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What is Gold Fin Technology in Air Conditioners

Air conditioners have nowadays become a necessity in our daily lives during the summer seasons. The ever-increasing warning of global warming and the rising temperature as a result of it has made the installation of an air conditioner compulsory if you want to spend the hot days of summer comfortably. Air conditioners are used everywhere – from our homes to our offices. In today’s world, most residences make use of air conditioning devices. However, due to the ever-increasing demand for air conditioners and their usage, it has become imperative that they become as technologically advanced as possible. We cannot deny the fact that air conditioners can be expensive to maintain.

Air Conditioner generally consume more energy than other electrical devices implemented in the abodes. On top of it, they can also lead to various other expenses due to not being correctly maintained. The condenser coil is one of the most significant elements of an AC that are very prone to rust. Rusting in the condenser coils can lead to corrosion, which can negatively affect the AC performance. Therefore, to stop them from rusting, technologies such as bluefin technologies or gold fin technologies are used. In this write-up, we will be sharing about those technologies are and what benefits they provide to the users.


What is The Gold Fin Technology?

Gold Fin Technology

Due to the way air conditioners work, the condenser coil becomes very prone to corrosion. This corrosion of the condenser coil can lead to the refrigerant getting leaked. It can drastically affect the AC performance. So to reduce corroding, epoxy coating is used on the coil itself. This epoxy coating protects the coil from rust and improves its durability. It can be of two types, namely the bluefin and the gold fin. However, gold fin technology is generally more effective in warding away rust. In gold fin technology, a golden hydrophilic coating gives protection to the condenser coil against moisture. As such, it is known as a hydrophilic coating as well. This golden hydrophilic coating effectively reduces the chances of rusting. It, in turn, reduces corrosion and increases the longevity of the condenser coils.


Importance of Gold Fin Technology in Air Conditioners

Air conditioners work by driving in the air from the outside and releasing cool air. It does so by taking in hot air with the help of a fan. The refrigerant inside the condenser coil then cools the hot air with the aid of the compressor. The expansion valve then releases the air into the room while the heat dissipates outdoors. However, due to the heat absorption and cooling the condenser does, it almost always stays wet. Due to this whole process, the condenser coils are on the outside of the air conditioner. It makes the condenser coils vulnerable to the elements and even pollution. Therefore, rusting and corrosion of the condenser coil is a common occurrence. Corroding of the condenser coils leads to the outflow of the cooling refrigerant liquid. It can severely harm the performance of the AC.

The material used in making the coils are aluminum and copper. Due to copper being more expensive, manufacturers often use aluminum coils instead of copper to cut the costs. Both copper and aluminum are outstanding heat conductor. However, copper coils are more efficient at cooling. Therefore, the manufacturers use aluminum coils in place of the copper tubes to increase the efficiency of the condenser coils.

However, this drives to another kind of problem. The usage of two different metals can lead to galvanic corrosion occurrence, which will not be the case if using only a single metal. But aluminum coils are much less efficient than copper. So, to combat this issue, a golden hydrophilic coating is used on the aluminum foil.

The golden hydrophilic coating not only helps to tackle the galvanic corrosion issue but also drastically reduces the effects of the coil elements. Apart from moisture and humidity, dust, and acidic salts found in the air, can also cause problems for the condenser coil. The evidence of acidic salt presence can be seen in the coastal areas. The gold fin technology protects the coil from all these harmful effects. In this scenario, it is significant to make the air conditioner last much longer.


Difference Between Bluefin and Gold Fin Technology in Air Conditioners

Difference Between Bluefin and Gold Fin Technology in Air Conditioners

Despite the manufacturers using both the gold fin and bluefin technologies in air conditioners, there are a few key differences between them. The bluefin technology implements a blue epoxy coating on the condenser coils. The gold fn technology implements a coating of golden hydrophilic for protecting the condenser coils. Both of them defend the condenser coils from corroding.

