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Difference Between Microwave and Oven

Microwave or oven – which one would be apt for use? Which out of the two would make a suitable choice for your kitchen? Well, the struggle to pick one is really tough.

If you are in the market to buy either a microwave or oven, it is possible that you might end up facing a lot of confusion. Often, both the appliances are considered the same; which leads to one of the major reasons for the confusion amongst the buyers.

If you too are struggling with the confusion, then you are at the right place. Here is some essential information that might interest you about microwave and oven.


Difference Between Microwave and Oven:


What is an oven?

An oven is basically a kitchen appliance that makes use of heated coils to prepare food. It doesn’t require much setting for its use and accessing; thus is quite convenient to use. It is available with the thermostat to control the cooking temperature and to ensure that the food is cooked properly.


What is the microwave?

In very simple words, a microwave is a sophisticated version of an oven which comes loaded with many advanced features. As its name suggests, it makes use of microwaves to quickly and easily cook your food without causing any hassles to the users.


Difference between microwave and oven:

After understanding the basics of both the appliances, let us now move to their comparison.

Here are some of the factors that you should keep in mind to understand the basic differences between two of the most popular kitchen appliances of modern time:

Cooking Style and Needs:

The first factor that you should consider while choosing between a microwave and an oven is your cooking needs.

If your main cooking revolves around baking, grilling, and toasting, then an oven would make the best choice out of the two options. On the other hand, if your main cooking needs include reheating, cooking, and de-freezing, along with the basic oven functions, then you should pick microwave for your needs.


Another important factor that should be considered while choosing between microwave and oven is the capacity you need.

On average, you can get the maximum capacity of 60-liters in an oven which makes it suitable for large batches of food. A microwave can offer a maximum capacity of 32-liters which makes it suitable for cooking for an average-sized family.

You should have an idea about the capacity that you need for your cooking style and family before picking up one option between microwave and oven.

Cooking temperature:

The cooking temperature for both an oven and a microwave is the same. However, the main difference is in the preheat time.

An oven generally takes 15-20 minutes to preheat the food whereas a microwave can preheat the food in about 5-minutes. This helps in reducing the overall cooking time needed by the appliance.

Heat distribution:

One of the major factors that help both these kitchen appliances to cook food is its heat distribution. This is also quite obvious to understand, if the heat is not evenly distributed on the food, it might not cook well or might take longer to cook.

In respect of the same concept, microwaves are known to offer an even heat distribution to the food. This helps in evenly cooking the food along with saving the maximum time.

On the other hand, an oven lacks this ability. It does not evenly distribute the heat on the food. Only the ovens which are designed with a fan can work efficiently to distribute the heat evenly on the food for quick and even cooking.


One of the major considering factors that most of the buyers consider when choosing between an oven and microwave is the cost or the price of the appliance.

In general, you can get a 42-liter oven for a cost of INR 10,000 and a 30-liter microwave for INR 16,000. Now, you must be doing all your calculations of your own but there is something more that you should be aware of.

Although, the overall cost of the microwave may seem to be a bit more than the oven for the capacity offered but in terms of performance, the energy efficiency of a microwave is better. Along with this, the microwave consumes 20%% lesser energy as compared to the microwave which results in saving the money in the long run.

Ease of use:

Microwave is designed as per the new and trending designs and requirements of the users. It includes a digital display in its design which makes it really convenient for the users to keep a track of the cooking time and temperature without any hassles.

On the other hand, if we look at the design of an oven, it includes knobs for managing the temperature. It is not difficult to access the knobs but digital display makes the overall management quite handy and easy.


Advantages and disadvantages:

Besides these important factors that can help in your selection, there are some advantages and disadvantages that you should be aware of both the appliances.

Let us have a quick look at the various advantages and disadvantages of both these amazing kitchen appliances.


Advantages of the microwave:

  • They are really easy and convenient to use; thus can be used by anyone without any hassles
  • They have even heat distribution for cooking food
  • Microwave can cook food at a much faster rate than the normal oven; saves cooking time
  • In most of the buys and cases, a microwave is much more affordable than the basic oven
  • Maintaining the microwave is pretty simple and easier which also includes its cleaning
  • It is also compact in size

Disadvantages of the microwave:

  • These are not that much effective on thick foods
  • The microwaves are riskier for mishaps


Advantages of an oven:

  • It can be used for different types of cooking such as baking, grilling, etc.
  • An oven with a fan can also distribute equal heat on the food, but only when it has a fan
  • You can have better temperature control with an oven

Disadvantages of an oven:

  • It takes longer to cook food
  • These are not cheap by any means; they are pricey


Final Verdict:

These are some of the basic and necessary factors that can help in distinguishing between a microwave and an oven. Both the appliances are amazing in their own style and performance; you have to make sure which out of the two would suit you in a better way.

You should keep all these factors and the advantages/disadvantages in mind to make a suitable selection for your cooking needs. Choose wisely and experience a happy cooking time.

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