Best Exercise Cycle in India 2024

Regular physical exercises and workouts play a vital role in maintaining a fit and healthy body. In fact, cycling is recognized as one of the best cardio exercises for the heavyweight people, as there is no pressure put on the joints. Exercise machinery like exercise cycle or bike helps you to carry out your daily workout regime without going out.

Thus deciding to buy an exercise cycle is a good beginning if you want to reduce the weight, lose the body fat, get stronger, or obtain great core strength. With multiple options of exercise cycles in the Indian market, we have thoroughly researched most of the alternatives and compiled this list of the top bikes for exercise in India 2024 .


Best Exercise Cycle in India 2024

The finest 15 exercise cycles have been shortlisted by us based on the type, frequency, features, affordability, resistance level, weight and seat, pedals, and back support. They are stated in detail as below.

Fitkit FK717 (14lbs Flywheel) with Free Diet Plan, Trainer & Installation Services Spinner Exercise Bike

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If you are looking for a practically built and aesthetically designed effective exercise partner to install in your home, then Fitkit FK717 can be the best choice for you. This Spinner Exercise Bike is geared with multiple features and technologies to provide club-like whole body workout experience comfortably.

The digital console display board of the exercise cycle is specially crafted to supply real-time health and workout data during the ride. It is the perfect equipment for a goal-oriented workout plan. The multi-level resistance system is infused with this model along with 14 lbs flywheel weight to make your workout session smoother and comfortable with proper effectiveness.

This is one of the best selling exercise bikes in India 2024 that comes with a free six months fitness and diet plan recommended by a Doctor. The LCD monitor of this Fitkit bike can display workout-time, cycling-speed, covered distance, burned calories, odometer, and heart rate. There is an attractive option of third party app connectivity (Fitplus, Google Fit, Apple Health, Fitbit) for the users.

Recommended maximum user weight for this fitness device is 110 Kg (always choose your exercise bike with nearly 10 Kg more weight capacity than your current weight). It is also designed with an anti-slip pedal that appears with adjustable straps to make your workout safer.

Key Features:

  • India’s best selling exercise bike
  • Inbuilt heart rate sensor
  • Backed with bright LCD console board
  • Multi-level resistance system
  • Designed with Robust and sturdy frame
  • Advanced with apps-connectivity option
  • Free trainer, diet plan and doctor consultation
  • Locking pedals with adjustable strap


Cockatoo CUB-01 Smart Series Magnetic Exercise Bike

Cockatoo CUB-01 Smart Series Magnetic Exercise Bike

Having a fit and healthy body by working out at home is not a big deal now. Bring Cockatoo CUB-01 Smart Exercise Bike at your house and shade your extra body fat and calories through regular cycling. The fitness cycle is powerfully integrated with multiple techniques and functionalities to provide professional workout experience to its users at home.

There is a 6 inches LCD monitor in the middle of the handle that allows you to take a glance at your fitness and health tracking report. It shows exercise time, travelled distance, calorie-burning counts, and cycling speed on the display board. This 31.5 x 48.75 x 18 inches dimensioned bike is designed to carry a maximum of 100KG of user’s weight with 150 – 195 cm of height.

With 3KG flywheel and eight levels magnetic resistance system, the Cockatoo Smart Series Magnetic bike can support your intensive workout activities softly and comfortably. The foot surface area of this model is made with anti-skid material that is also attached with a safety strap to keep your foot at its place to avoid accidental issues.

Moreover, this upright exercise cycle is technically assembled with a magnetic operating and brake system for extra protection. The adjustable seat of this device is specially crafted to accommodate all body types and allow them to workout contentedly on it. At the bottom part of this model, there are wheels present for easy transport.

Key Features:

  • Engineered with 6″ bright LCD monitor for tracking
  • 200 mm/3Kg flywheel
  • One-way bearing technology
  • Maximum user weight capacity 100 KG
  • Magnetic brake system
  • Eight levels of magnetic resistance
  • Occupied smaller space to store


Welcare WC8006 Upright Bike Magnetic Basic with LCD Display & Adjustable seat for Cardio Workout

Welcare WC8006 Upright Bike Magnetic Basic with LCD Display & Adjustable seat for Cardio Workout

It is time to track-down your fitness effort with Welcare WC8006 Upright Bike. This bike is technically advanced with many features and functionalities for an intensive workout. With its magnetic basic and adjustable seat, the fitness machine allows you to spend a Cardio workout session effectively.

