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A good internet connection is everyone’s need and so is having a reliable router.

You need a suitable router to connect your multiple wireless devices with internet connectivity. With our dependency on the internet and the growing use of mobile devices, this need cannot be ignored.

It is just a matter of choosing the best router under 1000 but with so many options to choose from, the decision can be confusing. Knowing where to start and what to focus on can be a big relief.

Thus, we are here with our detailed research and analysis of some of the best routers available in the Indian market that can be a smart choice. If you are planning to buy a new router, here is everything that you need.


Best Router under 1000

TP-Link TL-WR845N N300 Wireless Router

The first name that has secured its name and cannot be missed from the list of the best router under 1000 is none other than a TP-Link model. TP-Link is one of the best brand names that ensures impressive and high-quality features accompanied by good-looking designs in their products.

The first thing that will win your heart is its 300mbps internet speed. This speed is totally ideal for uninterrupted sensitive applications like HD video streaming, online games, etc. Also, the users can rely on this speed for quick downloads and uploads on all the operating systems.

With its three 5dBi antennas, the users can be sure of getting great connectivity at every corner of their place. These antennas can also be trusted for improved stability and robustness during the connection. This router is also compatible with IPv6 internet protocol for the best browsing experience.

TP-Link never compromises with its safety features. The users can be sure of safe and secure browsing with easy wireless encryption with the WPS button. It is also enabled with parental control to control the access of all the offensive websites.

The working of this model is not just limited to be a router but it can be accessed in access point mode, range extender mode, and WISP mode. The users can also control the bandwidth for the guest IP address using its exclusive guest network.

TP-Link is trendy and it offers a wide range of products with a pocket-friendly budget to get quality services. The model comes with a 3-years manufacturing warranty as well.

Highlighted Features:

  • 5dBi antennas for stable and fast connectivity
  • Multiple working modes along with being a router
  • 300mbps internet speed for quick uploads and downloads
  • Enabled with parental control to block access of offensive websites
  • Exclusive and specific bandwidth for guests with guest network
  • Compatibility with IPv6 internet protocol


D-Link DIR-615 Wireless -N300 Router

D-Link is also a reliable and good brand name that can be trusted for its amazing performance. This model is not just a router but can also be used as a repeater when needed.

It comes with a fast speed of 300mbps and a high frequency of 2.4Ghz which allows the users to upload anything they want without any delays or interruptions. It can be used with all types of operating systems without any hassles.

With this wireless router, you can easily share your data connection with your loved ones using its high-speed connectivity. It is compatible with the ISP input of RJ 45 however; it is not compatible with ISP input RJ 11.

The router has a 10/100 internet port for easily connecting with wireless devices and allowing smooth sharing and streaming data across the home network. It comes with dual antennas that offer a maximum coverage area of 450 sq. ft.

Thanks to its advanced security features, you can be sure that your Wi-Fi connection is well-protected at every stage. All the activities and browsing that you perform on the internet are secured using WPA and WPA2 wireless encryption.

For offering an easy-hand to the users, it comes with an easy-to-use web-based setup that can guide the users to set up everything without any hassles. It also offers a 3-years manufacturing warranty. Not only the price of this router is affordable but all its offered features are also excellent.

Highlighted Features:

  • 300mbps speed and 2.4Ghz high-frequency for quick uploads and downloads
  • Quick installation with web-based setup and fast data sharing feature
  • Offers great browsing security using WPA and WPA2 wireless encryption
  • Dual 5dBi antennas for fast and stable internet connection
  • Compatible with ISP input RJ 45


Tenda N301 Wireless -N300 Router:

Tenda N301 Wireless -N300 Router

Tenda needs no introduction when we are talking about the best routers in the market. The brand has made its distinguished place in the market; all thanks to its affordable and high-quality services offered by the dedicated products.

This Tenda N301 comes with a quality interface and features, so you can be sure of getting uninterrupted services for all your needs. It makes an ideal choice for everyday uses like email, chatting, online games, videos, etc. with its internet speed of 300mbps. Along with this, the users can also get the benefits of its fast working high-frequency of 2.4Gz.

It can also be used as a client router to wirelessly connect the ISP network or to uplink AP to share the internet to every corner of the room. This means there won’t be any dead ends with your stable connection.

It comes with its two Omni-directional 5dBi antennas for a stable connection that can be enjoyed for all the needs. However, the only problem with this model is its short-range connection.

Talking about its safety features, it won’t be wrong to say that all the activities with this router are secured in all ways. It securely protects the information with its wireless encryption using the WPS button.

