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Best Fitness Band in India 2022

With changing lifestyle and food habits, maintaining a healthy diet has become one of the most tedious tasks. That is when a schedule of the solid workout comes into play. But the most important question is how to keep track of fitness? The answer to this question is the fitness bands. Fitness bands make the workout simpler with accurate statistics and related data. In this article, we are going to discuss the review and buying guide for some of the best fitness bands in India 2022 .

Here’s we have prepared a list of best fitness trackers available in India 2022 and also recommended by fitness freak for daily activity and workout.

Best Fitness Band in India 2022

We have selected the top 10 fitness bands that are popular in India 2022 based on their gear type, features, Required OS and performance. They are:

Fitbit Charge 4 Fitness Activity Tracker

Fitbit Charge 4 Fitness Activity Tracker

Tracking your fitness level has always been a good practice to check your health condition regularly. Are you planning to join the club with proper equipment? If yes, then Fitbit Charge 4 Fitness Activity Tracker can be the best choice for you to measure your heart rate, calorie burn level and more valuable information about your health.

The compact and sleek design of Fitbit Charge 4 fitness band makes it super attractive, It comes with a swim-proof and touch-screen facility that makes it the best all-around activity tracker among all. The product is backed with prolonged 7 days battery life even with daily use for workout.

Moreover, this fashion-full aluminum brushed Fitbit band is technically designed with a bigger display plate that makes checking a lot easier for its users. You can also track your swimming pool workout through this device due to its water-resistant facility.

Now, what are the technical advantages of Fitbit Charge 4? The Fitbit model is crafted with a SpO2 sensor that can measure your blood oxygenation level and alert about your breathing disturbances during sleep. This lightweight fitness tracking product looks very impressive in the wrist of both men and women.

You can easily stay connected with your mobile phone through this fitness device and have your calls, messages, notifications, and alerts. This is the most durable Fitbit model that can help you with Fitbit Coach to improve your workout and health properly.

By its connected-GPS, you can easily track your running or walking route with this tiny device. Let us take a quick look at the best features of Fitbit Charge 4.

Important Features: 

  • Lightweight and stylish fitness tracker
  • 24/7 heart rate tracking ability
  • Crafted with 15+ exercise modes
  • Auto record and analyze your sleep time
  • Stay connected with your phone
  • Auto exercise recognizes the facility
  • Measure your calorie burn level effectively

Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro Smart Band

Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro Smart Band

It is always better to workout with proper information about your heart rate, calorie burn rate and other factors like this. So it will be better if you find such a device that can continuously show your health track records like a workout partner.

If you are searching for such helpful devices, then Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro Smart Fitness Band can be the ideal option for you to try. This highly effective device is a lightweight (31.8 g) fitness band model that works with both Android and iOS.

This swimming-proof advanced Fitbit band has a punchy display screen that comes with an auto activity detection technology. This facility can detect your actual activity whether you are running, playing football or dancing.

Next, what are the advantages of this product? With a 1.5 inch (AMOLED) display size and 216 x 432 screen resolution, this model has a built-in GPS that can track your walking or running route and show you accurate records of timing to improve your speed. You can easily track your other sports records like swimming, hiking, running and more.

This highly effective fitness band from SAMSUNG is infused with multiple useful sensors like Heart Rate Sensor, Barometer, Accelerometer and Gyro Sensor to measure our daily activities with the actual figure. These unisex digital fitness measuring bands are made up of top quality Silicone materials and come with wireless charging facility.

You can use this digital band to take phone calls and texts. It also backed with 4GB music storing space to download your favorite songs and music for your workout.

Let us check all the facilities of this product quickly.