Just plan and record all your fitness statistics with its digital meter. The meter shows cycling speed, time, covered distance, calorie-burning rates, and more on its bright LCD monitor. The frictionless smooth resistance capacity of this WC8006 Upright Bike model allows you to enjoy an advanced workout session more easily.

The noise-free and durable exercise partner comes with eight manual tension control adjusting levels that allow you to control the efforts according to your need.

This 910(L) x 610(W) x 1400(H) mm dimensioned cardio workout bike is designed to bear a maximum of 120 KGs of weight. Its 10 KGs flywheel allows the users to regulate their momentum of the speed for an intensive workout session.

Now maximize your exercise with its ultimate heart rate training Pulse Pad. This Bluetooth compatible workout-bike is crafted with a dual-grip monitor that always keeps you on the track for a better and faster result. You can attach the heart rate strap (sold separately) with this model. It uses two AA batteries to run the entire digital monitoring process without any electricity.

Key Features:

  • Effective Cardio workout bike
  • Frictionless smooth resistance system
  • Backed with large LCD digital monitor
  • 8 level manual adjuster
  • Wide pedals with a strap for better grip
  • Maximum weight capacity: 120 KGs
  • 10Kgs Flywheel for accelerate speed


Body Gym Stamina Back Support Body Gym Exercise Cycle

Welcare WC8006 Upright Bike Magnetic Basic with LCD Display & Adjustable seat for Cardio Workout

If you are actually seeking for a perfect domestic workout-partner to stay fit and healthy, then Body Gym brings you the most effective solution. The Air Bike Stamina exercise bike is specially prepared for intensive back support and provides you with a smooth cycling experience with its latest technology design and features.

The manual control resistance system of this workout-bike allows you to enjoy a hassle-free ride with 100% affectivity. The electronic monitor of the device displays all the workout information like time, covered distance, riding speed, scan, and calorie burning rate on its giant digital screen.

The adjustable seat of the technically advanced exercise bike is specially equipped with front, back, up, and down adjusting options. The feature makes the machine more attractive and useful for all age group people and body types to burn their extra fat by cycling on it.

The maximum weight carrying capacity of this gym workout cycle is 90 KG. It is recommended for the buyers to choose your exercise bike with nearly 10 KGs of excess weight capacity than your current body weight. If your weight is 75KG, then you can go for a machine with at least 85KGs or more capacity. This is an easy-to-install and store, stand-cycle model that weighed nearly 20KGs.

Key Features:

  • Comes with a robust body frame
  • Maximum user weight capacity is 90 KGs
  • Product weight is 20 KGs
  • Backed with a manually controlled resistance system
  • Featured with adjustable seat (b,f,u,d)
  • Designed with a comfortable back support facility
  • Crafted with a digital monitor to display workout information


Cockatoo CXB-05 Smart Series Foldable X-Bike with 8 Level Manual Tension, Exercise Bike

Cockatoo CXB-05 Smart Series Foldable X-Bike with 8 Level Manual Tension, Exercise Bike

Cockatoo CXB-05 Foldable X-Bike is designed with a sturdy and flexible manual frame that can withstand up to 110Kgs weight carrying capacity with 160-195 cm (height) accommodation for comfortable cycling. There is an option for both sit and stand cycling for power exercise. The 8 levels magnetic resistance manual adjuster helps you to intensify the workout level by increasing or decreasing the tension.

This sophisticated Smart Series Foldable X-Bike is assembled with an LCD monitor (5.5 inches) that tracks your cycling speed, time, calories meter, and covered distance to motivate your effort. The 1.4 kg flywheel, magnetic resistance, and 2-belt transmission mechanism are specially designed to mimic the real feel of smooth and interruption-free cycling.

Moreover, this CXB-05 robust exercise bike from Cockatoo is equipped with a magnetic brake system that makes your cycling session always safe. The cushioned seat of the X-bike is tactfully padded for extra comfort while cycling on it. It relieves pressure points to keep the back pain and other issues away from your body.

The Self-Leveling Pedals are the key factor of this Foldable X-Bike model. It is backed with a non-slip texture to keep your foot at its place even during vigorous workouts sessions. This 13(L) x 21(W) x 53(H) (inches) dimensioned exercise bike comes with folding advantage to easily fit into a closet or under your bed by occupying minimum space.

