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Best Elliptical Cross Trainer in India 2022

Exercise is of utmost necessity for the body to keep us strong, fit, and healthy. Since diseases are increasing at a tremendous rate in today’s world, fitness is one of the preventive methods to stay away from them. But if you are fitness enthusiasts and cannot take time out from your hectic schedule, then the best way to get rescued from this situation is Elliptical trainer. Elliptical or cross-trainers are an amalgamation of a stair stepper, an elliptical, stationary bicycle, and a ski machine. It includes the functions of cycling and rowing too.

Most of the people become confused and do not know which model of an elliptical trainer will be best for them. Some want boosting of their muscles; some want to lose some extra pounds while others just want to stay fit through exercising with this machine. Thus keeping all the requirements in mind, we have compiled the list of the best 10 elliptical machines in India 2022 . Keep on reading to know them in detail.


Best Elliptical Machine in India 2022 | Elliptical Cross Trainer 2022

Based on the type of flywheel, resistance motion, features, drive, Q factor, and stride length, we have selected the Top 10 Elliptical Cross Trainer in India 2022 . They are stated below in detail.

Cockatoo CE03ADVANCE Smart Series Elliptical Cross Trainer

Cockatoo CE03ADVANCE Smart Series Elliptical Cross Trainer

Cockatoo is one of the most famous top-quality workout equipment manufacturing brands. Now it has introduced its latest CE03ADVANCE Smart Series Elliptical Cross Trainer. The machine is technically augmented with multiple-features and advancements to deliver high-end support to the performers.

The 220 mm, 6Kg flywheel of this walking partner allows you to train with a highly intensive workout session at your home. It has accommodation for all sized people with a maximum height of 195 cm and max weight of 120 Kg for regular exercise. You can easily use it for your weight loss training to reduce extra body fat.

The advanced LCD monitor of this Elliptical Trainer exercise unit is specially engineered to display all the workout-related information. It displays time, speed, travelled distance and burnt calorie counts that can help you to keep a progress track report of your regular workout to achieve a fitness goal.

The Cockatoo Elliptical equipment allows you to increase or decrease the tension level with its 8-level magnetic resistance system. The feature is specially infused with the device to support an intensive workout plan. The handlebars of this unit are designed to keep your arms, back, shoulder, and chest always engaged during exercise.

The fixed-incline pedals of this Smart Series CE03ADVANCE are specially textured with ridges to provide safety and protection to the users during the workout. The pedals are also technically upgraded to cope-up with your natural feet-movement.

Key Features:

  • Comes with a sturdy frame
  • Maximum user weight capacity: 120 Kg
  • 8 level magnetic resistance controller
  • LCD monitors display (speed, time, distance, and calorie)
  • Backed with 6Kg flywheel
  • Textured pedals for safety
  • Pedal incline up to 12.82 degree


AFTON FX-50 Elliptical Trainer

AFTON FX-50 Elliptical Trainer

Are you planning to bring a sleek, designed, well-built exercise elliptical trainer at home? If yes, then AFTON FX-50 can be your one-stop solution. The ergonomically and smoothly designed exercise equipment is featured with 10 Kg oval tube flywheel that provides extra freeness to its user with zero stress on the knee-joints.

The attractive manual console display screen of this high-efficient workout unit is tactfully geared with multiple functions to track down your fitness progress. It counts many important factors like walking speed, covered distance, and total time it also scan s the THR, pulse rate, calorie burn count, body temperature, and more on a single screen.

The rubber padded handlebars allow the trainee to have a firm grip during the workout session. The model has 1 to 8 level resistance controlling options. It can be easily increased and decreased to make your workout hard and helps you to achieve your targeted fitness goal.

The pedals of this AFTON FX-50 model comes with a 2-degree inward slope that helps you to make your feet more comfortable while working out. This 50cm (W) X 150cm (H) dimensioned elliptical trainer device has a maximum of 120 Kg of user weight capacity. It is recommended to choose your elliptical trainer with 10 Kg extra capacity than your current body weight.

Key Features:

  • The sturdy and durable steel frame body
  • 14 inches Stride Length
  • Equipped with 10 Kg oval tube flywheel
  • Attractive LED display console board with multiple functions
  • Shows RPM, THR, pulse rate and more
  • 1 to 8 level manual resistance adjustment system
  • Maximum user weight capacity: 120 Kg


Kamachi OB-329 Elliptical Orbitrack Bike with Steel Wheel

Kamachi OB-329 Elliptical Orbitrack Bike with Steel Wheel

Elliptical orbitrack bikes are the ultimate option to stay fit in your busy schedule and life. Kamachi OB-329 is one of the most effective and advanced exercise bike models that is carefully engineered with multiple advanced features and facilities. The machine is powerfully constructed with a sturdy steel wheel that can support your high-intensity workout and make the model a durable one.

