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ProtineX Review: Is Protinex Good for Health?

Looking for the best protein supplements in the market out there? Not sure what to choose? Well, then you are at the best site. We have just the ideal product for you.

ProtineX is one of the most healthy and nutritional supplements that have been in the market for more than 60 years. It is the only supplement that contains a unique power of Hydrolysed Protein and can be consumed almost every day. ProtineX is composed of the correct quantity of minerals, carbohydrates, vitamins, and no trans-fats. Moreover, it is very light, easy for digestion and is rightly absorbed by the body.

Regular usage of ProtineX strengthens the user from the core and also insures you from different health hazards. All these qualities of ProtineX differ from other health supplements in the market and keep your body well maintained in the long term.


What is ProtineX?

ProtineX can be defined as the nutritional supplement which needs to be consumed with milk only. Daily intake of ProtineX releases different proteins inside the body that assists in the repairing and growth of the body. It is loaded with hydrolyzed proteins that are 50% more powerful than the proteins absorbed by the body from the food.

ProtineX is differentiated into different products according to their flavors and age for consumption. Let us go through them in detail as below.


1. ProtineX Original Review

Protinex Review

If you are looking for the best health drink that is enriched with the right nutrient, protein, calcium and other essential ingredients, then ProtineX Original can be the ideal one for you. It contains the perfect amount of vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates that helps you to improve your digestive system, promotes your immunity system and boosts your stamina by regular consumption.

ProtineX Original can be the best supplement to health drink to recover quickly from your illness. It contains zero Trans-fat and helps your muscles, tissues, and organs in repair and growth.

Moreover, if you are trying to maintain your cardiovascular health with a developed and active metabolism, then this health drink is the perfect solution for you. The ProtineX health supplement comes in five flavors which are Tasty Chocolate, Original, Kesar & Badam, Mango, and Vanilla.

It is basically nothing but a balanced and formulated combination of protein, iron, calcium and vitamin A, B, C, D & E that provides all the essential nutrients in your body. It is recommended to take 1 or 2 glasses of this health supplement drink daily according to your dietary requirement.

Now how to use this supplement for a better result? You just need to take a glass of cold or lukewarm milk (200ml) and add 2-3 tablespoon of ProtineX powder in it and start stirring well. You can add sugar if you want to make the drink tastes better for you.

This low-fat health drink comes with many other facilities also. It can maintain your gut health properly and also reduces the chances of diarrhea. ProtineX Original is the only health supplement drink that is enriched with hydrolyzed protein.

This ProtineX Original comes with high nutritional value along with milk and soy protein that can be the ideal supplement on your weight loss activities. It contains 32g of protein per 100g of ProtineX Original.

Let us check all the pros and cons of this health care supplement product before buying it.


  • A health supplement with 50% hydrolyzed proteins
  • Comes in many delicious flavors
  • A health-drink that is enriched with great nutritional value
  • An easy to available product
  • An affordable supplement pack for all


  • It contains sugar which is bad for health
  • It can increase your weight if you intake beyond your body requirements


2. ProtineX Lite Review

Protinex Lite Review

It is very difficult to maintain our health in our fast-paced lifestyle. Are you looking for the best health drink supplement to maintain it properly? If yes, then ProtineX Lite can be the best option for you to try.

This high protein health care supplement is specially built and formulated to support an active lifestyle and weight management for its users. It is enriched with several nutritional benefits. There are lots of healthy ingredients that can boost your overall health condition which are protein (for muscle health), Dietary fiber (for better digestion system), folic acid (to recover from tiredness), Vitamin A, E & C (that promotes immunity) and Vitamin B (for better metabolism).

This formulated supplement is backed with Acti-Pro5 science that can offer high nutrition with low GI (Glycaemic Index), zero added sugar and low fat to promote your muscle growth. The ProtineX Lite is loaded with dietary fiber that helps you to manage your weight-loss activities and boost up your resistance to fight with hunger pangs for a long time.

ProtineX Lite is enriched with all the essential nutrients and electrolytes to fight with fatigue and keep you revitalized for a longer time. It is recommended to consume this high protein supplement just 1 serving in a day at breakfast or any other preferable time to get the best result out of it.

Well, how do you consume it? You just need to take 200ml of lukewarm or cold milk in a glass and take 2-3 tablespoon of ProtineX Lite to stir it well before drinking it. You can also have it with curd, porridge, and milk-cornflakes to make it more delicious.

This 100% vegetarian product comes in only one flavor that is Vanilla.

Let us now take a quick look at all the pros and cons of this protein pack supplement before using it.


  • 100% vegetarian product
  • No added sugar
  • Contain 30g protein in per 100g serving
  • Backed with many nutritional benefits
  • Easy to available


  • Only one vanilla flavor
  • Taste is not good


3. ProtineX Junior Review

Protinex Junior review

Are you searching for the perfect protein health drink supplement for your child’s diet? If yes, then ProtineX Junior can be your one-stop solution that can make your children healthy and strong from inside. It is loaded with all the essential vital nutrients that children need to have a strong immunity system, healthier body growth. It can keep your children active mentally and physically.