Key Features:

  • GS approved exercise bike
  • Max weight carrying capacity: 110 KGs
  • 8 level manual tension facility
  • 4 KGS Flywheel
  • Featured with LCD monitor (display time, speed, distance & calorie)
  • Two belt transmission mechanism
  • Foldable model easy-to-install


Monex Body Gym Orbitrek 4 in 1 Exercise Bike

Monex Body Gym Orbitrek 4 in 1 Exercise Bike

Monex Body Gym Orbitrek exercise bike is apt for the users looking to increase cardiovascular strength and burn maximum calories during workouts. There is a strength adjustment option with a manual tension knob in this cycle that makes your workout effort tougher to lighter as per your requirement.

The 4 in 1 exercise bike is designed to produce natural elliptical motion that helps to reduce joint-stress on your knees. It supports and stimulates your harder running and walking session without any impact on your joints. The large-sized ridged pedal of this machine prevents your foot from accidental slippage.

The easy-to-assemble workout bike is specially designed for full-body exercise that targets your shoulders, arms, back, chest, abdomen, and thighs. This compact design fitness device is technically crafted with a bright display board to show the time, distance covered, calories burning rate, and running or walking speed. It also helps to monitor your workout regimen.

The easily adjustable seat and handle are specially designed to meet individual requirements for the workout. This professional body gym bike from Monex is crafted with balanced mechanical ratios that provide enough mechanical advantage to its users for extra comfort.

The exercise bike model is attached with easy-to-glide wheels to move the system anywhere in your house according to your need. The dual-action manual workout device is an ideal choice if you have a small space to store it.

Key Features:

  • Promotes workout without any joint-impact
  • Natural elliptical motion for a stress-free workout
  • Large-sized pedals with ridges (slip-proof)
  • The digital display shows speed, time, distance, calories and more
  • Dual-action workout device (complete upper body workout)
  • Easy-to-store and assemble
  • Comfortable movement with easy-glide-wheels


Reach B-400 Magnetic Exercise Fitness Cycle

Reach B-400 Magnetic Exercise Fitness Cycle

Bring clubs like workout experience at home with Reach B-400 Magnetic Exercise Fitness Cycle. It is technically equipped with multiple advanced features and functionalities. This is an Olympic champion’s recommended model that allows the riders to cycling in the upright position for an intensive workout.

The agronomic and stylishly designed fitness cycling machine is a sturdy and durable partner that comes with a maximum 120Kg weight carrying capacity. With 4-way adjustable seats (front, back, up, down) and 8 Kg flywheel, this cardio range developed cycle gives the users maximum comfort and smoothness just like a professional model during a workout.

The artistic LCD screen of this Reach B-400 cycle works like an odometer. It displays cycling speed, time, covered distance, and calorie burning rate in big sized font for better visibility. The dimension of this product is 20(W) X 53(H) X 34(D) inches that can easily be fitted in a smaller space to store.

The 8 level magnetic resistance facilities and anti-shake 360-degree rotational handle are some of the features to look out for. Heart rate calculating facility and table holder of this highly-efficient exercise bike make it a perfect device for a home cardio workout.

The anti-slip pedal of the cycle is crafted with an adjustable strap and ensures 100% safety to prevent any kind of accidents. Moreover, wheels are there at the bottom of this product that is tactfully fitted for easy movement.

Key Features:

  • 120Kg max user weight
  • Flywheel-8Kg
  • 4-way adjustable seat
  • LCD screen for a time, distance, speed, calorie burned rate, time, pulse
  • Heart-rate monitoring feature includes
  • 8 level magnetic resistance
  • Easy movement with dual transportation wheels


Cardio Max JSB HF73 Magnetic Upright Fitness Bike Exercise Cycle

Cardio Max JSB HF73 Magnetic Upright Fitness Bike Exercise Cycle

Cardio Max JSB HF73 Exercise Cycle is excellent fitness equipment for home use. This upright magnetic bike is augmented with a 4 kg flyweight for a smooth cycling experience. The digital LCD board is also crafted with this fitness bike. It shows all the essential health condition data and workout data like workout time, covered distance, calorie-burning meter, pulse rate calculator, and more.

The JSB HF73 workout bike from Cardio Max is designed with easy-to-reach 8-level tension adjuster knob for an intensive workout plan and different athletic needs. It has 100Kgs of maximum weight carrying capacity. The highly-adjustable seat of this workout machine ensures about 100% of users’ comfort while cycling on it.