However, another difference between these two technologies is that gold fin technology is more expensive than the other. While bluefin technology is generally perfect for coastal areas, people can use gold fin technology anywhere with similar efficiency. Apart from these, the gold fin coils are more efficient in heat transfer, making the air conditioners perform better.


Which is Better-the Gold Fin or the Bluefin?

To know the answer to this question, we should consider the benefits that each of them provides. The gold fin condensers are generally superior to the bluefin ones. However, they are significantly more expensive. The bluefin ones perform best in coastal areas, as they excel in protecting the coil from water droplets, salt, acids, and other harmful materials present in the atmosphere. But in other places, the gold fin technology works significantly better. The gold fin condensers are also more efficient in heat transfer.

It accelerates the defrosting process of the air conditioner and effectively enhances its performance. In short, you should opt for gold fin technology if you want premium ACs. They not only protect the condenser coils but also enhances the air conditioner performance. On top of it, gold fin technology is 100% eco friendly. Due to the result of this, it will not be the reason for any harm to the environment.


The Features of Gold Fin Technology

Now you have some knowledge about the gold fin technology used in air conditioners. But do you have any concept about its features? Well, it has plenty of features which make this technology a unique one. Below are some of its principal features to help you know about the technology.

  • The gold fin feature effectively works as a safeguard for the condenser coils. It protects the surface of the condenser coils from further degrading and provides durability to it.
  • One of its unique features is the shinier coating around it. This coating ensures the slip down of water droplets and protects the air conditioner from rust or corrosion.
  • It prevents the water droplets from sticking due to the gold fin technology. So, as a result of this, the condenser coils get more longevity.
  • One of its prominent features is the condenser using gold fin technology are hydrophilic condensers, making them technologically advanced.


The Principal Benefits of Gold Fin Technology

The Principal Benefits of Gold Fin Technology

The buyers should have a clear concept of this technology if they plan to purchase any air conditioners with this unique feature. But for this, they need to understand some of its principal advantages. So let’s have a quick overview of those benefits.

  • If you are comparing blue finned with gold finned one, then the gold finned feature is way better than the previous.
  • In an air conditioner, the process of defrosting is vital. In that case, gold fin technology is efficient in handling the defrosting process quite faster. Besides, the speed of defrosting is satisfactory, and it guards the machine against overheating.
  • One of the principal drawbacks of the air conditioners is rusting or corrosion. But the gold fin gives better safeguard to the coils and protects them from deterioration.
  • This technology guards the condenser coils against water, acid, and salt build-up. It provides longevity to the condenser coils.
  • The practical techniques used in gold fin provides universality, which makes it advantageous for the coast and other areas of the world.
  • Furthermore, this technology is eco-friendly because it does not emit any toxic pollutants.


How Gold Fin Technology Prevents Corrosion in Air Conditioners

Corrosion of the condenser coils is the bane of the machines. It not only hampers the effectiveness of the device but also drastically reduces its longevity. Therefore, to protect the condenser coils from corrosion, gold fin technology makes use of a coating incorporated from titanium dioxide. The nanoparticles of the mixture make up this coating. It is these nanoparticles that protect the coil from corrosion and attach themselves closely to the condenser fins. It effectively creates a barrier to stop the condenser coil from coming in contact with the atmosphere’s harmful materials. This coating blocks water droplets from collecting on the fins.

Apart from water, it stops dust, different harmful acids, salts from depositing onto the fins. As a result, clogging of the fins doesn’t occur, which keeps the airflow undisturbed. It not only protects the fins from corrosion but also enhances their efficiency. Moreover, as the gold fin coating stops water from being collected, it doesn’t allow the inside of the air conditioner to turn into a breeding ground of harmful bacterias. All these benefits make the gold fin technology extremely important for air conditioners.


Final talk

In conclusion, we may say that the gold finned technology in air conditioners is helpful to technological advancement. According to the research, this feature can protect your air conditioners from corrosion and provide the appliance an added durability. This is undoubtedly one of the most significant and efficient technologies present for the safety of the product and the environment. Hopefully, after reading this article, you have a crystal clear concept of the gold fin technology concept and its benefits.

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