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Boiled Water vs RO Water

The boiling of water resources is the most traditional procedure of purification. When water is boiled at its required temperature, it will eliminate all the bacteria present in it, but it will remain impure. It is one of the most common methods in this world. However, water boiling is a time-consuming practice and has limitations. But with the advancement of the water purification technology, water purified by RO machines have become one of the most reliable and favored choices of the users. RO water purification is the easiest, convenient, and efficient way to purify the drinking water. It can eliminate contaminants easier and faster.


Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis is defined as the technology that pushes the water through a pressure system via a semipermeable membrane to deionize the water. The water purifiers with RO filters implement a RO membrane to pass the water molecules through them. Water purified through the RO system is now used by millions of users. It is capable enough to eradicate all the microbes, bacteria, and other impurities present in the water. However, the bacteria, pyrogens, and dissolved salts cannot pass through the membrane.


Advantages of Reverse Osmosis

One of the most advanced techniques to purify the water is Reverse osmosis. Most of the most excellent water filters are now fitted with this technology. The toxic pathogens present in the drinking water enter our body and multiply themselves in the intestines. This leads to several health problems like weight loss, gastrointestinal diseases, appetite loss, diarrhea, bloating, fatigue, and many more. Water purified via best RO water purifiers removes all these harmful bacteria and pathogens to make the water perfect for human consumption.

Furthermore, the RO system also terminates a large number of heavy chemicals that are present in the tap water. Thus you do not have to bear the foul chlorine smell and taste anymore.


Boling Water

Most people still use boiling as a water purification method in the world. But they may be ignorant of the truth that by boiling water, the toxic elements present in it will remain there. Primarily boiling water kills all the pathogens lurking there. Boiling can also get rid of some of the VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) that are there in the water. But due to the inconvenience of time consumption, boiling is now mainly used by the users in case there is an emergency.


Disadvantages of boiling water

This technique removes only the organism that cannot withstand the boiling temperature of the water. Boiling water cannot terminate the dissolved solids present in the water. Also, the dissolved solids’ level might enhance with the procedure of boiling. Furthermore, boiled water should be consumed within one day as bacteria can re-enter the water again after cooling.

Water contains TDS that includes chloramines, sulfates, and nitrates, heavy metals like iron, copper, chromium, lead, sodium, magnesium, and calcium. Some of these TDS are highly hazardous even when consumed in minute quantities. Lead can enter the local water supply through corroded plumbing. If you consume lead for a long time through drinking water, then it will ultimately cause mental and physical retardation in the users. Boiling cannot remove these heavy metals from the water. They do not vaporize off as the water boils. Also, a high amount of energy resources is needed to boil water, which might not be possible when there is an emergency.



Why Is RO Purified Water Better Than Boiling Water?

RO filtration system removes dissolved impurities like heavy metals, salts, and microorganisms from water to make it suitable for drinking purposes. In contrast, the boiling of water is a pure traditional process of decontamination of Water. A RO water purifier might seem to be cost-effective at first but will prove beneficial in the long run. Boiling Water is time and energy consuming and also does not remove the dissolved impurities from water. Thus in this comparison between boiled and RO purified water, we would always suggest the RO water as a clear winner.

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