The 8-level resistance system of this highly-efficient exercise bike is a compact model with 92 (W) x 51(H) x 110.5 (D) cm dimension. You can easily place it in a little space to store it properly for its space-saving design. The anti-skid pedals are tactfully planned with adjustable foot-straps to keep the user’s feet at its place even for a longer exercise session.

This magnetic workout cycle is effective equipment that promotes weight loss activities and lower body workout at home. The easy-to-install model is also backed with a height-adjustable seat for extra comfort.

Key Features:

  • Compact design and stylish exercise bike
  • 4 Kg Flyweight for a smooth cycling experience
  • The bright digital LCD board
  • Track essential fitness and health data (time, speed distance, heart rate, etc.)
  • Maximum weight capacity: 100 KGs
  • Backed with 8 level tension controller
  • Equipped with non-skid foot pedals covered with adjustable foot-strap
  • Product dimension: 92 (W) x 51(H) x 110.5 (D) cm


Cardio Max JSB Magnetic Upright Fitness X-Bike Exercise Cycle (HF148)

Cardio Max JSB Magnetic Upright Fitness X-Bike Exercise Cycle (HF148)

Cardio Max JSB (HF148) Exercise Cycle is a multi-purpose workout unit that is used for general exercise, burning belly fat, slimming, cardio training, and more. The magnetic upright fitness X-Bike is an ideal choice to bring club-workout experience at your home comfortably and more easily.

It has three cranks and 4KG flyweight that are specially composed to provide a smooth cycling experience to its users. The large size display board allows you to take a glance at the fitness and health data during a workout. It shows all the vital information like cover distance, cycling speed, workout time, and more. The compact and foldable design of this machine allows it to occupy smaller space or hassle-free storage in your room.

The 8 level tension controller support and maximum 100KG of user weight carrying capacity of this model make it the most preferable and effective one for home Cardio training. The foldable cushioned back-rest and seat are designed to provide relaxed back support and 100% relief during training.

Moreover, this X-Bike Exercise Cycle (HF148) model is prepared with anti-slip foot pedals that are covered with adjustable foot straps to ensure the total safety of the user during exercise. The 103x53x119 cm dimensioned exercise cycle comes with attractive installation support from the company.

Key Features:

  • Upright fitness training bike
  • 4 kg flyweight and three cranks
  • Portable and compact space-saving design
  • Large-size LCD for health and fitness tracking
  • 100KG maximum user weight capacity:
  • 8 level tension controller
  • Comes with back handle and backrest support
  • Non-slip foot pedals with adjustable foot straps


LEEWAY National Bodyline Elliptical Machine Cross Trainer 2 in 1 Orbitrack Exercise Bike

LEEWAY National Bodyline Elliptical Machine Cross Trainer 2 in 1 Orbitrack Exercise Bike

For advanced workout solutions, bring LEEWAY National Bodyline Elliptical Exercise Bike at home. This 2-in-1 Orbitrack machine allows you to exercise and cycle at the same station for an advanced cardio workout. The convenient LCD screen of this machine is ready to monitor your speed, distance, time, and calorie burn count during the workout session.

The sturdy steel frame of the NATIONAL BODYLINE equipment makes it a durable and long-lasting one. The adjustable tension controller knob of this fitness unit allows you to adjust the cycling mode to meet your needs properly. It is an easy-to-install machine, and you can assemble it yourself at home with simple steps with the help of a user manual guide.

Further, National Bodyline is the most trusted brand among online buyers. This Cross Trainer 2 in 1 exercise bike is also backed with a Dial Tension Adjustment system that is specially designed for a more intensive and challenging workout. The large-sized pedal surface is crafted with ridge architecture that can prevent your foot from slipping during a workout.

For perfect upper body exercise, the machine is geared with Dual action arms design. The reinforced crank technology and high-momentum blades are specially placed to make your cycling smoother and comfortable.

Key Features:

  • Popular and effective 2 in 1 exercise bike
  • Manual-belt brake resistance system
  • 120 KGs user weight capacity
  • A durable model with sturdy steel frame construction
  • The computerized LCD console
  • Easy-adjustable tension knob
  • Large-sized pedals with ridge surface
  • Backed with easy transportation wheels


Kobo AB-3 Steel Air Bike

Kobo AB-3 Steel Air Bike

Kobo AB-3 is a heavy-duty Air Bike that is made up of best-quality steel material for prolonged durability and longevity. The total weight of this technically advanced exercise cycle is nearly about 20.5 KGs. The robust model can carry up to 120 KG of the user’s weight during regular cycling.