The single window display board helps you to track your fitness progress report by showing you the time, speed, distance, and calorie burning count accurately. The Kamachi OB-329 bike is crafted with a cushioned seat that gives you high-level support and comfort during your workout session.

The anti-skid pedals are specially crafted with ridges to prevent any unwanted accidental risk during exercise. The hand pulse system in its dual-action handles allows the monitor to display your pulse rate properly. The attractive design with stylish attributes makes it the most popular elliptical cross trainer model among all.

You can easily work for your upper body development with its rowing motion facility and use the cycle for your lower body workout. The maximum user weight capacity of this proficient exercise bike model is 110Kg. The adjustable tension knob allows you to set a perfect resistance for your intensive workout plan.

Key Features:

  • Constructed with high-quality steel material
  • Backed with adjustable seat
  • Featured with an adjustable tension knob
  • Heavy-duty steel flywheel
  • Large-sized pedals for better grip
  • Effective digital display board
  • Maximum user weight capacity: 110 kg



Welcare WC6044 Elliptical Cross Trainer with Hand Pulse Sensor & LCD Monitor

Welcare WC6044 Elliptical Cross Trainer with Hand Pulse Sensor & LCD Monitor


Welcare WC6044 Elliptical Cross Trainer machine is technically equipped with optimal advancement of technologies and features. The 8-level magnetic resistance control facility allows the users to level-up their workout intensity with less effort. The adjustable vertical seat makes the machine a suitable one for all people with different heights.

This WC6044 advanced walking machine is geared with 5 KG strong-built flywheel along with a 2-way rotational facility. This helps to speed-up your momentum with minor impact on your knees. There is a large-sized LCD monitor that displays all the fitness and health information like walking speed, workout time, calories burnt count, heart rate, and covered distance. The display unit can help you to keep a perfect track report of your workout for progress calculation.

The hand pulse pad meter is tactfully placed in the handrails to count your pulse-rate while working-out in a convenient way. The extra large-sized anti-slip foot pedals of this noise-free workout device ensure a safe and accident-free workout session for your family members. Not only for thighs and legs, but you can also exercise for your abdominal muscles, chest muscles, elbow-joints, biceps, and haunch with this Welcare Elliptical Cross Trainer.

The angle adjusting facility allows the users to fix a perfect corner as per their comfort. There are transport wheels crafted at the bottom of this sturdy exercise device that will help you to move the whole unit easy to store it.

Key Features:

  • Cross trainer with 5Kg flywheel
  • Maximum user weight: 90Kg
  • 8-level magnetic resistance control technology
  • Crafted with LCD monitor (display: time, distance, calorie burn, speed, heart rate)
  • Non-slip foot pedals to increase stability and safety
  • Backed with a heart-rate detector
  • Angle adjustment facility
  • Comes with transport-wheels


Cockatoo CE-01 Steel Motorized Elliptical Exercise Bike

Cockatoo CE-01 Steel Motorized Elliptical Exercise Bike

It’s now time to go for a cardiovascular workout session with Cockatoo CE-01 Elliptical Exercise Bike. This smart series steel motorized training partner device is geared with innovative and unique design and technology to deliver the best workout experience to its users.

The 16-level Motorized magnetic resistance adjustment system gives you full freedom to go for an intensive workout to meet your fitness goals in a shorter time. The computer-controlled elliptical exercise bike is also equipped with a highly-efficient LCD board.

With 12 exercises preset option, this monitor is specially featured with seven workout modes along with a BMI calculator facility. That tracking display unit can be a helpful one to track down your regular progress report.

The CE-01 model from Cockatoo is infused with 6 Kg flywheel (240 mm) to allow the trainee to exercise without any additional stress on their knee-joints. The machine is powered to carry a maximum 130Kg user weight and has accommodation for a maximum of 190 cm user’s height.

The motorized exercise bike is built with premium quality steel material that makes it the most durable and long-lasting fitness equipment. You can adjust the foot pedal into three positions according to your comfort. An effective facility allows you to keep your wrist in a natural way for an effective workout.

