5 Ways To Avoid Bloating After Drinking Protein Shakes

Protein Shakes are popular amongst people who want to gain or lose weight. Protein is a vital nutrient required for building body mass. Protein shakes are good for health, but sometimes they may cause bloating.

Everything you need to know about the bloating caused by protein shakes have been mentioned in this article. We’ve mentioned the best ways in which you can avoid the bloating caused by protein shakes.


Protein Bloat:

Protein Bloat

Bloating is nothing but the gas that is caused as a consequence of digestion. When we intake certain foods or beverages that are complex to digest, the gas in our intestine can increase. An increased amount of gas in your digestive system can cause stomach pain and bloat.

It is necessary to clear the fact that protein does not cause intestinal gas. The other ingredients of the protein supplement present in the shake are the ones making you feel bloated.

Protein supplements that have whey protein or casein or hydrolyzed peanut protein also contain lactose. Consuming high amounts of lactose can cause bloating. Lactose consumption via protein shakes can also cause flatulence and belching (farts and burps).

Additives present in protein supplements like sweeteners or thickeners can also be the reason behind bloating in your tummy. Sources that are rich in protein can also form gas in your intestine.


5 Ways to Avoid Bloating Caused by Protein Shakes

Gym lovers and fitness freaks have always trusted their protein shake as their go-to partners. They are healthy and are perfect for a workout meal. These healthy drinks are packed with essential nutrients and can sometimes lead to bloating and stomach aches.

Let’s look at a few ways to avoid them!


1. Choose the Right Protein Supplement

Right Protein Supplement

Before you purchase any protein supplement for your protein shake, you must always check the label along with the ingredients or additives present in the shake. Carbohydrates called sugar alcohols present in the protein supplements cannot be completely digested by the body and cause gas.

If you find two or more of the following ingredients in your protein powder, you should skip the product.

  • Sorbitol
  • Mannitol
  • Xylitol
  • Maltitol
  • Lactitol
  • Erythritol
  • Isomalt


2. Right Amount of Fiber

The intake of protein shake might cause you bloating because you don’t eat enough fiber. You have to adjust the number of fiber and protein you intake to get the best benefits.

To adjust your fiber to protein ratios, you should not take one full serving of protein shake on the first day. Instead, you should start from low quantities and slowly rise to the standard one. This can help you in avoiding bloating and checking the correct amount of serving that suits you.


3. Check the Air

When we eat or drink, we swallow air. This air can also be the culprit behind your bloating if it gets accumulated in too much amount. We have mentioned a few things that may help prevent the air from getting inside your digestive system.

  • Make a super-smooth shake
  • Don’t gulp it immediately
  • Don’t use a straw


4. Correct Timing

Correct Timing

The time of the day when you drink your protein shake also matters. A protein shake is a workout meal. It should not be consumed as breakfast. So, it is best to avoid it early in the morning.

You may feel the need to drink a protein shake immediately after a workout. But, it should not be taken just after finishing your exercise. Protein Shakes or any post-workout meal must be consumed once the body comes to normal after some rest.


5. Watch Your Intake

Protein shakes play a crucial role in helping your muscles recover from post-exercise. We advise you to stick to the serving size, especially when you are a beginner. Your stomach will slowly adjust to digesting protein.

If you try to bulk more by intaking more portions than mentioned, it can become hard for your body to digest it. This may lead to stomach cramps and bloating.

You must also regulate the number of calories you intake. It is necessary to know how many calories you should intake to gain weight and what part of that calorie must come from protein.

Note: Protein Shakes are healthy beverages for people who want to gain weight but they are not replacements for meals. They can fulfill your protein needs but a large portion of your daily protein requirement must come from the food you eat.



Your body gets rid of bloating by passing gas either by flatulence or belching. Bloating should not be neglected as it can lead to severe problems in the long run. If you follow the ways mentioned above, you may rarely experience bloating due to protein shakes!

If you have any further queries related to protein shakes or bloating, please do share them with us in the comment section.

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