The dual-functional workout bike from Kobo is an effective one to tone your arms and legs efficiently. It’s soft cushioned back-rest provides extra relief to your back during cycling. The machine promotes fat burning activities and helps you to meet your cardiovascular targets.

The ergonomic design of the air bike is featured with seat height and resistance tension adjustment knob for a smooth cycling experience. The large-sized computer digital meter of the model shows all distance, scan, speed, time, calorie, and ODO track data to the users during the workout. The pedals of the model come with an adjustable strap that firmly holds your foot during cycling to provide 100% safety.

This Kobo air bike is specially designed to support all types of body shape and all age people to do cycling on it. It is delivered to your doorstep in 80% pre-assembled condition, and you just need to adjust the rest with the help of its user manual guide book.

Key Features:

  • A durable and sturdy model made with high-quality steel
  • Dual-functional exercise Air-Bike
  • Fitted with comfortable back-rest
  • Adjustable seat and resistance tension level
  • Electronic display meter for time, speed, distance and more
  • Maximum user weight: 120 KG
  • Compact design model


Healthex Unisex Exercise Cycle for Weight Loss at Home with Back Support

Healthex Unisex Exercise Cycle for Weight Loss at Home with Back Support

It is essential to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle, but we hardly get time to hit daily gym-session in our busy schedule. Healthex Unisex Exercise Cycle can be the ultimate option for us to maintain a perfect body balance by cycling regularly. Its 3 KG flywheel and unique fan wheel design of the fitness gadget provides a calm and smooth riding experience to its user.

You can enjoy an effective workout time by adjusting the tension knob for strength adjustment. If you have a joint mobility issue, then this Healthex unisex workout-bike is an ideal solution for you that can improve the motion range of your joints. Your knees, ankles and hip joints can be affected positively through its cycling process.

The Healthex workout bike machine is crafted with an electronic display meter board in the middle of its handlebars to track your fitness and health information. It shows time, travelled distance, calories burn count, cycling speed, and scans in a bright manner that is easy-to-understand.

Moreover, the sleek and sturdy body frame of this unisex workout-cycle is attached with anti-skid free-flowing pedals that are covered with foot strap for advanced safety. The easily adjustable seat and handle position make it a relaxing device for all age group people with all body types.

Key Features:

  • Non-motorized exercise-cycle machine
  • Maximum user weight capacity: 120 KG
  • Crafted with bright electronic meter displays
  • Adjustable seat and handlebar with padded grip facility
  • Promotes weight loss activities
  • An easy-to-install model
  • Steel frame constructed sturdy body
  • Backed with a manual strength adjustment knob


Lifelong LLF36 Fit Lite Air bike Exercise Machine


Lifelong LLF36 Fit Lite Air bike Exercise MachineIt is time to get fit at home and enjoy a complete Cardio workout with Lifelong LLF36 Air Bike device. The model comes without any backed support and fixed handlebar that is covered with high-density foam material. The grip gives it an anti-slip facility to prevent you from any accidental issues during the workout session.

This is a stationary bike model that allows its users to burn calories and enjoy a whole-body workout session at the same time. The LLF36 Fit Lite air-bike model is featured with dual-action arms to improve your upper body endurances.

The adjustable seat height and foot lock pedals of the exercise bike makes your workout-experience smoother and stress-free. The digital display meter of this highly-efficient exercise air-bike is specially designed to show your total workout time, RPM (revolutions per minute), calorie-burning count, covered distance, and more. These features can help you to track down your regular cardio activities report.

The pedals of this superior cycle are designed with an anti-skid surface layer covered by a strong base strap to make your foot stay at its place while cycling. It can prevent users from many accidental problems. The machine comes with a 1-year warranty on manufacturing defects.

