Biotin vs Collagen: Which One is Better for Your Hair?

Biotin and Collagen are two of the most talked-about healthcare supplements. They help in maintaining beauty and promote hair growth. Both collagen and biotin are talked about simultaneously. Little do we know that they are very different from one another. Also, they are used to fulfill distinct health goals.

Collagen is a protein. Biotin is a vitamin. The sources of collagen and biotin are distinct. They both help in strengthening hair, skin, and nails.

The health and beauty of your hair are not only affected by the products you use. Your health is also affected by the food and supplements you eat. Through this article, we’ll journey into the world of biotin and collagen and discuss their benefits. We’ll also let you know which of the two is better for you and why!


What is Biotin?


Biotin is known by many names. It is a B-complex vitamin. The other names used for biotin are coenzyme R, Vitamin H, Vitamin B7, or B8. It regulates blood sugar levels, promotes cell growth, and enhances metabolism.

Essential Vitamin

Biotin also helps in processing fats, carbohydrates, and proteins into energy. It is beneficial for pregnant women and breastfeeding women. A balanced diet can provide you with all the biotin you need.

Improves Hair and Nails

Its common food sources are eggs, nuts, grains, fish, and milk. Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin. This implies that excess biotin dissolves in water and gets out of your body through urine.

Biotin deficiency can be rarely seen in people. But if you are suffering from weak nails and hair loss, it might be because of the lack of biotin.


What is Collagen?


Collagen originates from a Greek word meaning glue. As we grow older, the amount of collagen in our bodies decreases. This can prove to be detrimental to health. Eating excessive quantities of refined sugar, smoking, or sunburn can reduce the content of collagen in your body.

Fibrous Protein

Collagen is a fibrous protein that is present in almost all parts of the human body. In other words, it is one of the most abundant proteins present in our body. People with the right amount of collagen have healthy skin and thicker hair.

Reduces Pain

Collagen is responsible for reducing joint pains, healing wounds, and building muscle mass. Collagen content in the body decreases with age. It is beneficial for people in their 40s to consume collagen in adequate amounts for the future.

Water Insoluble

Collagen does not dissolve in water. The body absorbs collagen to get the benefits from it. However, collagen is present in processed form in chewable tablets or capsules that can be swallowed with water.

If you cook foods containing collagen, the protein converts into gelatin. Gelatin may promote hair and nail growth, but excess amounts of gelatin can cause bloating and belching. The amino acids present in collagen are lysine, glutamic acid, and proline that produce new proteins.


What is the difference between Biotin and Collagen?

Biotin vs Collagen

Biotin and Collagen have become immensely popular in the past few years due to their benefits. But, people still aren’t fully aware of the benefits and differences between the two. In this section, we’ll throw some light on the differences between biotin and collagen.

1. Vegan or Not?

Most of the biotin supplements present in the market are vegan. However, very few vegan products for collagen are available. Vegans should stay clear of collagen if they do not want to break the integrity of their diet.

2. Friends with Water?

As discussed earlier, biotin is water-soluble. This means that it is easier to digest biotin. On the other hand, collagen is insoluble in water. It takes longer to digest collagen, especially in cooked form.

3. Different Functions

While biotin helps to produce cells and tissues and heals wounds, collagen is present in the connective tissues. Collagen heals joint pains and improves bone and muscle health.


Biotin or Collagen Which one is better for your hair?

If you want to strengthen your hair from the roots to the strands, both biotin and collagen are effective. However, the research on biotin and hair growth is limited. It contains the nutrients for your hair growth but little evidence is available to trust it completely.

The vitamins in biotin help in controlling hair loss and prevent hair damage. They also make your hair stronger and thicker. Not only this, but the biotin is good for hair growth.

The protein collagen helps in the nourishment of hair. The protein in the hair is called keratin. The better the level of collagen in your diet, the higher is the keratin in your hair.

Collagen thickens your hair and makes it smooth and silky. It also makes the scalp stronger by improving the uppermost layer of the skin. The antioxidants present in collagen also help in fighting the bacteria that may cause infection.

Now that we know the benefits of both, it is tough to give a final verdict because both biotin and collagen are very helpful for your hair. However, collagen focuses more on joints and muscles, if combined with biotin it can give you the perfect quantity of nutrition you need for your hair.

How to add biotin and collagen to your diet?

It can be a bit difficult to find out the level of biotin and collagen in your body. There is no scientific method or measurement to measure the biotin and collagen content. This makes it difficult to understand the biotin and collagen needs of your body.

If you ever feel that you are eating too much junk food, your hair is thin and weak, or your nails are brittle, it can be a warning sign from your body about the deficiency of collagen and biotin. Having skin rashes is also a red flag.


Sources of Biotin

The best sources of biotin are dairy products. Milk, cheese, cottage cheese, and many other dairy products are full of biotin. Fruits like bananas, avocados, and vegetables like cauliflowers, spinach, and sweet potatoes are good foods that can provide us with loads of biotin.

Another good source is edible mushrooms. For non-vegetarians, fishes like salmon and sardines are great sources. Other biotin-rich foods are nuts, seeds, and yeast.


Sources of Collagen:

For vegetarians, the best sources can be fruits containing vitamin C like oranges, and vegetables like bell peppers, carrots, and tomatoes. Nuts, legumes, garlic, berries, cheese, and soy products are also some good options for a collagen-rich diet.

For non-vegetarians, red meats, lean meats, bone broth, and shellfish are the best sources of collagen.

Can I take biotin and collagen together?

Biotin and collagen promote healthy hair and skin. They also help in maintaining the overall health of the body. Since one is a vitamin and the other is a protein it is normal to take them together simultaneously.

It can be beneficial for some people to take biotin and collagen one after the other. No side effects have been observed for taking biotin and collagen supplements together. However, a doctor’s advice is a must to ingest both together.

If you want to intake both biotin and collagen at the same time, the best source is eggs, egg yolks contain biotin and egg whites contain collagen.

Tip: Several companies market skin and hair products labeling them with biotin and collagen. It is important to know that biotin and collagen are very large molecules and the hair follicles cannot absorb them directly.


The amount of money we spend on ourselves to maintain our body has been increasing day by day due to the unhealthy lifestyle as well as the polluted environment. It is vital to add food products that help our body to stay fit and healthy.

Supplements have become a great part of our life because the diet we eat does not provide us with the right amount of nutrients. Our body needs much more than we imagine and supplements can give us what food cannot.

The addition of biotin and collagen in your diet depends on your beauty goals. Biotin and collagen are recommended to people who want healthier and shinier hair. If taken in the required amount, they can prove to be the dream team for you.

We hope that your queries related to biotin and collagen were resolved with us. If you have any more queries, you can ask us in the comment section below.

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