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Kent Vs Aquaguard – Which is better?

Are you planning to buy a water purifier soon? Have you decided which water purifier to buy?

Thanks to the number of options and brands available in the market, it is quite obvious to feel confused when planning to buy a water purifier. Every purifier comes with different benefits and characteristics which attract the users.

Amidst the various names in the market, the two brand names that top the list of the best water purifiers are – Kent and Aquaguard. Both brands have been in the market for the longest time and thus are trusted by the users for quality products. But, when it comes to choosing between these two mentioned names, it can get really confusing.

Kent purifier or Aquaguard purifier – which is the best? If you too are looking for some specific information and details to choose in between these two reputed brand names, then you are at the right place. Let us get a deep analysis of both the brands to find which would make a reliable and efficient choice.

Kent Vs Aquaguard – which is better?

Kent vs Aquaguard – Brand Review:

Being two of the most reliable, popular, and reputed names in the market, both Kent and Aquaguard have made a secure niche for them in the water purification market for their users.

  • Kent is a 2-decade old firm that dominates the water purification market with a 40% market share. The brand is a trusted name in the market as it has Mineral RO™ technology as its patent technology for water purification. Most of the water purifiers under the brand are developed with the same patent technology which also drives maximum revenue for the brand.
  • On the other hand, Aquaguard itself stands for water purification. The brand has been in the industry for about 35-years and has been ruling the heart of the users with its amazing technology and purification results.

Best From Kent

Kent Grand 8-Litre Mineral RO + UV UF Water Purifier

Technology: RO + UV + UF + TDS
Storage Capacity: 8 Litre
Purification Capacity: 20 lit/hr
Warranty: 1 Year

Best From Aquaguard

Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Marvel 8L RO+UV e-boiling +Ultrafitration+MTDS with Active Copper Water Purifier

Technology: RO+UV+E-boiling + Ultrafitration+MTDS
Storage Capacity: 8 Litre
Purification Capacity: 15 lit/hr
Warranty: 1 Year

Main factors to consider when buying a water purifier:

Choosing a water purifier requires the users to consider a number of factors, be it from any popular brand name. Though, there are many factors that should be considered, but here are some of the top ones that shouldn’t be missed at any cost.

These are the top considerable factors when buying a water purifier for use:

Water quality :

the first thing that should be on your list is the quality of the water. Since, you are buying a water purifier for purifying the water; it would be of no use if it doesn’t suit the water quality of your area.

You should be aware of the TDS levels in your area’s water so that you can pick a water purifier that can work the best for minimizing the TDS levels.

Purification technology:

The next thing that should be considered while buying the water purifier is the used purification technology. There are many water purifiers that are developed with advanced purification processes and technology to deliver the best water purification results.

Choose such an advanced water purifier so that you never have to worry about your water being fully purified and safe for drinking.

The storage capacity of the purifier:

Finally, the last topmost factor that should be observed with a close eye is the storage capacity of the water purifier. Be absolutely sure that your chosen water purifier comes with sufficient storage capacity which can fulfill the daily needs of your family and loved ones.

Also, having sufficient storage capacity of the water tank in the purifier will also end the hassle of filling the water purifier again and again for use.

Comparison between Kent and Aquaguard:

Now let us dive into the technical comparison between both the brand names to have a better and clear idea between them.

The technology used by the brands:

As mentioned, one of the deciding factors to choose a suitable water purifier is the technology used. If you fail to pick the right technology-enabled water purifier, then you won’t be getting the desired and expected results; no matter how much you have invested while buying the purifiers.


Kent is known to use its patent technology “Mineral RO™ technology” in almost all its water purifiers. The brand works well with both municipal water and underground water and results in highly purified water. The used technology is also enabled with the TDS controller so that the purified water is never low on the natural nutrients as well.


The second brand, Aquaguard, makes use of disruptive technology which uses the very effective nano cream filter for water purification. These are the filters that are very effective in removing all types of contaminations, viruses, toxic chemicals, impurities, etc. from the water. The brand also relies on its 6-stage purification process to ensure its users that all the impurities are properly removed from the water and the water is totally purified for use.

Design factor of the brands:

Another essential and evident factor of comparison between the two brands is its design and looks. First of all, both the brands make use of high-quality material (food grade plastic) to design their purifier which ensures the fact that the purifiers will last for the maximum time without causing any hassles and troubles.

Most of the purifiers from Aquaguard are designed with modern looks that can easily suit the modern home décor. The purifier is also designed with all the essential parameters like indicators, dispensing tap, etc. for the best use of the purifier.

Kent purifiers are designed to offer the maximum ease and convenience for the users. You can witness its effective filters on the top which is accompanied by the storage tank below. It is also enabled with water level indicators and other parameters to offer hassle-free usage for the users.

Warranty and after-sale services:

Another factor that attracts most of the users is that both the brands are very specific and sincere with their offered warranty and after-sale services.

In general, you would get a 1-year warranty with the purifiers from both the brands. Along with this, both brands have quick and efficient after-sale services. This means that you will get all the desired and needful assistance, in case any problem is faced during the use.


When buying a water purifier, for most people price is one of the major considerable factors.

Both brands offer many purifier options that are available at an affordable price range. On average, you can get an 8L Kent water purifier for 19,000 with all the parameters, indicators, and benefits.

On the other hand, you would have to pay around 22,000 for a 7L Aquaguard water purifier enabled with all the technologies, filters, and indicators.

Are there any related cons with the purifiers from both the brands?

Just like anything in this world, even the purifiers available from these two brands have some cons related to them. Here is a closer look at the various cons of the brands:

Cons of Kent purifiers:

  • The filters used in the Kent purifiers have to be changed after frequent intervals. To be particularly specific, the filters need a replacement after every 2-3 months
  • The changing and replacement of these filters increases the maintenance cost of the purifiers

Cons of Aquaguard purifiers:

  • The major con associated with most of the Aquaguard purifiers is the high maintenance cost.
  • Some purifier models also offer limited storage capacity along with demanding a continuous power supply for use

So, these are some of the essential and important factors on which you can compare the water purifiers available from both the reputed brands. Though, both the brands are similar on many factors yet there are some evident differences in them. You just need to focus on those differences to choose the right water purifier for your use.

Final Verdict:

Kent vs Aquaguard – so which is better?

There is no denying that Aquaguard is a well-established name in the water purification industry, however, Kent has also established itself as the leading name amongst the users.

Both Kent and Aquaguard water purifiers are great products and can be fully trusted in terms of quality and performance. You will not be disappointed after buying the purifier from any of the two brands.

However, considering the recent time and the advanced outlook of RO purification and water-saving technology, Kent slightly gets an edge over Aquaguard purifiers. But, you should consider all the essential factors before making any final decision about buying the water purifier for your needs.

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