Key Features:

  • Comes with high-density foam hand grips
  • Backed with slip-resistant pedals
  • Maximum user weight capacity: 120Kg
  • Designed with adjustable seat height
  • Bright digital display meter
  • An easy to assemble and use product
  • Promotes fat burning activities
  • Engineered with a powerful, sturdy body


Leeway Exercise Cycle with Back Support & Fix Handle Gym Bike for Weight Loss and Home Use

Leeway Exercise Cycle with Back Support & Fix Handle Gym Bike for Weight Loss and Home Use


Leeway Exercise Cycle brings you the ultimate option to workout at home effectively. The bike offers multiple advanced technology features to its riders to burn calories and extra body fat daily through cycling. You can also use it for your physical therapies and cardiovascular exercises for a better result.

The adjustable seat and back-rest make it a comfortable one for all body types. The micro-adjustable tension facility allows the rider to do an intensive workout plan during their training session. The digital display meter board is specially fitted with this model to show all the helpful tracking information to its users.

The electronic display meter can read the total exercise time, covered distance, calorie-burning counts, and cycling speed. The sturdy body frame of this training unit is made up of premium quality steel material that makes it a strong, durable, and long-lasting product for its users.

The maximum user weight for this sleek workout device is 125Kg. You can manually adjust the resistance by twisting a knob to make your workout experience smoother and better. The Leeway Exercise Cycle is an easy-to-assemble product. You need to install it yourself at home by following some simple instructions of the user manual guide.

Key Features:

  • Ergonomically designed model
  • Backed with adjustable seat height
  • Manual resistance levels controlling knob
  • Maximum user weight capacity: 125 Kg
  • Digital display meter to track your progress
  • Sturdy body frame made with premium quality steel material
  • Promotes weight loss activities


Endless Imported Exercise Bike for Fitness

Endless Imported Exercise Bike for Fitness

Fitness is the primary solution to live a healthy life with improved stamina. Regular workout is the only solution that makes your body fit. Bring Endless Imported Exercise Bike home to increase your leg strength and burn your extra body fat quickly.

This indoor exercise bike is technically augmented with numerous latest features and technology to provide a comfortable cycling experience in a relaxed way. The body of this sleek designed workout equipment is made up of premium-quality stainless steel material that makes the product more durable and long-lasting one for the users.

Moreover, the adjustable seat height allows you to set the machine according to your comfort. The handlebar of this robust workout-bike model is covered with a foam grip to provide anti-slip support to its users during cycling. The user weight capacity of this machine is nearly 85Kg.

For greater stability, the exercise bike from Endless is equipped with a non-skid pedal and a foot strap. The imported model is specially geared to support weight loss and fat burning activities of the users. You can surely reduce your extra body fat by using this machine regularly just for 30 minutes a day.

Key Features:

  • Body frame made with stainless steel material
  • Backed with foam grip handlebar
  • Heavy-duty contraction (85 Kg weight capacity)
  • Featured with non-skid pedals and anti-slip strap
  • Sturdy and durable exercise bike
  • Extra comfort with adjustable seat height
  • Promotes fat burning and weight loss activities
  • Easy-to-assemble and use model
  • Made in India 2024 product


Buying Guide about the Best Exercise Cycle/Bike India

Selecting the correct model of exercise bikes will leave you more confused. This is where our buying guide about the equipment will come in handy to you. Below are some of the factors that need to be considered before making a purchasing decision of the exercise bikes.


Types of Exercise Bikes

There are a total of 5 varieties of exercise bikes according to the comfort level and effectiveness of the muscle group.


Upright bike:

For these types of exercise bikes, you need to do is sit in an upright position to exercise on this type of bike. Most models come with various resistance levels and movable handles for the upper part of the body. It helps to tone your glutes, abs, and legs during an intense exercise regime for the highest fat burning.


Air Bike:

They are similar to spin bikes but include fan wheels at the front. To offer improved resistance, the fan is utilized against the fan. The faster the user will pedal, the resistance level will go higher up. The handles of the bike assists in high-intensity cardio workout.


Mini Exercise Bikes

These mini bikes include a pedal and a stabilizer and display speed, total time, and calories burned. It is affordable as well as portable.


Recumbent Exercise Bikes

The backrest in the recumbent bikes allows the user to rest back when pedaling during the exercise. This equipment shapes your lower body but is less efficient on the upper part.


Spinning Bikes

The user can sit in the hunching and upright positions in spinning bikes. There is also a facility of standing pedaling on this bike. The machine contains adjustable handles for proper support to the uppermost part of the body.


