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10 Best Saffron in India 2022 from Best Brands

Saffron is the most immensely useful spice found in the Indian kitchen. With many useful and essential benefits for the human body, the spice is totally worth the investment.

The use of saffron is not just limited to getting glowing and younger skin but its use also ensures many health benefits like improved digestion, sound sleep, etc. Therefore, making a keen choice is very essential.

However, choosing a suitable saffron name amongst the many available options can be confusing, especially because of the higher price. we, therefore, have researched and combined the list of some of the best saffron in India 2022 that can offer you excellent value for your invested money.


10 Best Saffron in India 2022

Shalimar Brand Saffron Certified Grade A1 Premium Organic Kashmir Saffron Kesar:

Shalimar Brand Saffron Certified Grade A1 Premium Organic Kashmir Saffron Kesar:

Amongst the many saffron names available in the market, Shalimar stands out as the best one. With all its unaltered, natural, unique, and dark red-hued strings, this saffron is the best Kashmiri Kesar found in India 2022 .

Its extravagant bundle providing a haul quality outcome is what makes it even better from the rest. The shading and the fragrance of this saffron are pretty amazing and can enhance the flavour of any dish.

It comes packed in an airtight jar and resealable bags that can preserve all its essential properties for the maximum time. The quality of Shalimar saffron is tested at various stages and is found to be grade A++ in its quality, flavour, and colour.

Thanks to its high-quality, this saffron can be trusted for delivering numerous skin and health benefits to both men and women. To keep this saffron long-lasting, keep it protected in a cool and dry place. It should be soaked for 30-minutes before adding to any dish.

Highlighted Features:

  • Suitable for both men and women including pregnant women
  • Unaltered and unique strands; free from contaminations
  • Available in resealable bags for lasting use
  • Grade A++ quality, colour, and flavour
  • Amazing flavour and shading for improving the taste of the food


UPAKARMA Pure, Natural, and Finest A++ Grade Kashmiri Kesar/Saffron:

UPAKARMA Pure, Natural, and Finest A++ Grade Kashmiri Kesar/Saffron

UPAKARMA brings pure and natural saffron straight from Kashmir. This finest saffron is hand-harvested and thus can be trusted for its quality.

This saffron is way more effective and excellent than the others with its average colour reading of 250 units. UPAKARMA has also won 3 golden star awards for their quality and standards. It is one trusted name amongst the users looking for healthy and pure Kesar.

Moreover, to ensure that all its users get their best benefits, it is kept free from all the contaminations, preservatives, and artificial flavours/colours. It is a natural, non-GMO, and vegan product that simply enhances the flavour and taste of the dish to which it is added.

Lastly, this saffron can be trusted to control the mood swings and depression in its users along with offering skin and health benefits.

Highlighted Features:

  • Hand-harvested finest saffron from Kashmir
  • 250 colour reading with 3 golden star quality awards
  • Free from contaminations, gluten, preservatives, etc.
  • Store in a cool and dry place for long-lasting preservation


Keynote Kashmir Saffron:

Keynote Kashmir Saffron:

If you are looking for 100% pure and natural saffron straight from Kashmir, then this Keynote Kashmir Saffron won’t disappoint you. The major attraction of the quality of this saffron is its similarity. It is harvested and planted as a whole and in a single origin to get uniform quality throughout.

The product is tried and tested in the European market and has impressed its users there. It is also certified by the NABL laboratory for its quality, shading, colour, and taste which is the best amongst all.

It is kept free from any contaminations, added colours, preservatives, or impurities. It is vacuum-packed and comes in an air-tight glass bottle to ensure its lasting use. Because of its vacuum-packing, it is easy to use and a little of Keynote Kashmir Saffron can go a long way.

Highlighted Features:

  • Natural and pure without any preservatives
  • Certified by NABL laboratory for its quality
  • Easy to use; thanks to the vacuum-packing
  • Tried and tested in the European market as well


Lion Saffron, Original Kashmir Lacha Saffron (Certified Grade A):

Lion Saffron, Original Kashmir Lacha Saffron (Certified Grade A):

This certified A grade saffron is one reliable choice of most of the users. It has its wide uses for cooking biryani, beauty, and improved health.

This Kashmir Lacha is known to have a perfect combination of 80% red stigma and 20% orange style. This ensures that it contains an amazing flavour and fragrance that can enhance the taste of the dish as well. It can easily be recognized with its deep red strands with yellow/orange tails.

