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10 Ways to Beat the Heat This Summer

Most people love summer vacation, but they are not very much fond of the heat of this season. If anyone is working out in the sun for more than 12 hours, they will most like get a sun and heat stroke simultaneously. Thus whenever there is a chance of a heatwave, start assembling different methods keeping your family and you cool from its harmful effect. In this season, you will want your kids to be running around and always find something to keep them cool. The scorching heat gets hard on our mood swings, bodies, and electricity bills. Do not let the temperature keep you down throughout the day.

Summer might be the best time of the year for some to travel around, spend some lovely time off with your friends and family on vacation together. But the constant sweat formation does not seem to go away. According to NOAA and NASA reports, 2015 was the hottest year in the records since 1980. The top warmest year is 2015,2014,2013,2010 and 2005. Thus this year, summer will also not be exceptional. Adapt your habits that might be a challenge for you. The below list will help you deal better with the uncomfortable and sweltering days ahead.


1. Drink More and More Water

Drink More and More Water

It is exceptionally significant to remain hydrated throughout the year, especially when you are sweating profusely. When you sweat a lot, either due to summer heat or exercise, drinking sufficient water becomes more vital. According to the report of the CDC, consider your body as an air conditioning cooling unit. When the body temperature starts to rise up in the hot weather or due to exercise or physical activities, the internal body temperature switches on and begins to sweat. Now that the air conditioner uses the sweat (coolant), it is significant for refilling the tank by drinking water. As the hydration myth goes, water is not the only alternative to keep you energized. But water is easily accessible and free for all of us.


2. Use an Air Conditioner

Use an Air Conditioner

Running an air conditioner is one of the most efficient ways to beat the heat. But running an AC for a longer duration can be quite expensive. On the other hand, you can create a pseudo air conditioner with some cheap and basic materials like a fan and Styrofoam version. There are also numerous other options like this that you can try.


3. Avoid the Use of Oven for Heating Your Food

Avoid the Use of Oven for Heating Your Food

Summer is undoubtedly one of the best times to do barbeque and have a small picnic in your backyard or lawn. But some drinks and foods are not enjoyable when you heat them. You can create an evaporative cooler like zeer pot for the drinks and food within the two containers or produce ice blocks for the cooler with the old cartons of milk. When it is too hot for cooking food, make cold soups, rely on different appliances like a rice cooker, or even try oven free or no-cook recipes. Switching on the stove for cooking will make the entire environment of your home warmer. It is also applicable to dishwashers. Keep it switched off to prevent steamy and warm conditions inside the room.


4. Optimizing the Windows

Optimizing the Windows

You might not require an air conditioner if you can pay a little focus on the windows’ position in the summer. Implement insulated drapes and close windows for keeping the heat of the sun out during the day and open them during the night when the sunsets. Use a wet towel or cloth before an open window to lower down the temperature of the air flowing inside the house. Open the windows opposite each other or windows at the bottom and top of the floors for enhanced airflow.


5. Staying Cool during Sleeping

Staying Cool during Sleeping

The heat in the summer is the worst and makes you feel uncomfortable while you are trying to sleep with a high body temperature. If you are insomniac in the summer, you can keep your head cool with a chiller pillow or sleep over the top of a wet sheet.


6. Know the Best Cooling Point of Your Body

Know the Best Cooling Point of Your Body

If you are stuck in a hot place and do not know how to find a cooler place, you need to identify the best cooling points of your body, i.e., your neck and wrist. You can apply small ice cubes wrapped in a cloth on those points. You will efficiently and immediately feel cool after some time.


7. Cool Down Your Car

Car with Open Window

Roll down one window of the car and close and open the other opposite door a few times. This Japanese method will cool down your oven-like vehicle that will be closer to a bearable temperature.


8. Exercise Comfortably in the Heat

Exercise Comfortably in the Heat

Just because it is a hot season, it does not mean that you have to stop exercising. Instead of rigorous exercises, you can switch to different other sports like adventurous water activities, exercising in shorter sessions, and do not go out in the sun during afternoons. Different precooling methods might also be efficient to prevent you from sun or heat stroke while you are working out at a high temperature.


9. Optimize the Fans

Optimize the Fans

Did you know a fact that if you face your fan out in the night, then the room will stay cool? This will assist the user to sleep comfortably. You can implement a temperature controller during night or daytime for automatically switching on and off the fan based on the temperature change and thus saving energy. If there are already ceiling fans present in your home, operate it counterclockwise first for maximum cooling. Whether you include portable or ceiling fans, keep circulating the air in the room. Stagnant air feels the room surrounding worse, but moving air helps to break it up.


10. Try to Stay Away From Excessive Sweat

Try to Stay Away From Excessive Sweat

For most of us, sweat-inducing summer is the worst part of this season. Even if you do not sweat excessively, you can control its formation with some simple tricks. One of the most popular tips is to apply antiperspirant at night. It performs more efficiently and prevents sweating even when you are wearing breathable materials like cotton.


Wrapping it up

Now that we are at the end of this article, you must have known which tip is the best to beat the heat in the summer season. These are the simplest yet effective ways to beat the summer temperature. This year has already started to heat up, and these simple methods will help you keep cool in the scorching heat. Do you any more strategies for keeping cool during the summer season? If yes, do not forget to share those with us!

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