Check the Weight Limit and the Weight of the Bike

Most exercise bikes come with the highest weight supporting capacity of 90 kg. Always buy a bike that includes a weight capacity of at least 10 kgs extra than your current weight. Also, make sure that you have enough space to place the equipment in your house. If you have to carry the exercise bike from one room to another before beginning your workout, then make sure to check the weight of the device before buying it online or physically. It should not be too heavy that it can put pressure on your joints or hips.


Manual vs. Electric

An electric bike allows the user to fix a prefixed course before the beginning of the workout session. You can also set up the intensity level and duration of your exercise. The courses can also simulate a path similar to rolling or steep hills. But in case of manual bikes, the only way to alter the resistance or speed of the device is by rapidly moving your legs and using a manual knob.

In the case of manual bikes, you have to rely solely on your instincts while increasing the speed or putting on resistance. But an electric machine will track down the total calories you have burnt and will enhance the speed or difficulty level likewise. The user can measure the RPM, distance covered, or time spent in the electric versions easily. Exercising on Manual bikes can be a little annoying and disorienting compared to the automatic ones. Mostly upright and recumbent models are electric bikes.


Resistance Levels

To improve the endurance level, it is necessary to check how much resistance level the bike is offering. Your body will get used to the resistance you are applying every day and will not indicate any improvement sign after weeks of exercising on it. Thus the model should include different resistance levels to enhance the workout affectivity. This will allow the user to upgrade to the next level instead of sticking to the same beginner’s one.

Most of the bikes come with a resistance level of 1 to 10 or in case of electric bikes 1 to 20. As the muscle begins to grow, the user can move to the next level of resistance. This level is nothing but creates the same situation of pedaling straight to the mountain top. Unless your thigh and calf muscles are sturdy and strong, it will be impossible to carry out the exercise in the top resistance levels of the bikes.


Sitting Comfort

Sitting uncomfortably on the exercise bikes and working out for a longer duration can cause severe damages to the hip and back joints. So it is very much important to choose a bike with the top comfortable seating arrangements. Spinning and upright bikes generally include seats that are intentionally positioned to provide support to the user. Recumbent bikes even come with a backrest. Many high budgeted exercise bikes include a seat that can be adjusted too. Thus select an exercise bike with an ideal sitting capacity according to your health concerns and fitness goals.


Activity Tracking

Most of the exercise bikes include an activity tracker to estimate the total calories burned, the time elapsed, and the strides of the user per minute. This feature helps to keep you motivated while exercising. The electric exercise bikes come with a display screen to indicate the relevant statistics of the user. Some activity trackers can also calculate the heart rate and BMI (Basal Metabolism Index). The heart rate monitors are fitted in the handgrip. This helps the user to stay within the heart rate zones while working out. Some machines also send an alarm if the heart rate went high up.


Wide Pedals with Strap Support

Make sure that the bike you are buying has comfortable and wide pedals to use. If not, then there is a huge chance of slipping while carrying out an intensified workout regime. Likewise, some models also come with a strap to offer extra protection from slipping when cycling at a rapid pace. Narrow pedals lead to accidents that might get you injured.

Recumbent exercise bikes include pedals fitted at the front of the machine. In the upright models, the pedals are fitted under them. The pedals with adjustable features include clips that are spring-loaded and are generally placed at the outer side to hold the feet in place. Also, pedals should not create any noise during exercising and should operate smoothly. After purchasing the product, set the handlebars and pedals according to your convenience and height.


Warranty & Service

The top-rated exercise bikes come with a minimum warranty period of 6 to 1 month from the manufacturer. The bikes are built of high-quality material and require less repair for many years to come. Since it is long term investing equipment, it is best to buy a bike with a maximum warranty on the parts. Some models even come with a lifetime guarantee.

After-sales service of the device is also an important factor to consider. Suppose your device breaks down due to some technical fault, and your customer service team is taking more than two days to attend to your problem. Then this situation will cause a huge interruption in your workout sessions. Thus always check out the after-sales service of the brand from whom you are purchasing the bike.



This is all we have to say regarding the best exercise bikes in India 2024 . We have tried to cover every model based on the features, performance, and customer ratings. But among these, we also have a winner, and that is Cockatoo CXB-05 Smart Series Foldable X-Bike. The weight capacity, 8 level advantages of manual tension, LCD monitor, transmission mechanism, and GS approval has made this product a clear champion in this category. If you still have some difficulty in selecting an exercise bike, then contact us with your doubt in the section below. We will try to solve it as quickly as possible.

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