Thanks to its affordability, it can be used by people on regular basis. It can be easily added to as many dishes as the user wants. Apart from cooking, it can be used for several skin treatments delivering the best benefits for glowing and healthy skin.

It is available in a resealable and travel-friendly packing to ensure its long-lasting use. The vacuum-packing keeps the saffron safe from direct exposure to sunlight that can harm the quality. Also, this natural and pure saffron is free from all possible contaminations and added flavours/colours.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes with a great fragrance
  • Affordable price; suitable for regular use
  • Suitable for skin treatments and benefits
  • Comes in a resealable travel-friendly packing


The Gathering of Saffron Spanish Imported Pure Kesar:

The Gathering of Saffron Spanish Imported Pure Kesar:

With its untouched quality, this saffron is the best choice for the pooja, wedding ceremony, and a symbol of good wishes. To ensure its standards and quality, it is certified with a European analysis certificate, kosher certification and Fssai approved with ISO standards.

It is 100% natural and pure saffron without any addition of contamination, added flavours, or colour. It is imported straight with its original packing and thus contains less moisture and the strongest taste, smell, and colour.

It is extremely rich in its nutritional value with all the vitamins and minerals. As a result, it can be trusted for medical uses and for getting skin and hair benefits. Its addition enhances the taste and aroma of the dishes. Lastly, it comes with a shelf life of 5-years without any degradation in the quality and benefits.

Highlighted Features:

  • Certified quality with various tests and Fssai approval
  • 100% pure with no added flavours and colours
  • Imported in original packing with best smell, taste, and colour
  • Contains no moisture; thus, can last for a maximum (5-years)


Everest Saffron:


Everest SaffronEverest is a well-known name in the market for delivering quality spices to the people. Maintaining the same charm, the Everest saffron is counted as one of the best saffron in India 2022 .

Thanks to its pureness, this saffron makes a reliable and trusted choice for all special occasions. Moreover, the users also use this product as an addition to special dishes and sweets to enhance their flavours and taste.

The main reason for the popularity of this product is that it is free from all added flavours, colours, or harmful contaminations. when stored in a cool and dry place, it can last for the maximum time without any compromises in its quality.

The strands are deep red with yellow/orange tails which represents its uncompromised quality. With this product, you can sure of getting the highest level of flavours, taste, and smell.

Highlighted Features:

  • Natural and pure saffron
  • Best quality for cooking and special occasions
  • Free from added colours, flavours, and contaminations
  • Offers the highest level of smell, colour, and taste


VedaPure Natural Premium A++ Grade Kashmiri Saffron:

VedaPure Natural Premium A++ Grade Kashmiri Saffron:

The VedaPure Natural Premium A++ Grade Kashmiri Saffron stands for quality, integrity, and hygiene. The brand is known for delivering the best quality saffron for the past 5-generations and thus ensures to give nothing but the best.

The product is a common choice of many Ayurveda and herbal practitioner. It is free from all the preservatives, added colours, and flavours. Moreover, to maintain its quality, it is grown under suitable climatic conditions and soils in Herat province.

The users can be sure of getting the maximum shelf life with this product as it is harvested and dried naturally using a hand process. It is closely tested before packing so that only the finest quality saffron strands are included.

With its unmatched quality and premium flavour, it is quite ideal for using to get maximum skin and health benefits.

Highlighted Features:

  • An ideal choice of Ayurveda and herbal practitioner
  • Naturally grown saffron with suitable climatic conditions
  • Maximum shelf life with natural harvesting and drying process
  • Closely tested 3-times for finest quality strands


Omna Organics Saffron, Mogra Kesar:

Omna Organics Saffron, Mogra Kesar:

There can be no better Kesar than the organic saffron and Omna organics saffron brings you simply the best organic saffron for use. This organic saffron makes an ideal product for pregnant women, for cooking, and for various medical and beauty treatments. This saffron can be relied on to get many amazing benefits for glowing and younger-looking skin.

The product is grown organically under favourable climatic conditions and suitable soil. Later, it is harvested with hands to maintain its quality. Thanks to its high-level fragrance and flavours, it is used for adding aroma to the various dishes.

As the product is gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan, and free from all the preservatives and harmful chemicals, it can be used by anyone without any worries. All red threads of this saffron make it better than any other saffron.