Key Features:

  • Steel motorized elliptical bike
  • 16-level computer-controlled magnetic resistance
  • Maximum weight capacity 130Kg
  • Max height capacity: 190cm
  • Crafted with LCD monitor (time, distance, speed, and calorie burning count)
  • Backed with 12 workout modes
  • BMI calculator includes
  • 6 Kg flywheel for smooth-walking experience
  • Fixed-incline pedals with a textured surface


Proline Fitness 335E Elliptical Trainer for exercise

Proline Fitness 335E Elliptical Trainer for exercise

Proline Fitness is one of the best fitness equipment manufacturing brands in India 2022 . Now it has brought you its latest 335E Elliptical Trainer model for fitness lovers. This lightweight (only 25Kg) exercise unit is composed of an 8-level manual magnetic tension adjuster. This feature helps you to adjust the tension level as per your workout needs to touch your preset fitness goal targets within time.

The 335E Elliptical machine is technically advanced with six computerized function modes for advanced training. The model comes with a 5Kg flywheel that ensures a hassle-free and smooth walking workout experience without any extra stress or pressure on your knee joints. The large-sized non-skid pedals are specially designed to promote your momentum for the extra effort.

Moreover, this Cross Trainer machine from Proline Fitness is an ideal choice for both men and women to reshape their bodies. The maximum user weight carrying capacity of this machine is nearly 110Kg. There is an easy-to-use dial knob that helps you to control the resistance level for an intensive workout.

This elliptical trainer is designed with a handgrip sensor to monitor your heart rate counts. You can easily check the result by just placing your palm on the handle and read the heart rate by glancing on the screen. This is one of the best selling fitness models in India 2022 that is manufactured by an ISO certified company.

Key Features:

  • Six functions computerized Hand pulse facility
  • 8 level outer magnetic manual tension adjuster
  • 5Kg flywheel for extra smooth and free walking experience
  • Maximum user’s height: 110Kg
  • Made by an ISO certified company
  • Crafted with non-skid pedals for extra safety
  • Featured with high-tech smart display screen board


Kamachi OB-330 Elliptical Orbitrack Bike

Kamachi OB-330 Elliptical Orbitrack Bike

Kamachi elliptical (4 in 1) orbitrack bike is advanced bodybuilding equipment that provides high-ending indoor workout experience to its users. The sleek design OB-330 of this model is technically composed of cycle, stepper, dumbbells, and twister. The foldable option with its twister and stepper makes the machine more compact and easy-to-store for the users.

If you are looking for a perfect device for a full-body workout, then this OB-330 exercise bike will undoubtedly be the best option for you to buy. There are five digital windows at the display board of this fitness equipment that is specially crafted to display cycling speed, workout time, and travelled distance. It also shows calorie-burning counts and heart-rate scan reports on its LCD screen.

This professional workout unit comes with a 4-way adjustable seat that allows the trainee to set it as per their comfort. The dual action handle of this fitness gadget is covered with a firm grip that ensures its 100% user safety. The maximum weight carrying capacity of this machine is 110Kg. The device is very much suitable for all beginners, kids, and adults to reshape their bodies with perfect exercise.

Also, the Kamachi OB-330 model comes with a user manual guide inside the box. You just have to follow the instruction of that manual to install the device at home. The machine is specially equipped to tone your both upper and lower body shape in an effective way.

Key Features:

  • 4 in 1 exercise bike
  • Backed with dual action handle
  • 4-way adjustable seat
  • Maximum user weight capacity: 110Kg
  • Perfect for whole body workout
  • Crafted with LCD boards
  • Durable and long-lasting product
  • Convenient, sleek design body with foldable twister and stepper


Gymally Sports 4 in-1 Exercise Orbitrek-Steel Wheel with Seat and Pulse Stand

Gymally Sports 4 in-1 Exercise Orbitrek-Steel Wheel with Seat and Pulse Stand

Gymally Sports 4 in-1 exercise is heavy-duty fitness equipment that is featured with multiple functionalities and advanced technologies. The powerful exercise-cycle is technically backed with a smooth and flexible flywheel. This allows you to enjoy your running and walking exercise in a relaxed way without any stress and impact on your knee joints.

It takes only 10 minutes to have a fit and healthy body with this highly-efficient machine. You can feel 300% better affectivity than walking in this Orbitrek-Steel Wheel device. The digital display board in the middle of the handle allows taking a glance at your fitness information. It shows your covered distance, workout timing, running or walking speed, and calorie burning rate in its large size screen.

You can enjoy a whole-body workout session at your home with this Gymally Sports 4 in-1 model. It targets your arm, chest, shoulders, abdomen area, back-side, and thighs to get toned naturally within a shorter time. The model is also recommended by doctors for Cardiovascular training and workout.

