What is Mosquito Away technology in LG Air Conditioners and TVs?

The humidity and heat always make you uncomfortable and restless for anyone to sleep. You can use a fan for delivering cold air, but nothing can beat the comfortability of the air conditioner, providing a peaceful environment for delivering sleep with no interruption. However, you might have some unwelcome guests in your home with the name mosquitoes. These dirty creatures can wake you up from slumber. You can implement mosquito repellants, coils, and mats for taking care of the mosquitoes, but this enhances the risk of air pollution in the bedroom, thereby causing some respiratory problems.

The breathing problems become complicated if the user is sleeping in an AC room. There will be no chance of the air escaping the room. Hence it can be quite challenging to use any mosquito repellent and the air conditioner simultaneously. You require a complete solution for eliminating this problem.


How do the Mosquitoes become active?

Mosquitoes sense the carbon dioxide emitted by humans to find and bite them. LG has introduced the technology in some of their smart TVs and AC models that keep the mosquitoes away from your family. This technology is known as Mosquito Away Technology. It implements an ultrasonic wave that is safe and convenient for humans. The ACS and the TVs with Mosquito Away Technology get activated at the touch of a button and confuse and disable the sensing ability of the mosquitoes through the ultrasound. This process keeps them away from uncomfortable and undisturbed sleep. The TVs comes with a


How Mosquito Away Technology Works?

The Mosquito away technology by LG in the TVs and ACs operates in the following way.

  • Turn on the power of the appliances and activate the Mosquito Away technology with a dedicated key of the remote. It can operate when the power is on and even when it is not performing.
  • The devices emit ultrasound waves at a specific frequency that affects the mosquitoes. It also reduces the ability of the creatures to detect carbon dioxide and hence the presence of humans.
  • As a result, the mosquitoes became inactive and flew away. As the mosquitoes become invisible, your loved ones might enjoy an undisturbed sleep and comfort while watching TV.
  • The devices with the Mosquito Away Technology come with an inbuilt speaker for creating the ultrasonic wave. The machines with this technology present discharge an ultrasonic wave with a particular frequency of 30 Khz, which is harmless to humans.
  • This new technology operates even at a lower voltage output. Advanced Medical Research and Training have tested the technology in Vietnam, India, Thailand, Philippines, Nigeria, Sudan, and Bangladesh. The test results of the technology expel an average of 62.7% mosquitoes of Anopheles gambiae.


Advantages of Mosquitoes Away Technology

Below are some of the benefits of the Mosquito Away Technologies.

  • This technology is terrible for the mosquitoes but best for the user. It provides better protection against any mosquito-borne diseases.
  • This technology is free from chemicals and is made for the comfort of the users. It emits an ultrasonic sound at a frequency of 30 Hz that is safe for humans.
  • The mosquitoes away technology offers more savings and less hassle in keeping these creatures away from your loved ones. You will not have to use mosquito repellents frequently with no expenditure on frequent refilling of them.
  • The technology is certified by some of the most renowned product certification and testing labs like Intertek, TUV, and IIBAT.



All the latest AC and TV product lines of LG include this Mosquito away feature for discouraging the creatures from entering the user bedroom. This process helps in getting a peaceful sleep with no worry about the quality of air and the nuisance of this blood-sucking flies. The best benefit of this technology is when it activates; it is inaudible to the human ears and is safe also.

It does not implement any harmful or toxic chemicals, thus protecting the health of the user simultaneously. LG is the inventor of this technology and is the first manufacturing company to implement this outstanding technology in all its electronic appliances and gadgets of the Terminator series. So do not wait anymore and save your family from the unwanted bites of the mosquitoes with this technology.


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