Important Features: 

  • Come with great design and looks
  • A swim-friendly product
  • Curved AMOLED display facility
  • Infused with Tizen OS
  • Support both Android and iOS
  • In-built GPS tracking facility
  • Backed with auto activity detection technology

Fitbit Charge 2 Wireless Fitness Tracker

Fitbit Charge 2 Wireless Fitness Tracker

Are you looking for a perfect device to measure your heartbeat, pulse rate, calorie burn level and more like this during your workout time? If yes, then you can try Fitbit Charge 2 Wireless Activity Tracker as the perfect workout partner for you. Sometimes it is the most important matter to follow the health data of the measuring device to follow a doctor or trainer instruction.

This smart wristband is powerfully backed with a lithium-polymer battery that supports the device for long 5 days even after continuous use. The device can easily track your heart rate and calorie burning rate for all day that can help you to adjust your workout and diet.

Well, what are the technical advantages of this product? This multi-sport tracking band is technically backed with a smart auto-exercise recognition system that can measure your breathing and cardio fitness. It comes with a large OLED screen along with a tap display facility. You can use it to take your phone calls, texts, informative alerts and more.

This Fitbit Charge 2 is a unisex model that is made with stainless steel material. The model is compatible with Android & iOS and is suitable for iPhone 4S, iPad 3 Generation, Android 4.3, Windows 10, Mac OS and all the above devices.

This digital fitness band can be connected through WiFi and Bluetooth 4 version. You can enjoy other facilities also with this device like auto sleep tracking, smart-track for a healthy lifestyle, all-day activity and more.

Let us take a quick look at all the highlighted facilities and features of this Fitbit model before buying it.

Important Features:    

  • A stylish band with multiple features
  • Engineered with SmartTrack Auto Exercise Recognition system
  • Big size OLED tap display screen
  • 24/7 heart rate tracking facility
  • Backed with a powerful lithium-polymer battery
  • 5-days non-stop battery backup
  • Advanced breathing sessions (based on real-time heart-rate)

Fitbit Inspire HR Health and Fitness Tracker

Fitbit Inspire HR Health and Fitness Tracker

Are you planning to buy a perfect digital fitness measuring device for your daily workout? If yes, then you can try Fitbit Inspire HR Health and Fitness Tracker that is technically advanced with multiple features and facilities to help you in tracking your overall health condition all day. It can also display your calorie burn rate, pulse rate and other useful information that can help you to increase or decrease your workout schedule accordingly.

With a sleep tracking facility, this Fitbit Inspire HR band can track your sleep timing automatically and use mild alarms as a bedtime reminder for you. This model is equipped with a SmartTrack record system that is specially designed to recognize and record your workout information like running, swimming, biking and more.

This Fitbit model is backed with a powerful battery that can support the device for up to five days even in regular use. You can check your real-time distance and pace of running, jogging or walking with this smart wristband.

This model is specially designed to guide you with proper breathing sessions based on the heart rate. Its easy-to-use dashboard always assists you to track your every activity smoothly and can also motivate you for harder workout day by day.

This Fitbit Inspire HR can be used to check food calories through its Food Logging option on the Fitbit app. It can also assist you to reach your goal with a proper diet.

All the other essential features like stopwatch, timer, sleep tracking records and more are infused with this smart fitness device. Let us check all the helpful features.

Important Features: 

  • 24×7 heart rate tracking facility
  • Water-resistant fitness band
  • Comes with prolonged battery life
  • Clear LED display
  • All-day activity tracking ability
  • Sleep tracking facility
  • Backed with backlit OLED display

HONOR Band 5 Activity Tracker

HONOR Band 5 Activity Tracker

Are you looking for a Fitbit fitness tracker device with a larger display and multiple facilities? If yes, then HONOR Band 5 Activity Tracker can be the best option for you to use. The model is crafted with 2.41 cms AMOLED display that makes your fitness observing job easier and effective for you.

This HONOR Band 5 fitness band is infused with Watch Face Store that contains different watch faces that can be used according to your style or setting. Its 24×7 heart rate monitoring facility with TruSeen 3.0 technology allows you to monitor your heart rate consistently even at night.