The adjustable seat of this exercise machine allows you to set-down your sitting position with perfect comfort. It’s easy-to-glide wheels very effective to move the machine wherever you want at your home for a workout. The model comes with six months of warranty against any manufacturing defects.

Key Features:

  • Durable exercise bike with a sturdy frame
  • 4 in 1 effective fitness model
  • Backed with effective flywheels
  • Maximum user weight capacity: 110 Kg
  • Crafted with a digital display board
  • Effective for whole body workout
  • Recommended for Cardiovascular workout


LEEWAY Orbitrek Exercise Elite Cycle| Multi Orbitrack Elliptical Steel Wheel bike

LEEWAY Orbitrek Exercise Elite Cycle| Multi Orbitrack Elliptical Steel Wheel bike

LEEWAY Orbitrek Exercise Elite Cycle has brought you a better solution to do your gym at home for an advanced and comfortable workout plan. The dual driving flywheel of this technically sound and safe exercise bike is made of premium quality stainless steel material, which surely ensures its durability and longevity.

The multi-orbitrack elliptical steel wheel bike comes with an adjustable seat that gives you total comfort while using the cycle for a harder workout. The model is specially designed to get well-toned thighs and hips with a proper athletic shape via regular exercise. There is a digital display computerized console board in this model to show you important fitness figures. It displays total exercise time, covered distance, calorie-burning counts, cycling, running or walking speed, pulse rate, and heart scan report.

The LEEWAY Elite Cycle can carry a maximum 120Kg of load that is enough for your whole family to use the machine for better fitness. The dual action handlebar of this highly-effective workout equipment is covered with a foam grip to provide 100% safety to its users.

The self-balancing large-sized pedals ensure slip-less workout experience along with proper foot movements. The adjustable tension strap is attached with a knob that allows you to adjust the resistance as per your training needs.


  • Backed with belt brake resistance system
  • Maximum user weight capacity: 120kg
  • Powerful frame made with stainless steel material
  • Geared with a center design drive system
  • Crafted with advanced LCD console board
  • Featured with adjustable seat
  • Engineered with dual driving flywheel


Fitkit FK400 Magnetic Elliptical Trainer with Free Diet & Fitness Plan

Fitkit FK400 Magnetic Elliptical Trainer with Free Diet & Fitness Plan

If you are looking for perfect exercise equipment for cardio workouts, then Fitkit brings you the ideal model for you. FK400 Magnetic Elliptical Trainer is the most successful device from Fitkit that is technically augmented with many advanced functionalities and features for better performance.

This ergonomically designed walking device is fitted with large-sized pedals for a comfortable workout. The tubular steel construction gives the required firmness and durability to make the model a long-lasting and sturdy one for its users. It is an ideal model for the people who have weighed nearly 110 Kg for a workout.

Moreover, the digital monitor of this FK400 model is technically advanced with app facilities (Fitplus App) that shows all the fitness and workout information. The data includes time, distance, speed, heart rate, calorie burn counts, and more. The results can help you to keep a healthy track report of your training progress.

The 8 LBS flywheel with a multi-level adjustable resistance system allows the users to go for an advanced and harder workout session without any impact on their knee-joints. The Elliptical Trainer machine comes with a three months diet plan, free training sessions, and free doctor’s consultation.

The V- belt drive operating system allows you to go for a full-body workout with this machine. The anti-slip pedals are crafted with ridges to make it 100% safe for the users. The model is also effective for those who are suffering from back pain issues.

Key Features:

  • Multi-level magnetic resistance adjustment
  • 8 LBS of Flywheel
  • Tubular steel construction
  • Ideal product for a whole-body workout
  • Powerful non-slip pedals with ridge for safety
  • Maximum weight capacity: 110 Kg
  • Easy-to-move product with wheels


Buying Guide for Selecting Best Elliptical Machine

Without proper features, investing your hard-earned money in any exercise equipment is a sheer waste. Thus to guide you in buying the perfect elliptical machine, we have stated below some of the most vital factors to look for while making a final purchasing decision.


Types of Elliptical Trainers

Elliptical trainers are mainly classified into the following types.

Center Drive:

In this type of cross trainer, the flywheel is fitted at each side of the machine. They are ideal for smaller spaces or home use.


Variable Stride Length:

The user can adjust the settings for stride length in this type of elliptical trainers. It also allows the user to select which type of motion like running or walking she/he wants. In the running, the strides are longer, while in walking, the users have to take shorter strides.



