How To Gain Weight Naturally? (10 Effective Tips)

While many people aspire to lose weight, there is also a part of the population that desires to gain weight. Honestly, both the tasks can be quite challenging.

If you have a similar concern or are underweight, you must also be constantly searching for effective ways of weight gain. To many, taking supplements does not seem like a healthy option, and rightly so.

Resorting to unhealthy steps to gain weight can have many side effects. However, by following a few simple and healthy steps, you can gain weight naturally with no fear of side effects. These tips seem to have worked for a lot of people in their weight gain journey. As a bonus, they will also help you adopt a healthier lifestyle. Let’s take you through them.


10 Easy Steps To Gain Weight Naturally

Here are some well-researched and effective tips that are easy to follow and can benefit you in your weight gain journey.

1. Get Quality Sleep

Quality Sleep

A night of good sleep is vital for you. Your body and your muscles feel relaxed during your sleep. Depriving yourself of good sleep may inhibit your muscle development.

It is during your sleep that a growth hormone is released, which helps in muscle building. Not getting enough sleep may have a negative effect on your growth hormone release. This, in turn, will affect your muscle building and hence result in the unhealthy loss of weight.

Hence, you should develop proper sleeping habits that will help you with weight gain.


2. Consume Higher Calories

Consume Higher Calories

One of the best ways to gain weight is to consume more calories than your body needs. By eating foods that are rich in calories, you can achieve the target.

You should consume food items like bananas, eggs, rice, dry fruits, cheese, dates, chicken, and milk if you wish to gain weight. High-calorie intake is a way to gain weight. Let your body have more calories than it burns.

However, you must note that it is not the same as overeating or munching on junk and unhealthy food. Eat healthy and high-calorie food items, but do not resort to eating unhealthy food as it can have a negative impact on your body and health.


3. Workout/ Choose Exercising

Workout Everyday

It is quite known to us that people work out to lose weight. You can similarly gain weight through work out. The calories we consume for weight gain can accumulate in the parts of body where we don’t want it. With a regular workout, those calories can go into muscle building. There are many exercises that you can try even at home, which will help you bulk up.

You could try going for push-ups. It is a very simple and easy exercise that will help you in muscle building. You must be aware of Squats. It is an exercise suited for lower-body toning and strengthening.  It is also a suitable exercise used in weight-gain workouts. You can try lunges at home, as it is another effective weight gaining exercise.

Go for the exercises that you enjoy doing. In addition to that, try to work out at least three times a week and be consistent with it.


4. Incorporate A Protein-Rich Diet Into Your Schedule

Protein Rich Diet

Adding protein to your diet can help you build muscle mass. Food rich in protein can aid weight gain and help you become healthy and fit. Incorporating protein-rich food items like eggs, fish, lentils, nuts, and dairy products in your diet can help you with weight gain.


5. Eat Eggs


This food item deserves a separate mention. Eggs are very healthy and recommended by all, including doctors. If you wish to gain weight, including eggs in your diet is a must. It helps in muscle building.

Along with weight gain, eggs can assure you of many health benefits. You can consume up to 3 eggs a day if you wish to. You can incorporate eggs into your breakfast or have them in the afternoon.


6. Avoid Drinking Water Right Before Meals

If you drink water right before your meals, it will make you feel full already. There will not be much room left for food in your stomach and you will eat less than you normally would. This will affect your calorie intake. Hence, it is best not to drink water just before the meals.


7. Use Bigger Plates While Eating Meals

We usually tend to eat less food than we should if we use smaller plates. Since the idea is to consume more calories, you should switch to using a larger plate. This somehow increases your appetite for food.


8. Change Your Food Habits

You need to make sure that you are having at least three meals in a day. It is more about what you eat and how much you eat. Be more regular with your meals. It is even better to follow a fixed diet schedule.

Take carbs, proteins, and fats. To ensure that you are having enough of these, you should try including all three in all of your meals. Your meals must include a balanced diet. The right diet with the right amount of calories can work very well for your weight gain process.


9. Adopt Healthy Habits

You need to adopt healthy habits if you wish to gain weight. A positive outlook, loads of motivation, and dedication are essential for you to stay healthy and fit.

Quit smoking if you are in the habit of smoking. Avoid consuming alcohol. These habits can be detrimental to your health. Your body weight, as well as the efficient functioning of your body, can be affected due to these habits.

Let go of the habits that pull you down and are not good for you. Try to keep stress at bay. Keep away from things that affect your wellness- both mental and physical.


10. Additional Snack Time

Additional Snack Time

It would be best if you ate more than the three main meals a day. This will add to your calorie intake and help with weight gain.

Incorporate a few snack breaks into your daily schedule. You can eat healthy food items during those breaks.



Which fruits should I consume for weight gain?

Avocados, bananas, and mangoes are suitable fruits for weight gain. Dried fruits can also be great for weight gain. They all are rich in calories and nutrients. The carbs present in the fruits can contribute fats to the muscles. These fruits can help you in overall weight gain.


Can I gain weight in 10 days?

It is not that convenient to achieve a certain weight in a period of just ten days. To expect a drastic change in a few days would be a little impractical. However, with consistency, you can see great results in your body weight.

It takes time for food to add calories to your body. If you eat proper food in proper amounts and follow other recommended steps, you will see great results within less time.



Gaining weight can be a challenging process, especially when you try to resort to natural methods. But if you are dedicated and consistent, you will definitely reach there.

By following the simple and practical steps we have researched for you in the article, you can get closer to reaching your desired body weight. We want you to take the first step now.

Also, once you incorporate these changes in your lifestyle, let us know in the comments what the process was like for you and how well it works for you.

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