This HONOR Band 5 is specially featured with HUAWEI TruSleep technology that helps you to measure, analyze, and monitor your breathing and sleeping heart rate. It has 10 fitness models composed inside that can improve running, walking and enhance your workout ability.

This fitness measuring device is engineered with a powerful Lithium-Ion battery that supports the machine to run for up to 14 days even with constant use. That fit band comes with a built-in six-axis sensor that can recognize all four types of swim stroke-like breaststroke, freestyle, backstroke, and butterfly.

The HONOR Band 5 can be easily connected through wireless and Bluetooth with computers, tablets, laptops and more. It comes in a compact package that contains 1 unit of smart band, charging cable with dock, a quick start guide, safety information book and warranty card inside the box.

Let us take a quick look at the helpful features of HONOR Band 5 fitness band.

Important Features: 

  • An effective smart band with AMOLED display
  • 4.3 x 1.7 x 1.2 cm dimensioned product wristband
  • TruSleep technology for sleep monitoring
  • Oxygen saturation level track facility with SpO2 Monitor
  • Prolonged battery life (non-stop 14 days)
  • 24X7 real-time heart rate monitoring facility
  • Comes with attractive design and color

Garmin Vivofit 4 Fitness Tracking Tracker

Garmin Vivofit 4 Fitness Tracking Tracker

Monitoring your health condition is the most vital part while you are doing the workout. Are you searching for the proper equipment to measure your heart rate, pulse or regular calorie burn level? If yes, then you can choose Garmin Vívofit 4 Fitness Tracking Tracker to check all of your daily fitness activities in a single smart device.

This Garmin Vívofit 4 fitness band comes with attractive color display and prolonged battery life (1-year). The device is technically featured with multiple advanced technologies that make your fitness checking job simple and easier to check.

The fitness device has a customizable color display option and it doesn’t need any charging time to run it. It is a 100% water-resistant product that suits your swimming activities to measure.

Now, what are the measuring facilities of this product? This fitness band can measure your heart rate along with walking steps, running steps, covered distance while running or walking, calorie burn rate and more information related to your health. It also backed with a sleep tracking facility that can help you to have a proper sleeping session to suit your body perfectly.

The fit-band model from Garmin Vívofit is composed of the Garmin Connect system that detects all of your fitness activities like running, walking or swimming automatically and display results accordingly. With 88 x 88 pixels resolution display, this device can store your activity data for up to 1 month in its memory.

The color display screen of this model always remains turned on which makes it easy to read for its users even in direct sunlight. Let us take a look at the useful features of this model quickly.

Important Features:

  • Backed with 1-year battery life
  • No charging needed
  • Always on-display for better visual
  • A swimming friendly water-resistant product
  • Customizable screen color option
  • Measures heart rate, calorie burn rate, pulse rate and more
  • Attractive design and color

Fitbit Alta HR Smart Band

Fitbit Alta HR Smart Band

Are you looking for the perfect device to measure your heart rate continuously while doing workout? If yes, then you must try Fitbit Alta HR Smart Band that is backed with multiple advanced features and technology to provide ultimate fitness data about your health. The slimmest and comfortable design of the product makes it a more easy-to-use device for its users.

This smart and fitness monitoring device is a unisex product that can help you to measure your heart rate, burn calorie rate, track your walking or running steps and covered distance. This is a compatible product with Windows, Android Phones and iPhone.

This beautifully designed fitness band is crafted with an Auto Sleep Tracking system that can measure your sleeping cycle. It can provide you the perfect timing to take a sleep session that can affect your health positively.

This water-resistant Fitbit Alta HR model comes with an OLED display screen that makes your observing job easy even in bright sunlight. There is a reminder setting option in this device that alerts you to move for a workout daily.

Next, what are the functional benefits of this product? This fitness device is technically backed with multiple sensors like Accelerometer, Optical Heart Rate Tracker and Vibration Motor that helps you to track all your health information quickly.

The product is engineered with a powerful Lithium Polymer battery that can support the device for up to 5 days of continuous use. Let us check all the important features of this 23 lightweight fitness wristband.

