Indian Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Indian Diet Plan for Weight Loss

The diet plan for weight loss is one of the biggest concerns for most people who want to follow it. It also often becomes one of the priorities in their fitness regime. Weight loss requires quite an effort, discipline, patience and is not easy to pursue. Only people with a healthy lifestyle and the right … Read more

Probiotic Food

09 Probiotic Foods in India That Are Super Healthy

Probiotics are the live microorganisms that come with high health benefits when you consume them. They are bacteria that come with different types of advantages for the brain and body. They might improve digestive health, promotes heart health, and reduces depression. According to some evidence, probiotics might also enhance skin conditions. Consumption of probiotics from … Read more

Homemade Mass Gainer

A Recipe To Make A Quality Homemade Mass Gainer in India

According to various people, Mass Gainers only help to create muscles. But in reality, most of them ultimately end up getting fat. Building a muscle is a perfect combination of nutrition, supplementation, training, and recovery. But remember, mass gainers, are not ideal for every boy type. The primary focus of the mass gainers is to … Read more

Whey Isolate VS Whey Protein

Whey protein powder is the most popular option for the intake of supplemental protein that is readily available at the vitamin supply and the health food stores. Milk consists of two types of proteins which are casein and whey. The remaining liquid is obtained once you have processed the milk to make yogurt or cheese. … Read more

How to Make Natural Whey Protein Powder At Home

How to Make Natural Whey Protein Powder At Home?

Whey Protein is a side product created in the cheese-making procedure. When you make the cheese, the liquid you strain away from the curd is called whey protein. You can enhance the qualities of the whey protein by dehydrating it. After dehydrating whey, you will have pure protein. Once you grind it up and make … Read more

How To Identify Original Whey Protein

How To Identify Original Whey Protein

Most of the things that come with the best sales record are present in the black market. Protein supplements are not at all different from them. There are various situations where we have encountered duplicate or fake whey protein powders primarily sold through the underground market. You are more prone to buy a duplicate protein … Read more

Protinex vs Whey Protein

Protinex vs Whey Protein | Which One is for You

Protein is one of the most significant macronutrients for proper body functioning. An adult of 60 kg will not look much older who lives a sedentary lifestyle and should include 50 to 60 grams of protein daily. However, if the primary goal is to create enough muscle, then the protein requirement will enhance even more. … Read more

Indian Diet Plan for Weight Gain

Indian Diet Plan for Weight Gain

Maintenance of healthy weight of the body is quite challenging for most of us. Obesity is becoming one of the most concerning health issues all around the world these days. Thus most of us have shifted our attention to different weight loss diet alternatives. But there are other people also who are struggling hard to … Read more

When to Drink Whey Protein

When to Drink Whey Protein

Whey protein supplements are some of the best and most famous supplements on this planet. People who consume whey protein include different reasons for their intake, like building muscles, losing weight, or enhancing their overall wellness and health. However, most people wonder about the perfect time to consume them. Well, this article will guide you … Read more

2000 calorie indian diet

2000 Calorie Indian Diet for Weight Loss

Have you tried dieting, but that also did not work for you? You have not lost a single pound even with the consumption of green tea. Furthermore, are you having difficulties in sleeping and are losing your cools for no reason? If yes, then the cause for all this is nothing but an extreme diet. … Read more