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How to Check Water Purity at Home?

Are you totally sure about the quality, hygiene, and purity of your drinking water? Is it totally safe for your use?

We are often told to be absolutely sure of the water we drink as even a slight uncertainty can have severe impacts on the health. It is not just about your health but you are risking the health of your loved ones as well by using unhealthy and unsafe water. This is surely something that you wouldn’t want, isn’t it?

To avoid any such severe health impacts on you and your family, the best way is to only use pure and safe water for all your needs. But, this drives our attention to one of the major concerns here – how to be sure if the used water is pure and safe or not? It is not clear how to be sure of the purity of available water.

If you too are concerned about this, we have some good news for you. Interested in knowing?

Well, it is not always necessary to be in doubt about the safety and purity of the available water as you can easily check it. Yes, there are many ways to check the available water for its purity and safety. Moreover, you can use all these methods at the convenience of your home without any hassles or troubles.

Let us just quickly have a look at some of the efficient and easy methods to check the purity of water in your comfortable home.

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How to Check Water Purity at Home?

3 Ways to Check the Purity of Water at Home:

Fortunately, it is no rocket science to check the quality of water at home. Also, you don’t have to have any special powers for checking the purity of the available water. In fact, you can do the needful just with some simple measures and ways.

Here we are talking about some of the methods which you can very easily use at your home and be absolutely sure that you are drinking good quality water.

A) Inspecting water impurities:

Let us begin with one simple and the easiest method for checking the impurities of the water. It can be done by anyone in your family without any difficulties.

Here’s how you can check and inspect the available impurities in the water.

  1. Take a clear and clean glass and fill it 3/4th with water. Make sure to take water from the same source which you use for drinking and for other purposes.

If you want to be 100% sure of the quality of the water then let the water flow for about 1-minute before taking the sample. In this way, you will be able to get a better idea about the present impurities in the water.

  1. After you have filled the glass with 3/4th water, simply take the glass to your window or any area with maximum outside light. Now, hold the glass straight to the outside light to check for the impurities.
  • If you see the water as cloudy, this indicates that there are impurities dissolved in the water. You can also easily see if any contaminated particles are floating on the surface of the glass. Clearly, this water is not suitable for use and needs to be purified as soon as possible.
  • On the other hand, if you see your water as transparent and clear without any floating particles or cloudy appearance, you can be sure that the water is absolutely safe for use.

However, to get sure results, you should allow the water to remain calm and untouched for about 1-2 minutes. This will help you to get better conclusions about the quality and purity of the water.

  1. Along with this, you can also smell the available water. If the water smells bad, you know that you cannot use that water as it contains impurities while you can use the water that doesn’t smell.

However, the problem with this is that you cannot be absolutely sure of the purity of the water just by smelling it. It only assures significant results if there is a strong smell in the water.


B) Use strip kit for checking purity:

Using a strip kit for checking the purity of the water is a more professional way of doing things. You are taking aid of properly designed measures for being sure about what you are drinking and using.

A strip kit comes loaded with all the essentialities that you need to quality check your water. All you have to do is follow the required instructions and you will get the exact results about the purity and hygiene of the water.

Here are the simple steps that you need to follow while using the strip kit:

  1. To begin with, you have to buy the strip kit only from a reliable and authentic source for being sure about the results. Any local brands cannot be trusted with the results.
  2. Now fill the glass with a sufficient amount of water for testing. You have to maintain such amount of water so that the testing strip can easily be submerged in the water. Be sure that you are taking the water in a clean glass or container to avoid any confusion about the water quality. Also, you should allow the water to sit for about 1-2 minutes before putting in the strip for testing.
  1. When the water is all settled after resting for 1-2 minutes, now submerge the strip in the water and wait for about 20-30 seconds. Be sure that the strip is covered enough with water.
  2. Take the strip out after 20-30 seconds and compare its results with that on the strip kit testing chart available. The chart contains all the conditions indicating what the different colors of the strip mean.
  3. For getting accurate results, let the strip wait or dry for about 1-minute after you have taken it out from the water. After this time, the strip will reach its proper color for testing. Now, you can compare the color of the strip with the colors available on the strip chart to be sure of the level of contamination.


C) Using TDS meter:

With the use of a strip kit, you can also make use of TDS meter for testing the level of hardness in your water. You can very easily get a TDS meter from the market and you have to follow the same steps as that used for strip kit testing.

However, the results may vary as:

  1. If the TDS reading of your water is nearby 600, then the water is safe for use
  2. But, if the TDS is between 600-900, then you should be a little worried about the quality of the water and try some home remedies for purifying it.
  3. If the TDS meter reading is above 900, your water is not safe for any use. You should try some effective measures to make it safe and pure
  4. Lastly, if the TDS meter reading is above 1200, then this indicates that the water’s quality is extremely bad and dangerous for any use. You should get the water tested professionally and also look for some effective ways for purifying the same.


You can Also Check Purity of Water with the help of Chemical for More Information visit to: https://blogs.worldbank.org/water/how-test-water-quality-chemical-tests-limited-budgets

Final Thoughts:

So, these are some certain tests that you can do at your home and be sure of the purity of water without any hassles. Your little efforts with these methods can protect you from the use of unhealthy and unsafe water; wouldn’t you want to give it a try?

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