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Best Tiffin Service in Mumbai

Mumbai is known for its skyscrapers, Marine drive, and the most famous Dabbawalas. It works as an ideal way for working professionals to get delicious and healthy food while maintaining their tight schedules.

If you live in Mumbai and want nutritious food daily, a Tiffin service can come to the rescue. But it can be difficult for a newbie to find a reliable Tiffin service in a new city. But we have formulated a list of the best Tiffin services in Mumbai to help you make an informed call.

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Best Tiffin Service in Mumbai

Here is the list of the best tiffin services based on price and taste operating in Mumbai!



Spice Box

Online tiffin service

Another place you can look to for some of the best tiffins is Spice Box. This brand has been a crowd favorite for a long time in Mumbai. Their easy ordering process and customer service have been lauded by the Mumbaikars, while their hygiene-conscious and healthy recipes get a big thumbs up too!

Have you heard of a tiffin service that offers you a new dish every day? Well, now you have. Spice Box is here to offer you a new delectable recipe with each rising sun. The brand’s name justifies its service, as you can expect it to pack a powerful punch of various aromatic spices. Let us walk you through the entire process of getting your first Spice Box!


  • One week short trial of delicious food every day
  • New dish every day for the entire month
  • Easy ordering and cancellation process
  • Takes online orders


Yummy Tiffins

tiffin services in mumbai

One of the problems people face when ordering tiffins is the lack of control over what they receive. With Yummy Tiffins, you get the opportunity to choose what you would like to munch on for the day. It is like ordering on Swiggy or Zomato, but it’s homemade and made with care and love. And they deliver all over Mumbai!

Many types of specific food items are available for you to devour. Not only that, but you can also pick your favorite combos out of the options. Its mission is to revolutionize your eating habits with yummy vegetarian meals. Let’s be honest. We’ve all been waiting for something like this.


  • Available for ordering online
  • Let’s you customize your meal for the day
  • Easy pay with debit/credit cards
  • Offers weekly and monthly subscription plans


Happy Grub

Tiffin for employee and staff

Happy Grub is one of the very few tiffin services that offer meal plans designed by an in-house nutritionist. It is almost like hiring a personal dietician to keep your health in check. This brand offers a wide range of food options, all cooked with the feeling of home in mind. You have options for everyone here, ranging from Jain food to meals for people who have Diabetes.

Their kitchen has been certified and licensed by the FSSAI, thereby increasing their overall credibility. You can order meals here with a few simple steps online, and your tiffin will be safely delivered to you by our trusted dabbawalas.


  • In-house nutrition to help you customize your diet
  • The quick and easy ordering process
  • Offers monthly and weekly plans
  • Food made by experienced chefs



https://letmefeed.in, Tiffin Service in Mumbai

One of the reasons why LetMeFeed tops the article is simple—quality and taste! Many Mumbaikars thrive on this tiffin service to deliver them delectable meals every day. The brand has received great feedback from numerous past and current customers! Ordering is simple and quick, and so are the delivery and cancellation norms.

You will never have to worry about your health deteriorating being away from home when you have LetMeFeed by yourself! Get yourself their popular 7-Day Trial today!


  • Delivers all over Mumbai
  • Offers numerous veg and non-veg recipes
  • Made by the best home chefs
  • The simple and quick ordering process
  • Use Only Fresh Vegetable to make the tiffin


Balanced Meals


Do you want your meals to be free of preservatives, soda, and frozen foods and be delivered to you at your doorstep? Then Balanced Meals are one of the options you can consider for yourself. This brand’s only aim is to offer you the best meals every day that you will love and not get bored with easily.

The brand offers both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meal plans, and all their non-veg meals are certified Halal. You have options for High Protein and Diet meals that will bring about great results in your overall health. You can either get on board with their monthly tiffins or simply make a new order online every day.


  • High-Protein and Diet meals are available
  • Everyday meal selection option
  • Every plan comes with three types of choices to pick from
  • Halal-certified meat used in all non-veg dishes



With so many types of healthy and nutritious diets hitting the market, it gets very difficult for tiffin and food services to accommodate them in your meals. However, that is not the case with 3sqrmeals. This tiffin service is unlike all others, offering you a wide range of dietary options to choose from. Vegan, High-Protein, Low-Card, Keto, and even customized meal plans are available here!

