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How to reduce TDS in borewell water?

Do you know, the main source of drinking water in India 2023 is borewell water?

Yes! Borewell water is not just used for irrigation, but in many areas, it is also used for drinking and other essential purposes.

Wondering what’s harmful? Now, just imagine the level of contamination in the borewell water. You can never be sure how and when the water gets non-drinkable and harmful for your health.

One of the major problems in the borewell water is the high amount of TDS, which we all know is extremely dangerous for health. So, what can be done? Here, we are discussing about the high TDS amount in borewell water and what can be done to reduce it.


How to reduce TDS in borewell water?

What are the major problems in borewell water in India 2023 ?

Borewell water is suitable for many needs like washing, cleaning, etc. but, when it comes to drinking needs, one cannot rely on drinking water. The hardness and TDS level in borewell water is the major concern that restricts the use of it for drinking.

Other than the high TDS level, borewell water also contains some other problems as well. Care enough to know? These are some of the other problems that make the borewell water unsuitable for drinking purpose:

  • Presence of heavy metals in the water
  • Contaminations like mud, dust, and dirt
  • Microorganisms like viruses, bacteria, etc.
  • Unpleasant odor and texture

Can you still imagine using borewell water without properly purifying it? Is it really safe?

The answer is straight and simple – NO! It is practically not safe to use borewell water for drinking without proper cleaning and purification. And, if you are thinking to purify the borewell water on your own would be tiring and not possible, then you should give it another thought.

It is possible to reduce the TDS level in the borewell water with some simple process and procedure which will enhance its quality and will make it safe and pleasant for use.

Are you interested in knowing how to reduce the TDS level in borewell water? If yes, then let us begin.


How to reduce the TDS level in borewell water?

In the need of the hour, it is important to purify borewell water from the high TDS level. If not done so, it might make you sick. So, don’t compromise on the quality of the water and take all the preventive measures to make it safe.


What does a high level of TDS mean?

For all the people who are still not aware of what a high level of TDS means, here is some useful information related to that. The high TDS level simply indicates:

  • The high amount of contents like calcium and magnesium in the water
  • Sticky residue and scums
  • Lack of lather formation in the water
  • Slightly sour taste in the water

Other than this, in very simple words, water with TDS more than 200mg/liter clearly represents hardness in the water, which is completely unsafe for drinking and other essential needs.

If this is the case that you are dealing with, then water purification is no more a choice but a much-needed necessity. Not purifying drinking water can cause itchy scalp and rough skin along with many other health problems.

To get rid of this, many people try different things like chlorine drops, tablets, and water softener. But, are these alternatives really that effective? Well, not so much.


The solution to deal with the high TDS level in water:

As of now, you all must be clear that it is important to get rid of the water hardness to make it safe for use. One of the best ways to be sure to deal with a high TDS level in water is to use an effective and reliable RO water purifier for the same.

The RO water purifiers are designed with such advanced technology which can remove water hardness along with treating the sour odor and taste of the water. They can improve the taste and odor to make the water suitable for various needs and purposes.

Here are some of the ways in which the RO water purifiers can prove effective in treating the high TDS level in the water:

  • RO water purifiers are designed with effective membranes that are capable to remove the dissolved metals from the water. It eliminates the risks of these metals from the water and makes it safe for everyday use.
  • Not only this, but your RO water purifier is also effective to fight against the present bacteria and viruses in the water. It is analyzed that an effective RO purifier can remove the majority of water viruses and bacteria without degrading its quality.
  • In case, if there are an extremely high amount of viruses, bacteria, and contaminations in the water, then it is suggested to use a water purifier which comes with the combined benefits of RO and UV. The combined benefits will fight the maximum amount of water contaminations along with maintaining the desired amount of water nutrients.

Along with this, a carefully chosen RO water purifier also helps in enhancing the quality of the water. The purifier’s membrane works in such an effective manner that it preserves all the essential vitamins and minerals in the water along with improving the taste and odor.

Once the water has been purified with an RO water purifier, you can completely rely on it for getting the maximum safety and purity.

Apart from the use of an effective and reliable RO water purifier, you can also rely on some other methods, if the TDS level in the water is not so high. Some of the methods that can be tried are:

  • Carbon filtration – the available carbon filters remove many dissolved toxic compounds when the water passes through the filters
  • Water distillation – this process involves boiling the water and then allowing it to cool down. The process of boiling the water ensures to remove the present impurities and contaminations from the water without any hassles.

Also, it is one of the oldest methods used to make hard water suitable for drinking.

  • Deionization – this process involves ion exchange for removing the dissolved salts and contaminations from the water.

So, these are some of the effective ways with which you can control and reduce the TDS level in the water. You just need to be sure of choosing a suitable, reliable, and efficient RO water purifier for your use to get rid of all the contaminations, dust, dirt, etc. from the water.


How can you choose an effective RO purifier?

Lastly, since the entire process of reducing the TDS level in the water and making it safe for drinking needs depends upon an RO water purifier, it is important to choose the best RO water purifier.

Frankly, it is not that hard. You just need to take care of some essential factors and you will never fail to pick a suitable purifier for your needs. Here are the topmost important factors to consider while picking up the right RO water purifier to be sure that you are investing in a valuable product to get the maximum value for your money:

  • Select the advanced technology – to assure that you stand strong against all the impurities, be sure to choose an RO water purifier designed with the latest and advanced technology
  • Type of filters – you should also be sure of the type of filters used in the RO water purifier to ensure that it can remove the majority of water impurities without degrading the water’s quality and nutritional value
  • Check the offered storage – be sure to pick a purifier that comes with sufficient storage for the need of your entire family
  • Available accessories – if your chosen RO water purifier comes with additional accessories, it would only offer you an easy hand to access it for getting the maximum water purification


Final Thoughts:

Water is the essentiality of life. Don’t compromise with its quality at any cost. High TDS level in water is one serious problem that can attract many other health problems. Therefore, it is important to deal with it, in the most efficient manner.

Won’t it be convenient to invest in a suitable RO water purifier instead of boiling water for hours?

A suitable RO water purifier can be your true companion to fight against the dissolved TDS level in the water and to make it safe for essential use and purposes. It is possible to fight water hardness (TDS); all you need is a RO water purifier as your companion.

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