Important Features:

  • Track continuous heart rate with PurePulse technology
  • Auto sleep tracking facility
  • Specially designed to measure Cardio fitness level
  • Auto exercise recognition system infused
  • Can be used for calling, text, and others
  • A water-resistant unisex model
  • Crafted with an OLED display screen

Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Do you want to take your regular workout to the next level by observing your fitness information? If yes, then grab Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 to measure your heart rate, calorie burn level and more data related to your health situation during a workout. Its strong 5ATM waterproof built makes it the perfect fit band for various sports like running, walking, swimming, cycling and more.

This water & scratch resistant device is designed to track your heart rate continuously along with daily step count, covered distance and sleeping cycle. This is a compatible product with Android 4.4, iOS 9.0 or above.

Well, what are the technical facilities for this product? This Smart Band 4 from Mi is technically backed with great connectivity options with Bluetooth 5.0 and WiFi. It has a 120X240 RGB AMOLED display screen.

This fitness data measuring unit is composed of a powerful LIPO, 135MAH battery that can easily support the device for up to long 20 days even after daily use. You just need to download and install the LEFUN HEALTH web application to run this product properly.

Its 24/7 automatic heart rating monitoring system makes it the most attractive model among all. You just need to charge it for 120 minutes to make the battery fully charged and enjoy your fitness tracking to improve your health condition via workout.

The product is made with high-quality TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) material that helps the device to last long. The model is equipped with all the useful sensors like Capacitive proximity sensor, PPG heart rate sensor, 3-axis accelerometer + 3-axis gyroscope to track the fitness information properly.

Important Features: 

  • 0.95 inch AMOLED color display
  • An effective fitness band with a long-lasting battery
  • Backed with top-quality sensors
  • Measure heart rate continuously
  • Powerful Lithium Polymer battery (20 days support)
  • Supports Android 4.4/iOS 9.0 OS
  • Backed with AMOLED color display (touch)

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Honor Band 4

Honor Band 4

Are you searching for the best tracking partner for the workout that can measure your heart rate, calorie burn rate and more useful information about your health? If yes, then Honor has the best solution for you. Honor Band 4, the most effective fitness band comes with great features and functionalities that can measure your health condition effectively during the workout.

Honor is one of the most popular names in this segment and Honor Band 4 is known for its real-time heart rate monitoring and scientific sleep monitoring. This water-resistant product is backed with an AMOLED display screen that helps you to check the data even in bright sunlight.

The Honor Band 4 fitness band is technically backed with Huawei TruSleep technology that can assist you with the perfect sleeping pattern to suit your body by monitoring your sleeping positions. This infrared technology also helps you with 24-hour real-time heart rate monitoring and high heart rate alert.

Now, what are the facilities of this fitness band? The fit band unit performs in various modes of workout sports like cycling, running, walking, swimming and more. It has a powerful 100 mAh Lithium Polymer battery that can give this device backup power for long 17 days with a single charge.

This Honor Band 4 is technically advanced with a Six-axis sensor for quick detection. It is a compatible product with Android & iOS operating system.

The fit band model can be connected with Bluetooth v4.2 version wirelessly with your other smart device. Let us take a quick look at the helpful features of this Honor Band 4.

Important Features:

  • Backed with large AMOLED touch-screen display
  • Backed with TruSleep technology for sleep monitoring
  • Water-resistant and unisex model
  • 24-hour heart rate monitoring ability
  • Long battery backup for 17 days
  • Crafted with multiple sports mode
  • Infused with Six-axis sensor

Huawei Band 3 Pro Fitness Tracker

Huawei Band 3 Pro Fitness Tracker

If you want to measure your workout activities perfectly with a comfortable and lightweight device, then Huawei Band 3 Pro All-in-One Fitness Tracker can be the best option for you to try. This water-resistant fitness band is powerfully backed with a high power 100 mAh Lithium Polymer battery that can support the device for long 30 days with just a single charge of 1.5 hours.

