Is a multivitamin better than individual vitamins?

Is a multivitamin better than individual vitamins

You surely would have heard about the benefits of individual vitamins for curing certain diseases, isn’t it? You also must have wondered if consuming individual vitamins is better than consuming multivitamins, isn’t it? Frankly, this is quite a dilemma to choose between individual vitamins and multivitamins as both come with their respective benefits. Also, the … Read more

Choosing the right dry fruits for your health can make a big difference


Rich in vitamins, minerals, and proteins, dry fruits make a healthy and delicious snack. Even the health experts suggest including dry fruits in the diet for staying fit and healthy. Packed with many essential antioxidants, proteins, and fatty acids, dry fruits are little factories of good health. Though every dry fruit has its own quality … Read more

How to make Whey Protein taste good?

How to make whey protein taste good

Aren’t we all aware of the health benefits of protein powder, especially whey protein? Whey protein is one of the best sources to enhance muscle strength, muscle growth, and boosting energy levels. Despite the numerous benefits, unfortunately, some people have problems with the taste of the whey protein. Especially, if you are taking unflavored whey … Read more

10 Glutamine Rich Foods that Can Boost Your Muscle

Glutamine Rich Foods that Can Boost Your Muscle

The lack of glutamine in the body can cause disturbances in the immune system. Since the presence of glutamine is necessary to improve gut health, muscle growth, and athletic performance, doctors and nutritionists often recommend glutamine-rich foods. Glutamine performs various functions, like boosting our muscles and maintaining our immune system. There are several food items … Read more