For convenient connectivity with the wireless devices, it comes with 4 ports – 1 WAN port and 3 LAN ports. It can be easily set up without any hassles and offers a 3-years manufacture warranty along.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes with two 5dBi antennas for stable connectivity
  • Easy connectivity with wireless devices using 1WAN and 3 LAN ports
  • Ensures complete safety using WPS wireless encryption
  • Offers 300mbps internet speed for uninterrupted accessibility
  • Easy to set up and install


Netgear D500 N150 ADSL2+ Modem Router:

Netgear D500 N150 ADSL2+ Modem Router

This Netgear D500 N150 ADSL2+ Modem Router gives you all the services and facilities to be connected with your loved ones throughout. The reliability, security, and speed of this router are totally commendable.

For establishing secure wireless connections with compatible devices, it makes use of the available 2 ethernet ports and 1 ADSL port. It is also compatible with all the leading operating systems and thus causes no hassles with its connectivity.

It comes with an inbuilt ADSL2+ modem for offering seamless connectivity without any breaking. For decent downloading, streaming, and uploading, it supports speed up to 150mbps. You can be sure of getting uninterrupted connectivity throughout your place with this modem router.

Well, this modem router is not just about easy wireless connectivity, but it also ensures convenient installation and setup. It takes just a few minutes to get set up using an iPad, tablet, or smartphone with its simple browser-based installation option.

Coming to the offered safety of the wireless connections, it relies on wireless encryption using the WPA and WPA2 security options. It works well with DSL internet services providers along with offering compatible working with all the leading ISP like BSNL, Airtel fibernet, Hathway, Tikona, etc.

This wireless router is designed to offer you with lot more accessibility than just a few limited ones. You also get a 2-years manufacture warranty with this Netgear D500 N150 ADSL2+ Modem Router.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes with an inbuilt ADSL2+ modem
  • Works well with telephone line ISPs and cable broadbands as well
  • Decent sharing and browsing experience with its 150mbps speed
  • Ensures safety with WPA and WPA2 wireless encryption
  • Comes with an easy installation and a 2-years manufacture warranty


TP-Link TL-WR841N 300Mbps Wireless Router

Enabled with lots of quality features, this TP-Link TL-WR841N 300Mbps Wireless Router is one of the oldest products of the brand TP-Link. It is quite popular amongst the users to offer quality services with its extensive compatibility and wide connectivity range.

With its 300Mbps speed, you can download all your favourite movies or videos at a lightning speed without any interruptions. It not only provides high-speed internet to the users but it also gives quick access to online games and smart TV features. The dual antennas ensure to provide steady internet access for hassle-free video calls with your loved ones.

This Wi-Fi router also provides optimum safety with its WPS button to access encryption. The users are also given access to blacklist and whitelist the email addresses for advanced safety while using the internet.

It is also compatible with IPv6 internet protocol for better and speedy connectivity to any device without any hassles. Moreover, it is also compatible with all the leading ISP like Airtel Fibernet, Hathway, Excel, etc. This assures to cause no problems during the time of installation.

The users are also given 1+4 WAN and LAN ports for convenient multimedia connections. The users also get the advantage of bandwidth control based on IP. The admin can control and decide the allotted bandwidth to each PC.

At an affordable low price, this TP-Link router comes packed with amazing features for a stable, secure, and fast internet connection. Combining everything, this router has every quality to be termed as the best router under 1000.

Highlighted Features:

  • Dual antenna for fast speed internet
  • 300mbps wireless speed without any interruptions
  • WPS security encryption
  • Compatibility with IPv6 Internet protocol version and all leading ISP
  • Users can blacklist and whitelist the email addresses


Best Wifi Router Under 1000

With its wide range of products, TP-Link is one popular and well-known names in the Indian market. The brand has something or the other to offer for every requirement. Talking about this model from the brand, it is a router with a glossy finish and many amazing performing features.

For fast internet access, the router comes with a 300mbps speed. with such amazing speed, the users can enjoy all their favourite online games, shows, videos, and download movies without any hassles. The speed is quite ideal for both emergency work and bandwidth-oriented work.

The dual antenna ensures effective performance with the best services and no compromises. Like the other routers from the brand, even this model is compatible with all the leading ISP to cause no problems at the time of installation.

For better safety and security, this router is also enabled with WPS security encryption. Apart from this, it also brings the benefit of the parental control feature. You can set the required passwords for the websites which you don’t want to be accessed by your children.

Well, not only this but the users are also given the advantage of creating an exclusive access zone for the guests. With this, the admin can control what bandwidth and accessibilities to be provided to the guests.

