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Catechin Filter: What is Catechin filter in AC

The air conditioner has become the most significant appliance in most modern homes. In these ACs, the most vital element is the air filters that help improve these devices’ proper and smooth functioning. Filters keep the bacteria, dust, pollen, and other allergic particles away, and keep the indoor air clean and free from any allergens. The world has now become a place for global warming, ozone depletion, and environmental pollution. Air conditioners have become one of the significant sources of environmental pollution.

Due to this, customers are more inclined to select greener options for conserving energy. Thus the manufacturing companies of the Air conditioners have introduced eco-friendly models. On such an enormous attempt is the implementation of the catechin filters in the air conditioners.


Catechin filter in AC

Catechin Filters

Catechin filters include antibacterial and antiviral properties that the company inserts in every molecule of the filter. It strips every passing odor of the air that can cause pollutants like tobacco and pets’ smell. The main ingredients of the Catechin filters are the green tea. It can get rid of the bacteria and also prevent the formation of any unpleasant odor. It traps and eliminates microscopic viruses and bacteria and stops the prevention of unwanted diseases.


What is the Role of Catechin Filters in the Air Conditioners?

The working principle of the Catechin filters is as follows.

  • The AC manufacturing company adds catechin filters to the screen to lock all the passage for the bacteria.
  • The filter then terminates the entire unpleasant odor caused due to tobacco smoke.
  • The virus implements their surrounding spikes to get a hold of themselves to the normal cells and thus infect them. The filter composed of catechin disturbs the contagious ability of the viruses by covering the spikes.
  • It strips off the passage of the pollutants.


Significance of the Catechin Filters in the Air Conditioners

Below are some of the notable importance of the Catechin filters in the Air Conditioners.

  • It consists of environmentally friendly materials and technologies that are better for the atmosphere.
  • Assists in reducing the global temperature
  • Includes antibacterial and antiviral properties to deliver good quality indoor air
  • Ideal for patients with asthma or breathing problems
  • They are easier and simple to clean and maintain
  • Includes a longer life span with no worry about the replacement


Catechin filter Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages of the Catechin Filters

Now let us take a quick look into the pros of the catechin filters inside an air conditioner. They are:

  • Eliminate the unwanted odor and blocks the microbe and other bacteria passages
  • Since the filters purify the air and get rid of all the dust allergens, it is exceptionally beneficial for asthma patients.
  • Perfectly removes the smell of the smoke, paints, tobacco, varnishes, and more.
  • Prevents any airborne diseases that can happen as a result of breathing heavily polluted indoor air
  • It also restricts the contagious virus ability by covering the virus spikes.
  • The catechin in the filter extracted from the green tea deactivates the microorganisms.


Disadvantages of the Catechin Filters

Now that we have seen the advantages of the catechin filters, it is now time to see what drawbacks it includes. They are as follows.

  • It is expensive than the other air conditioners.
  • Since it is a new technology, it might require more research for its application and use.


Application of the Catechin Filters

The Japanese AC manufacturing companies like Toshiba, Mitsubishi, and Panasonic are using these catechin filters in the latest AC models. Like Blue Star and Voltas, most of the best AC companies in India 2022 are also now implementing this new filter in their cooling units to make more environmentally sustainable.


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There is a lot of environmental conservation due to the side effects of global warming. We should always select our options to build up new technologies. Catechin filter is now slowly becoming famous among the manufacturers of the air conditioners. The working principle of these filters is rudimentary. They are the multi-purpose functional filter with numerous environmental benefits. Thus you have to make a choice on which AC to buy for enhanced indoor health and air.

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