.


2. Fabric Used

Not only inside material but the fabric is also used outside is an important feature that determines the cost of the mattress. Different kind of fabric material is used in the making of a mattress depending on the purpose or quality.

In a high-quality mattress, more breathable fabrics like cashmere or organic cotton are used. They regulate the temperature of the mattress.

On the other hand, the fabrics used in cheaper mattresses are not natural. They are either made of polyester or nylon that can feel sticky and warm. It is advised to use better quality fabric for comfortable sleep.


3. Borders

The borders of a mattress can hike the price by a couple hundred bucks. You need to know that hand-stitched mattress borders are more expensive than machine-stitched borders.


4. Demand

The unique thing about a mattress market is that. The consumer does not buy a mattress when they want it. They purchase the mattress when they need it. That is why the seller has an edge over the consumer.

In addition to this, the demand for mattresses is never-ending. It is a product that we use every day. When the wear and tear are visible in a mattress, only then do we think about replacing it.


5. Special Requirements

Many mattresses are manufactured keeping in mind the medical needs of some patients. Some examples of special mattresses are orthopedic mattresses, hypoallergenic mattresses, and ultra-soft mattresses. When special material is used to make a mattress, it is obvious that the price of the mattress takes a hike.


6. Long-Lasting

A mattress is going to be a long-time friend. The average life cycle of a mattress is 8 years. This makes it an investment.

The sellers know that you are purchasing a mattress for the long run. The most convincing idea behind buying an expensive mattress is that the per-day cost of the mattress is very low.


7. No second-hand market

Selling your old mattress is like selling your garbage. Nobody wants it because of hygienic reasons. When we are in the buyer’s shoes we do the same.

The sellers are well-versed with the fact that everyone wants a new mattress. That is why they increase the profit margins. They know that even if a mattress is a little out of your budget, you are in dire need of it.


8. Lack of Information

Most of the buyers have zero or very little information about mattress purchasing. A seller might lure them in with fancy words and comforting benefits. As a result, the buyer gets tricked into buying a standard mattress for a very high price.


9. Shipping and Delivery

An additional expense that comes along with a mattress is the cost of delivery. No matter where you are buying from, there is some amount of money going to be added to the final bill. Some brands offer free delivery during the sale season.


10. Size

Size matters when it comes to the mattress you want to buy. The bigger your mattress, the more expensive it is going to be. Standard mattress sizes are Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, and King.


How much should I spend on a mattress?

How much should I spend on a mattress

Now that you know what are the reasons behind the cost of your mattress, the next step is to find whether your mattress is worth it or not.

First of all, it is necessary to be a rational consumer. This means that before getting into mattress shopping, you must know the basics of purchasing a mattress.

If you are well-informed and think that an expensive mattress can be a good investment, then you are right. You should go for buying the costlier mattress if it suits your wallet.

For those who think that mattresses are over-priced and unreasonably expensive, worry not! The solution for you is to purchase a mattress online. Online mattresses are the best way to cut commission or advertising costs.

In India, the price for a mattress starts around 2500 INR and reaches up to 30,000 INR for single bed. So, mattresses are available in all price ranges. However, it is not necessary that the more expensive, the better the mattress.



It is essential to understand the factors that affect the value of your bed. They help you in making an informed and firm decision.

We hope that this mattress value guide helps you choose a mattress that gives relief to your wallet, your pressure points, and your mental peace. Do share with us in the comment section about your experience with mattress purchasing. We would love to hear!

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