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A Recipe To Make A Quality Homemade Mass Gainer in India 2023

According to various people, Mass Gainers only help to create muscles. But in reality, most of them ultimately end up getting fat. Building a muscle is a perfect combination of nutrition, supplementation, training, and recovery. But remember, mass gainers, are not ideal for every boy type. The primary focus of the mass gainers is to deliver large calories to those who include a low appetite or are difficult Weight Gainers. These mass gaining supplements will also be beneficial for that person who does not have enough time to consume well-balanced meals and meet the daily macronutrient requirements.


The Difficulties With the Commercial Mass Gainers in the market

Mass Gainers

Below are some difficulties that you might face after using a commercial mass gainer supplement for a long time.

  • The serving spoon of the commercial supplements is too high. It is almost 100 to 150 grams or 3 to 5 scoops. Hence, people have hardly any time to consume it. It, in turn, also cancels the primary purpose of the mass gainers.y
  • Most commercial mass gainers are composed of fillers which are the fast and cheap digesting carbohydrate sources. These carbohydrate sources are primary dextrose. Thus daily consumption of such high sugar daily might cause drowsiness and fatigue.
  • The commercial mass gainers are highly expensive, and the high standard mass gainers containing complex protein and carbohydrates are exceptionally overpriced.
  • The supplements do not contain enough protein.


Why Do We need Homemade Mass Gainers?

Homemade Mass Gainers

Many people ask us questions about why they need to use homemade mass gainers for their bodies. Well, not everybody will need a homemade mass gainer. If your body cannot increase the required protein content from your daily meal, you will need this mass gainer supplement. Mass gainers are an easy and simple method to improve your protein consumption. Now there are various reasons to consider using homemade mass gainers, which are:

  • Highly cheap than the other commercially available products in the market
  • Easiest methods to supplement the food
  • Improves the weight much faster
  • Do not include any chemicals and are much healthier
  • Assists in building the muscle faster

Thus, if you want to take advantage of the above benefits, there is good news for you. As in this write-up, we will share a simple and easy homemade recipe for making the best mass gainer.


Homemade Recipe of Mass Gainer

Homemade Recipe of Mass Gainer

To make the best quality homemade mass gainer supplement, you should follow the below instructions as it is.

  • Blend 50 grams of oats in a mixer grinder. Ensure that the oats get powdery and a fine texture
  • Blend 15 grams of almond in it
  • Now add two bananas and mix the total solution. There will be the consistency of a thick paste by now.
  • Add 15 grams or one tablespoon of peanut butter to the mixture.
  • Finally, add 700 ml of double-toned milk.
  • Optionally you can also add chocolate or cocoa powder to enhance its flavours.

The above mixture consists of 32 grams of protein, 122 grams of carbohydrates, 28 grams of fat, and 870 kcal of total calories.


End Thoughts

The above homemade mass gainer will be less expensive than the ones you buy from a renowned supplemental store. The commercial mass gainers also consist of almost double the calories as the homemade ones. The homemade mass gainers will not only offer you a good calorie amount but also offer you the most required macronutrients like calcium, manganese, copper, iron, magnesium, potassium, vitamin C, phosphorus, zinc, and selenium. So try this homemade supplement and gain some legit weight!f

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