Highlighted Features:

  • Suitable for cooking, medical use, skin benefits, and pregnant women
  • Organically grown and harvested with hands
  • Offers a strong fragrance; adds aroma to the dishes
  • Non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan; free from preservatives and artificial colours


Baby 100% Pure World’s Finest Saffron (Kesar):

Baby 100% Pure World's Finest Saffron (Kesar)

Baby saffron comes at an affordable price and promises the finest and high-quality saffron strands. It is hygienically packed and thus assures perfect and unmatched goodness without any compromises.

This product offers the perfect combination of aroma and taste that can instantly enhance the flavour and look of any dish. This all-natural and pure saffron is incomparable with any other saffron from any brand.

It is quite easy-to-use as it comes in a secure vacuum packing. The users just have to add it to the dish after soaking it in water for 20-30 minutes. Since it is free from all preservatives, it makes the dish delicious.

Besides offering its amazing benefits in cooking, it can also be used to improve the skin texture, glow, and quality. Its consumption adds a radiant charm to the face and also makes it younger-looking.

Highlighted Features:

  • Hygienic packing to maintain the quality
  • Can be trusted for younger-looking skin and cooking
  • Balanced aroma and taste for enhancing the dish
  • Natural and finest quality strands; free from preservatives and artificial colouring


Surkh Saffron Untouched Grade 1 Saffron:

Surkh Saffron Untouched Grade 1 Saffron:

Last but not least; we have Surkh Saffron Untouched Grade 1 Saffron in the list of the best saffron in India 2022 . The saffron is tested for its quality and is found to be all suitable with the taste, smell, and aroma.

With its richness in taste, smell, and flavours, it makes a suitable ingredient for enhancing the taste of various dishes. The long untouched strands of this saffron bring out the best colour and aroma of the dish.

Along with this, the Surkh saffron makes a reliable name for delivering immense skin and health benefits. Its consumption improves the digestion, immunity, and memory power of the users. Its use improves skin texture, glow, and quality by reducing blemishes and dark spots.

To get its best results, it is suggested to soak some strands in milk or warm water for 30-minutes before use.

Highlighted Features:

  • Tested and certified product for quality assurance
  • Suitable to be used as an additional food ingredient
  • Offers skin and health benefits
  • Airtight packing with a shelf life of 24-months


Benefits of saffron powder:

Saffron is one of the most expensive spices in the world. The main reasons for its hefty price are not only its labour-oriented harvesting method but also the various benefits it has. Here are some of the most common benefits of saffron powder:

  1. Saffron is rich in many plant compounds that work as an antioxidant to protect the body cells from free radicals and stress
  2. Saffron is also known as a sunshine spice as it can help in brightening your mood by overcoming depression
  3. It is rich in cancer-fighting properties reducing the risk
  4. It can reduce PMS symptoms
  5. It can be trusted to reduce appetite and enhance weight loss
  6. It can also reduce the risks of heart diseases and keep the blood sugar levels in control
  7. Its consumption can improve eyesight and memory in adults


Where we can use saffron?

Saffron has numerous uses that ensure a lot of health benefits to the users. While you should avoid putting saffron directly to your dish; crushing, soaking, and powdering the saffron is the best way to bring its deep flavours to the dish.

Saffron is used in making many medicines that can bring effective and immediate relief against many health issues. Topping the list of benefits, saffron is a great remedy for asthma patients. Its regular consumption can reduce the risks of the problem.

This beneficial spice can also be used to treat cough and cold. Simply mix some strands of saffron in hot milk and drink in the morning and before going to bed. You will witness some great results within no time.

Besides, many people prefer using saffron in the dishes they cook, like paella and bouillabaisse, to get its numerous benefits. Make sure to soak saffron in warm water before adding it to your dish.


Overall Best Saffron:

When using the right saffron, it is a zest of different examinations that ensures excellent outcomes.

Amongst the many available saffron brand names, we would suggest buying the Shalimar Brand Saffron Certified Grade A1 Premium Organic Kashmir Saffron Kesar. This untouched and unaltered saffron has got all the qualities that help it to stand distinguished from the others. Its strong yet soothing aroma and taste also give it a unique place amongst the users.

Let us know if you have any other product recommendations in mind. You can also comment below all your doubts and concerns with the selection of the best saffron in India 2022 .

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