You can enjoy all the helpful tracking systems like heart rate tracking, walking or running steps tracking, covered distance tracking and sleep tracking. This digital unisex fit band is made up of high-quality Silicone material that makes it a durable and long-lasting product.

This Huawei Band 3 Pro comes in a compact package that contains 1 smart fitness band unit, charging unit and a user manual book inside the box. The product is technically backed with effective sensors like Ir Gesture and Accelerometer to check proper data on its display screen.

Bluetooth v4.2, EDR is the connectivity option for this effective 45 x 19 x 11 mm dimensioned fitness band and is a compatible product of Android v4.4, iOS. It comes in black color that makes the look of the product awesome for the buyers.

Next, what are the advantages of this band? This fit-band can be used to make phone calls, text, calendar reminders, timer and more. This is the most lightweight band with 25 grams of weight that is simple to carry in your wrist.

Let us take a quick look at the highlighted features of this fitness band.

Important Features: 

  • An effective fitness monitoring unit
  • Water-resistant unisex fit band
  • Baked with a powerful battery with 30 days backup
  • Equipped with advanced sensors
  • A compatible product for Android v4.4, iOS
  • Comes in an attractive black color
  • A durable and long-lasting fitness band

Samsung Galaxy E Fit Fitness Band

Samsung Galaxy E Fit Fitness Band

Measuring fitness information in a workout is the most vital part of any man or woman. Are you looking for the perfect gadget to measure your heart rate, calorie burn rate or other fitness activities? If yes, then you can try the Samsung Galaxy E Fit Fitness Band not only in your workout session but also for the entire day to get the best output from it.

This digital unisex fit band from SAMSUNG is made up of high-quality rubber material that suits all kinds of the skin of the users. It also makes the gadget a lightweight product to use all day.

ThisSamsung Galaxy E Fit model comes with an impressive battery life that allows you to get constant health notification without losing a smartphone connection. The water-resistant facility of this fit band allows you to work out or play in the rainy season.

You can get all the notifications and alerts of your smartphone in this smart band if you stay connected with it. You can also receive calls and text, someone, through this device.

The Auto-Detect facility of this fit-band can easily detect three activities (running, walking & dynamic workout) according to the users. Through Samsung Health App, this device displays your heart rate before you start your activity.

It’s auto sleep tracking technology can analyze your sleeping pattern by detecting your movement during sleep and come back to you with a better solution that suits your body perfectly. The slim and lightweight design of this Samsung Galaxy E Fit has always been an attractive point for the buyers.

Let us take a quick look at the highlighted features of Samsung Galaxy E Fit band.

Important Features:

  • A lightweight designed fit band
  • Backed with prolonged battery life (6 days)
  • Water-resistant and swim-proof product
  • Featured with PMOLED touch display screen
  • A durable product made up of rubber material
  • Auto sleep tracking facility
  • Infused with Accelerometer, HR sensor system

Best Fitness Band Brands

Here is a list of top fitness band brands in india

  1. Fitbit
  2. Samsung
  3. Apple
  4. Garmin
  5. Honor
  6. Xiaomi Mi
  7. Amazfit
  8. Huawei

How Fitness Band Works?

The functioning of the fitness trackers depends on which model of the brand you are purchasing. All the trackers include sensors in them that help to monitor different aspects like heart rate, mobility, altitude, location and many more. These types of trackers connect and sync wirelessly with smartphones or computers, and store all the data related to the daily activities there.

The fitness tracker allows you to measure aspects like the temperature of the skin, heart rate, total hours of sleep, level of perspiration and many more. You can also sync these trackers with third-party applications to give you a better insight into your lifestyle. Some trackers also send an alert to the user via texts, email or IMs. Vibration alerts enable you to check your vital statistics from time to time.

In this world of online living, these fitness trackers offer motivational support. Some of the common sensors that you should check out while buying a fitness band are:

1. Accelerometer

These sensor tracks down your front to back, side to side as well as up and down movements.