This service is known to provide many discount options to their customers, so you can eat great meals at reasonable prices. Current subscription plans include 15-Day and 45-Day options.


  • One of the few vegan tiffin services
  • Scheduled A La Carte meals according to your preference
  • Meals often offered at discounted rates
  • 15-Day and 45-Day subscription plans


Calorie Care

Do you want healthy food delivered in Mumbai? CalorieCare is a tiffin service in aamchi Mumbai that gives you the option to tailor your meals according to your caloric requirements. You can rest assured that no bad elements have been added to your meals like MSG or Dried Foods.

All of your meals will be designed by a nutritionist to make sure you’re feeding your body with all the love and care it requires. But don’t worry; this does not mean you will be compromising on the taste.


  • Customized meal plans according to caloric requirements
  • Plans designed by a certified nutritionist
  • Food that’s made with love and care
  • No MSG or Frozen Dried food added


The Detox

We are all in dire need of detoxifying our bodies, but this is the kind of care that only living in your house can bring. This is why you have The Detox to help you with your weight loss and health goals without compromising on your preferred diet plans.

This is one of the very few tiffin services that offer you options for Juice Cleanse and Soup & Salad meals that will rave up your system with all the goodness.


  • Juice Cleanses and Salad meals are available
  • Offers a good 5-day trial before you subscribe
  • Affordable and healthy options
  • Great place to complete your 21-day detox challenge


Foodureca meal

Foodureca Meals is one of the options you have to choose from when looking for delicious and healthy meals in Mumbai. This brand offers you a lunch option in two kinds of varieties⁠—full and mini-meals. In both of these options, you will get a dessert once a week, thereby keeping your weight and sugar in check. You will also get all the meals at a very affordable rate.


  • Delivers across Mumbai
  • Nutritious and delectable meals at affordable prices
  • Available in two varieties
  • Keeps weight and health in check


Poonam Kapur’s Healthy Tiffins

Poonam Kapur is a nutritionist that has taken the initiative to make Mumbaikers healthy and happy with the Healthy Tiffins. Here, you will be able to make your own choices out of numerous meal plans, all suitable for vegan and non-vegan diets. All of the meals combine a punch of wholesome veggies that is sure to heal your gut.

You will never have to worry about your diet going off-track when you receive 30 days of lip-smacking goodness at nominal costs. Get back to your diet now!


  • Customizable meal plans
  • An initiative by Nutritionist Dr. Poonam Kapur
  • Blend of wholesome veggies and soups
  • Suitable for vegan diets



The Greenz is another one of the favorite tiffin services in Mumbai that is loved by many. This brand aims to re-energize you with its clean and fresh meals to keep your body healthy. Many times we do not prioritize our health when we’re busy working day-in and day-out to achieve our dreams. But Greenz has made it simple for you.

This brand offers you a swift one-hour delivery option, getting you a sizable portion of nutritive goodness quickly. Your tummy is surely going to get filled up!


  • Weekly subscription plan
  • Comes with the goodness of veggies
  • Offers the one-hour delivery option
  • Yummy and healthy items


Burgundy Box

The Burgundy Box specializes in helping you order a meal from the current day. They feature an option for all kinds of eaters, from health-conscious to the ones that devour a thaali like no other. This is what makes this brand such a special one. This brand offers healthy solutions for all food sections in India 2022.

You can avail yourself of meals from protein-rich salads to yummy vegetarian thaalis to suit your palate. Along with all of this, you also get to choose many accompaniments.


  • Offers meal kits and meal trays
  • Yummy salads and thaalis
  • Choose from a wide range of cuisines
  • Perfect for one-person dine-out


Food Darzee

Let this food darzee customize or tailor-make food plans for you that run parallel to your health goals. With the help of this brand, you can finally order a tiffin that helps you maintain even a Keto diet seamlessly. Not only that, but the brand also makes sure you get complete concentration on your health, offering you exercise plans as well!

The special consultancy will create a tiffin plan for you that caters to your daily caloric and nutrition requirements. What is better than that?