In ergometer cross trainers, the user can measure the resistance in watts. These machines are ideal for athletes who want accuracy in the readings.


Rear Driven:

In rear-driven elliptical trainers, the flywheel is fitted at the back of the device. The movement of this machine is also a little different from other machines on this list.



This type of machine is equipped with a fan in the cage, but it includes a very restricted range of resistance. They are designed for a limited number of workouts and are not so durable.



Incline cross-trainers target the body’s various muscle groups. The level of inclination can be adjusted in this machine by simulating a walking hill or flat valley. They are the best to shape your upper thighs and core muscles.


Electromagnetic Resistance:

This type of elliptical machine applies the changing magnetic field to take control of the machine’s resistance level.


Belt Resistance:

The resistance level in this type of elliptical trainers is managed by the flywheel and belt of the machine.


Front Driven:

The flywheel of this machine is fitted at the front of the equipment. The motion of the front-driven trainers also is a little uncommon than the other machines.


Stride Length

The user’s stride length is measured by the maximum distances between the front of the rear foot and rear of the front foot. The stride length is one of the core elements to look for while thinking about a cross trainer for your body. You should make sure that the motion should be comfortable and natural while rotating the feet.

It is best to select an elliptical machine with a longer stride that will help you to go faster. There is also a risk of muscle straining if the strides are too long. Also, if it is too short, your muscles might cramp up, and you will feel less efficient. We would suggest going for an elliptical machine with longer strides if you are a taller person. The shorter people should select a more compact cross-trainer.



The weight of the flywheel is another factor that is very relevant while buying the elliptical machines. Flywheel weight affects motion smoothness and resistance. The momentum is built when training on an elliptical trainer. We would recommend purchasing a machine that includes a flywheel of at least 7kg weight. The higher the weight of the flywheel, the higher will be the build quality of the equipment.


Q factor

The Q factor is the total distance between the foot pedals. It will be more convenient to use the machine naturally when your legs are closer to it while exercising. Thus remember to select an equipment that has about five cms of Q factor as it will assist the user in maintaining a correct biomechanically workout position.


Monitoring of Heart Rate

The mechanism for heart rate monitoring differs from machine to machine. Most of the models include sensors in the handlebar to monitor the heart rate of the user correctly. Others connect a chest strap with wireless receivers that will transmit a clear heart rate to the console. This method displays more accurate results than those sensors on the handlebars.



Ensure that there is ample space in your home to accommodate the cross-trainer. Most of them come with wheels to move the machine easily anywhere in the house.


Rear or Front Drive

The cross trainers generally come with front and rear flywheels, which indicate the position of the wheels where they were placed. The rear flywheel drive has more natural movements, and the user feels more comfortable in it. However, this feature can be copied in a front flywheel drive through the implementation of articulating pedals that will replicate the motion.

Real wheel trainers include an adjustable ramp to target various muscle groups in the users’ body. While using a front flywheel drive, the stride of the user might belong to give a feel of jogging.


The Weight of the User

The elliptical machines meant for home use support the lowest maximum weight of the user. Higher ranges cross-trainers support heavier weights. The elliptical trainers meant for commercial use support the highest weight of the user. But they are more costly than the domestic ones.



The console in an elliptical machine controls the user’s workout by setting various programs and altering the resistance level. The console is also defined as an outlet to get feedback on the users’ progress and activity level. It displays accurate data like calories burnt, speed, and heart rate. Most of the consoles include an LCD screen to display the readouts. There are other models also that include consoles with touch screen features and backlit LCD.



Resistance in an elliptical trainer is mainly of two types: manual brake and belt resistance. Manual adjusting brakes are found in the machines with minor specifications. Implementation of magnetic resistance is much easier just by moving it closer or away from the flywheel. The resistance movement can also be controlled automatically through the console while exercising. This resistance is durable, too, as there is an absence of friction because of the electromagnetic system. We would suggest buying a cross-trainer with various ranges of motion resistance.


Overall Best Elliptical Machine:

At the end of this write up we would suggest you keep all your requirements in mind and then choose the elliptical machine carefully. All the machines mentioned above are the best, but our top pick among them would be Cockatoo CE03ADVANCE Smart Series Elliptical Cross Trainer. The reason for our bias towards this model is due to its flywheel, 8 level resistance control technology, LCD monitor, and displays time, speed, heart rate, and calorie burn.

It also includes foot pedals that protect against slippage and angle adjustment. Easy transport is also possible with it due to the presence of flexible transparent wheels. If some questions are still lingering on in your mind, then comment in the below section, and we will answer it shortly.

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