This protein supplement is also an ideal product for the brain development of your child. It is available in 2 different delicious flavors which are vanilla and chocolate that can be the favorite one for your kids to drink.

Now, what are the ingredients of this protein supplement for children? ProtineX Junior is a combined product of Whey, milk and Soy protein. It also contains 37 essential nutrients along with Iron, DHA, Iodine for brain health development, ZINC for better immunity system, minerals & all other vital nutrients for overall health development. It is loaded with energy that keeps your children active for long.

It is a 100% vegetarian product and is recommended to intake 2 glasses of protineX Junior regularly (1 is breakfast and other in the bedtime) to have the best result out of it. You just need to stir 4-5 spoons of ProtineX Junior powder (nearly 45g) in 200ml of lukewarm milk to drink it. If needed, you can add some little sugar in it to make it taste better for children.

This high protein supplement drink for children contains 18g of protein per 100g powder (8.1g in per 45g serving). It also has 50mg DHA, 10mg Iron, 70 mcg Iodine, 1mg Vit-B2 and more useful nutrients per 100g powder.

Check below all the pros and cons of this product before buying it.


  • Specially designed for children’s overall growth
  • Loaded with 37 essential nutrients
  • Contain DHA, Iodine, and Iron for brain development
  • Backed with calcium and ZINC for bone health and immunity
  • An easily available product


  • Comes only in two flavors
  • Contain sugar


4. ProtineX Mama Review

Protinex Mama Review

Mother’s body is the main source of nutrition for an unborn child and this is one of the most vital facts to choose the perfect health supplement powder to consume during your pregnancy. Are you searching for the best one? If yes, ProtineX Mama can be an excellent choice for you to drink.

All the moms-to-be women need a higher quantity of protein than usual during her pregnancy. ProtineX Mama is a high protein supplement that is loaded with Soy and milk protein that is specially designed to take care of all the nutritional needs of the mother as well as of the unborn child.

It is suggested to intake nearly 20g protein daily (5.4kg in total pregnancy period) through your entire pregnancy period to fulfill your protein gap. This protein-rich formulated supplement contains all the essential nutrients for the baby’s growth and development during your pregnancy.

It contains high protein (for baby’s development), Vitamins (for healthy bone & skin and tissue repair), Zinc (for strong immunity system), Iron, Folic acid and DHA (to support brain growth and birth weight development) and Magnesium (for body tissue repair). This is recommended to consume 3 glasses of ProtineX Mama regularly during your pregnancy period.

Now, how to use this protein supplement drink? You need to take 200ml cold or lukewarm milk and add 2-3 tablespoon of Mama ProtineX and stir it well to consume. You can add a little bit of sugar if needed to make it more delicious for you.

This 100% vegetarian protein powder contains 23 vital nutrients which are highly essential for pregnancy and lactation. It contains 32gm of protein in per 100gm of powder (8gm in per 25gm serving).

It also has 57.0gm carbohydrates, 30.5gm sugar, 1.5gm fat, 0.4mg cholesterol and more nutrients per 100gm powder. Take a quick look at all the pros and cons of this product below


  • Specially designed for pregnant women
  • Comes in Classic and Vanilla flavors
  • Loaded with high protein
  • Enriched with essential ingredients for mother and baby’s health
  • Ideal product to develop birth weight


  • Comes in only 2 flavors
  • Contains sugar & Carbs


5. ProtineX Bytes Review

ProtineX Bytes Review

Due to our busy life, working schedule and lifestyle we always fail to maintain the healthy food habit that gives us the required protein and other nutrition. So if you are looking for the perfect snacks or handy food that can meet your protein needs in daily life, then ProtineX Bytes are the ultimate option for you.

This is 100% vegetarian multigrain diskettes that are enriched with high protein and other 26 essential nutrients that help us to maintain protein needs. It comes in a vanilla flavor and contains zero Trans fat.

It is recommended to intake a maximum of 5 diskettes (25g) if you are an adult. If your children are above 4 years old, then you can allow them to consume 3 (15g) diskettes in a day. This product from ProtineX contains 32g protein per 100g product (8g per serving or 25g).

The diskettes are also loaded with other nutrients like Sucrose 19g, Carbohydrates 47g, Fat 10.2g, Cholesterol 4.2mg, and essential vitamins (in per 100g of product) that can provide us needed immunity support, metabolism support, bone health support, and energy.

5 bytes of these diskettes are equal to one serving of ProtineX powder. There is no fixed or suggested time to consume this product for users. You can take it anytime and anywhere whenever you feel hungry.

This high protein product comes in the form of a cookie that can be easily consumed on-the-go. Below check all the pros and cons of this high protein diskette before buying it.


  • Enriched with high protein
  • Immune with 26 vital nutrients
  • Contain 32g protein in per 100g powder
  • Made with top quality multigrain
  • 100% vegetarian product without any Trans fat


  • Comes in only one vanilla flavour
  • Taste is not good
  • Contain sugar and high amount of carbs

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