Air Purifier Working Module

How do Air Purifier Works? And What are the the Benefits

Nowadays, air purifiers are in high demand, mainly due to their response to the polluted air quality concerns. An air purifier is an appliance that cleanses the air of the room, eliminating all the impurities like smoke, odor, pet dander, and dust. It is a fact that indoor air contains almost two to five times … Read more

How to Wash Shoes in the Washing Machine

How to Wash Shoes in the Washing Machine?

There’s nothing more unpleasant than wearing smell shoes, isn’t it? No matter, how well-dressed you are, smelly shoes can certainly spoil your overall personality. It is quite tempting to throw your shoes in the washing machine as soon as they start smelling. But, do you know, you can spoil your shoe quality with your carelessly … Read more

Electric VS Non-Electric Water Purifiers

Water purifiers have undoubtedly become an integral part of our daily lives that supply pure and healthy drinking water to every household. Mostly, there are two types of water purifiers available in the market which are electrical and non-electrical water purifiers. It is quite obvious that the usage of electricity is not only the difference … Read more

How to Straighten Hair Naturally at Home

4 Ways to Straighten Hair Naturally at Home

Getting your hair looks straight, healthy, and sleek might be solving like a tough equation of math. Using styling tools like hair strips can rip off the moisture from your hair, ultimately causing breakage. With time and regular use, hair straighteners, hot curlers, or blow dryers can cause severe damages that can make even the … Read more

Kent Vs Aquaguard

Kent Vs Aquaguard – Which is better?

Are you planning to buy a water purifier soon? Have you decided which water purifier to buy? Thanks to the number of options and brands available in the market, it is quite obvious to feel confused when planning to buy a water purifier. Every purifier comes with different benefits and characteristics which attract the users. … Read more

Catechin filter in AC

Catechin Filter: What is Catechin filter in AC

The air conditioner has become the most significant appliance in most modern homes. In these ACs, the most vital element is the air filters that help improve these devices’ proper and smooth functioning. Filters keep the bacteria, dust, pollen, and other allergic particles away, and keep the indoor air clean and free from any allergens. … Read more

What is the difference between men's and women's multivitamins

What is the difference between men’s and women’s multivitamins?

Multivitamins have been around the corner for years now; benefitting the people. Many people rely on these multivitamins to improve their health care in the simplest and convenient way possible. Truly, multivitamins have proven their worth amongst the users. However, amidst the various benefits, the one common thought that concerns most of the users is … Read more

Milk, Vitamin D Foods for Vegetarians

Top 10 Vitamin D Foods for Vegetarians

You cannot afford to lack the essential vitamin for healthy bones and a better immune system, isn’t it? Yes, you guessed it right. We are talking about one of the essential vitamins needed by the body for its normal and suitable functioning – vitamin D. Do you know the deficiency of vitamin D can cause … Read more

Baffle Filter vs. Cassette Filter

Baffle Filter VS Cassette Filter: What is Difference & Which One is Better?

Both baffle and cassette filters are considered to eliminate the grease from the air by passing it through the air filtration system. The system removes all the smoke, smell, and heat that the stove releases. It creates a harmless and less polluted environment in the kitchen. However, according to the current regulations by NFPA (National … Read more

essential oil for Plantar fasciitis

Essential Oils for Plantar Fasciitis

What is Plantar Fasciitis? Plantar fasciitis is one of the common causes of heel pain. It also involves inflammation in the thick connective tissue running across the foot’s sole which is commonly known as the plantar fascia. The pain from plantar fasciitis is mostly felt in the morning with the first step. It can also … Read more