2. Gyroscope

Gyroscope detects in what position you are in like whether you are swimming, sitting or standing.

3. Barometer

This sensor calculates the total number of stairs you have taken in a day and also estimate the altitude.

4. Monitor for Heart Rate

This sensor monitors the rate of your heartbeats throughout the day and in the workout sessions.

5. Magnetometer 

The magnetometer determines the direction of some specific movements.


FAQs Related to Fitness Tracker

Some of the most asked FAQs by the users have been listed here.

How do Fitbits know you’re sleeping?

ANS: When the body is completely still and is not moving, the Fitbits records that you are sleeping. The fitness bands with heart rate monitoring features track the beating of your heart to determine the stages of the sleep cycle throughout the night.

How many hours of deep sleep should you get?

ANS: There are 4 stages of sleep out of which deep sleep is the most important part of staying healthy and fit. An average healthy adult needs 1 to 2 hours of deep sleep during 8 hours of a night’s sleep cycle.

Which Apple Watch is the best for fitness?

ANS: The best fitness tracker among the Apple series is Apple Watch 5 due to its capacity to monitor the movement all day long even during workouts. It also displays the heart rate and statistics for all your workouts right on your wrist.

Can Mi band 4 answer calls?

ANS: There is no speaker in the MI band 4. Thus whenever users interact with a voice in MI band 4, it shows the answer in the text on the display screen. Thus due to the absence of any speaker MI band 4 cannot answer any calls.

Does Mi Band 3 have a fingerprint?

ANS: MI band 3 does not need a fingerprint scanner due to an easy password-free system for unlocking. When the band is closer to your smartphone and is connected to it via Bluetooth, then it instantly unlocks without any password or fingerprint.

Does Mi Band 3 have GPS?

ANS: Mi band does not include a GPS. It calculates the distance, calories, and steps taken using the movement of the wrist and through an inbuilt accelerometer.

Does Mi band 4 have GPS?

ANS: The Mi Band 4 does not have an inbuilt GPS, but the fitness band includes a feature for connected GPS that can track the distance covered and the pace via the GPS of the smartphone to which it is connected.

Does Mi band 4 have a speaker?

ANS: Mi band 4 does have an inbuilt microphone inside it.

Is Apple Watch a good fitness tracker?

ANS: Apple Watch is one of the best smartwatch and fitness tracker in the market. Counting of heartbeats per minute, recording of heart rate during the resting period, pulses during workout sessions and walking are some of the reading displayed by the watch. The Apple watch also provides you a chart of all the readings to indicate if you are improving or not.

Is Fitbit better than Apple Watch?

ANS: According to us, Fitbit is more streamlined than the Apple Watch and includes applications like health app.

Is Fitbit made by Apple?

ANS: No, it is not made by Apple. However, in the website of Apple also, it is no longer selling Fitbit as their product, But, Fitbits can be found in the retail stores of Apple.

Is Fitbit Track sleep accurately?

ANS: All the readings of the Fitbit is never fully 100% accurate. But research shows that Fitbit displays deep sleep stages are more accurate.

Is Mi Band 3 good?

ANS: Mi band 3 is a great way to start experimenting with fitness bands. Due to its price, it can be accessed by a greater range of customers and the mind-blowing features make it one of the best smart band available until today.

Is the Mi band harmful to health?

ANS: All the fitness bands from MI are carefully tested for any kind of radiation emission from them by the government. But all the reports are negative, confirming that MI bands are not at all harmful to use for health.

Overall Best Fitness Tracker

The fitness band has become an integral part of the youths and adults to remind themselves to remain fit. This band gives you a constant reminder of how and when to push yourself further through the workout. Among the above products, our recommendation would be Fitbit Charge 4 due to its features, results for different activities and performance.

If you have any other fitness bands on your list, then kindly comment in the below section. We will try to give you all the details of that product.

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