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10 Benefits of Taking Multivitamin Supplements Everyday 

Nowadays, almost everyone has become used to multivitamins. According to recent data, Indians have brought over 500 crore pills of Vitamin C, Zinc, and Multivitamins in 2022—a growth of 100% from 2019. In terms of percentages, 48% of the respondents between the age of 35-44 have dietary supplements as a regular part of life. 


But why is the number so high? Do they derive several benefits that you might be missing out on?

If you are wondering the same, the following article shall help you understand the benefits of consuming multivitamins.

What are Multivitamin Supplements?

Multivitamin Supplements

Multivitamins are supplements for vitamins and minerals present in fruits and vegetables. They are pills and capsules with many vitamins such as Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, Vitamin A, antioxidants, etc.

Multivitamins are also known as multis, multiples, or vitamins. Generally, the human body requires 13 vitamins and 15 minerals. Besides this, multivitamins also include herbs, amino acids, and Omega-3 fatty acids.

Personalized vitamins are also an option; however, finding them is difficult and time-consuming. To fill the lack of nutrients, taking a multivitamin every day is more than enough!

Note: Taking multivitamins every day is different from taking multiple vitamins every day. Multiple vitamins are individual vitamins suitable for your needs (A.k.a., Personalized vitamins), whereas multivitamins contain all vitamins and minerals even if you don’t need them.


Top 10 Benefits of Taking Multivitamin Supplements Daily

I am sure you must have gone to medical shops for multivitamins during the lockdown. There are tons of benefits of taking multivitamins every day. Here’s why multivitamins are beneficial.

Boosts the Immune System

Immune System

Vitamins and minerals are the primary sources to boost your immune system. Multivitamins have Vitamin C, which has proven to increase the immunity in your body the most. Other responsible for boosting the immune system are vitamins B, D, and E.

Vitamin B6 is responsible for improving biochemical reactions, and Vitamin E is highly accountable for fighting against diseases.


Energy Production

When you do not get enough nutrients, your body tends to become tired and sleepy more often. It leads to many medical problems. Taking a multivitamin every day reduces nutrient deficiency in your body and increases your energy level.


Improves Brain Function

Improves Brain Function

Surprisingly, multivitamins are not only helpful for physical health; it is also beneficial in improving mental health. Well, your brain also needs nutrients to work correctly.

Many kinds of research show that Omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin B12 present in multivitamins reduce memory loss problems. Also, herbs like Ginkgo Biloba help in restoring brain function. It is helpful, especially for older people.


Reduces Stress and Depression

Reduces Stress and Depression

When it comes to mental health, how can we forget stress and depression! Vitamin B in multivitamins reduces the blood levels of an amino acid associated with stress. In addition, it makes the mood happy.

Overall, multivitamins help in stimulating your nervous system to produce fewer stress hormones.


Maintains Muscle Strength

Vitamin D is very crucial for muscle strength. Vitamin D deficiency with free radicals in the body is very dangerous for your muscles.

Multivitamins help the body provide Vitamin D and antioxidants such as Vitamin C and E that destroy the free radicals.

Also, it helps in supporting protein synthesis and repairing the muscle cells in your body. So, yes, Multivitamins help in maintaining muscle strength!


Good for Skin and Hair Health

Skin Care

With physical and mental health, skin and hair health is also essential. A Multivitamin covers your skin and hair care as well. We all know that Vitamin E is crucial for our skin and hair.

Multivitamin has all Vitamin C, D, E, and K that helps in reducing black spots, redness, wrinkles, and rough patches. In addition to them, Vitamin B helps in making your hair shinier and healthier.


Helps in Detoxification

Multivitamins that include Vitamin B2, AD, and EC helps in supporting the liver to break down the toxins that detoxify your system. Vitamin EC offers antioxidant protection, while Vitamin AD supports the body during the detoxification process.


Reduces the Risk of Birth Defects 

A pregnant woman needs to feed herself vitamins and minerals double that of an average person. Besides this, Folate acid is crucial for the baby as it promotes normal development of the spine and brain of the baby in the womb.

Multivitamins have folic acid and vitamins that reduce the risk of congenital disabilities and ensure a healthy body for both the mother and the child.


Support Health Ageing

The older we get, the more nutrients our bodies need! However, it becomes challenging for an older man to eat everything on their plate. Thus, multivitamins help older people provide all the vitamins and minerals to their bodies to eat, exercise, and sleep well.


Reduces the Risk of Cancer and Heart diseases

Some researchers it has found that multivitamins can reduce the risk of cancer and heart diseases. However, other studies have found that it does not have any effect on such conditions.

So, the results are still not precise, but we can say that Vitamins B1, B2, B6, and magnesium present in multivitamins play an essential role in keeping our hearts healthy.


Ending Note

Multivitamins are a rich source of intaking all vitamins and minerals at once. However, there are some risks associated with the overdose of multivitamin supplements. Also, not all multivitamins are suitable for every person. After all, not every person’s body is the same!

Therefore, we suggest you take multivitamins after consulting a doctor. And also, take the dose as prescribed by either doctor or written on the multivitamin. But overall, a multivitamin is very beneficial and completes your diet.

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