  • Weekly meals and monitoring
  • Offers consultation and exercise schedules
  • Helps you follow Keto Diet
  • Effective for weight loss goals



Do you live in the remote areas of Mumbai because many tiffin services do not operate? Do not worry anymore, as Magic-O-Meal delivers their delicious meals all over Mumbai. They are serving happiness in a cute little bowl of fun. One of the most noteworthy things here is that they offer five different meal plans on their menu.

Whether you want a small bite or a mega lunch, this brand has a solution for you! Soups, salads, sandwiches, and even meals. You will receive all the items in calorie-counted meal plans.


  • Calorie-counted meal plans
  • Available in five different meal solutions
  • Delivers all over the city of dreams
  • Variety of food items to choose from


Vital Foods

Most tiffin services cannot get a hang of your diet. Some are too oily, while others are too bland. When you need to strike a balance, you need to look for Vital Foods to rescue you from this madness. This brand offers nutritionist-approved meals in four different categories. Isn’t that great?

You can choose your favorite meals out of them, and voila! Good food is yours to devour! The best part is, they deliver all over Mumbai! Isn’t it cherry on top?


  • Delivers all over Mumbai
  • Guided and supervised meals by nutritionists
  • Balanced meals with yummy fillings
  • Five types of meal plans are available



This tiffin service is a great option for people who are working in offices and cannot find time to pack homemade lunches. SoulCare does not restrict its services to only individual tiffins, but they also offer a powerful dose of health through meals for corporates. If you own a business, it might be a great idea to show how much you care about your employees with these meals.

They do not only offer great lunch and dinner options but have some of the best breakfast trays available as well. Do check them out!


  • Delivers homemade food all over Mumbai
  • Highly nutritious and delicious meals
  • All kinds of Indian food are available
  • A great option for corporate employees


My Dibba

Do we believe we all understand the importance and essence of homemade food in our daily lifestyles? One of the best ways to relieve the stress of everyday life is to indulge in some of the Ghar ka khana that you miss dearly. My Dibba is equipped to offer you the best homemade food at extremely nominal charges.

What you can do is order your meal online, through either your phone or one of the food listing apps. Receive your Dabba and enjoy it!


  • Operates throughout the city
  • Delicious homemade food for all
  • Can be easily ordered online
  • Offers lunch and dinner options


Kitchen On My Plate

Kitchen On My Plate is another one of our best recommendations for tiffin services in Mumbai. This brand offers personalized solutions to your everyday meal plans. And guess what? They are delivered right to your doorstep without any hassle. They offer most of the Indian recipes like Biryani, Paratha, Vegetables, and more! Not only that, if you don’t want to go the Indian way, then there are other continental options too.


  • Works and delivers throughout the city
  • Offers a wide range of variety in food
  • Customized meal plans
  • Recommended tiffin service



If you are looking for a blend of your favorite aromatic masalas in one meal, then BhojanTrees is the correct place for you. This brand offers a wide range of yummy meals that are not only healthy but also available at a very low cost! The company is professionally managed and has received accreditation from FSSAI.

This doubles the credibility of the brand and the small team that is working tirelessly in delivering wholesome and finger-licking food.


  • Licensed by FSSAI
  • Meals made with home-style masalas and recipes
  • Wholesome and nutritious food
  • Available at economical pricing


Jagannath’s Kitchen

You will never have to miss your mom’s food again with the help of Jagannath’s Kitchen! This brand offers you balanced meals that are a lip-smacking delight with every bite. The brand offers a small 3-day trial at a low cost, so you can test it before jumping into the bigger plans. But we’re sure you’re going to stick for a little longer than 3 days here! It is that good.


  • Focused on providing light and healthy food
  • Comes with a three-day trial
  • Subscription plans of 20 days
  • Offers pure vegetarian food



Are you a foodist? This means you love a variety of Indian cuisines topped with spices and yummy vegetables stirred with thick gravy. Since you’re away from home, these are some of the things you can miss, but don’t worry! Foodizm is here to save you with its amazing meal plans with pocket-friendly and high-quality primary features.


  • Yummy and wholesome food
  • Offers a huge range of Indian dishes
  • Budget-friendly with great quality!
  • Pure vegetarian goodness

I hope you were able to find the best tiffin service in Mumbai for yourself from this ultimate list! Munch on!

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