With its continuous use, sometimes the SSID shows no-internet message but that’s only a temporary thing. Lastly, the glossy finish of this router will bring an additional charm to your place along with an uninterrupted and stable Wi-Fi connection.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes with 300mbps internet speed
  • Enabled with WPS security encryption
  • Compatible with 802.11b/g products and IPv6 internet protocol
  • Comes with the best parental control feature
  • Exclusive access zone for the guests


Mercusys MW325R 300Mbps Wi-Fi Router:

Mercusys MW325R 300Mbps Wi-Fi Router

If you are looking for a suitable router to offer you great value for money with its multiple features, then Mercusys MW325R 300Mbps Wi-Fi Router would make the best choice. Thanks to its great quality and looks, the product is in high demand in the market.

The best quality of this router is its offered maximum coverage. With its four 5dBi antennas, it can provide its uninterrupted working speed to a 500m2 wireless coverage range. Besides, the high gain antennas improve the strength, size, and stability of the wireless signal.

The users can also make the best use of its 300mbps wireless speed for all their streaming, uploading, and downloading needs. The speed is just apt for fast downloading of large files without any difficulties.

With all its amazing features, special care has been taken to not have any compromises with the security of accessibility. Using its advanced encryption feature, it ensures to keep the wireless connection safe from intruders. It relies on the WPS wireless encryption to maintain the confidentiality of the connection, accessibility, and browsing.

Along with this, it also is enabled with a parental control feature with which the users can restrict the access of any offensive website. The users can also preserve their main network by creating an exclusive network for their guests.

It can also be trusted to have easy wireless connections with compatible wireless devices. For this, it comes with 3 LAN ports and 1 WAN port. Lastly, it causes no hassles for its installation and can easily be set up within a few minutes. It also offers the maximum manufacture warranty of 3-years.

Highlighted Features:

  • Convenient wireless connectivity with 3 LAN and 1 WAN port
  • 300mbps wireless speed with enhanced strength, stability, and size
  • Comes with 4 5dBi antennas for maximum coverage
  • Enabled with parental control and exclusive guest network features


TP-Link TL-WR740N Wireless Router

The TP-Link TL-WR740N Wireless Router has got every feature to be an ideal and suitable product for domestic uses. With its advanced features, affordable price and great looks, this particular model from the brand has impressed each and every one.

To begin with, this model does not include a modem and thus, works well with cable broadbands only. With an RJ-45 ethernet cable, it easily accesses the Wi-Fi facility without any dropouts. It is compatible with most of the leading cable broadband services such as Airtel fiber net, Tikona, etc.

There is also a bandwidth control service enabled with this wireless router. This service allows users to control how much bandwidth is allotted to every device. For further maintaining a secure connection, it makes use of the QSS button to have wireless encryption.

The router offers a wireless speed of 150mbps which is quite decent to have continuous and uninterrupted streaming and downloads. You can also have HD quality videos, internet calling, or video calling at this available speed.

This wireless router comes with 1 antenna. However, you will not face any problems with accessing Wi-Fi in your entire house with the help of the WDS bridge feature of this router. This feature effectively extends the connectivity range of the Wi-Fi.

With all its amazing features, this wireless router is also a charm with its attractive looks. It also offers a 3-years manufacture warranty.

Highlighted Features:

  • Works with cable broadbands only and not with any modem
  • Wireless speed of 150mbps for decent streaming and downloading
  • Uses a WDS bridge for extending the range of Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Ensures secure encryption with the use of the QSS button
  • High compatibility with cable broadband services using an RJ-45 ethernet cable


Mi Smart Router 4C:

Mi Smart Router 4C

Mi is not just a known name for its quality smartphones but is also a trending name in the market for its wide range of amazing routers. Mi routers are all about 2 basic attractions – faster speed and better connectivity.

With its 4 Omni-directional antennas, it ensures a smooth and uninterrupted browsing experience in the entire place. Be it any corner of the house, with this router’s better coverage you can be sure of getting connectivity there. It can cover a maximum distance of 400 sq. ft.

It further strengthens its browsing experience with a speed of 300mbps and a high-frequency of 2.4GHz. this combination is quite ideal for faster and smooth web browsing, online games, video streaming, uploading, downloading, etc.

Moreover, the users can enhance the network speed by making use of its Wi-Fi optimization feature. The users can adjust all the desired settings of the Wi-Fi according to their needs for hassle-free accessibility.

Not only this, but the users also have the control to allocate the desired bandwidth to the connected devices. With the Quality of Service feature, the users can be sure of getting only the excellent services from the router. Thanks to the parental control feature, all the offensive websites can be taken care of.

It also offers a 1-year of the manufacture warranty to its users. Lastly, it also offers an easy hand to the users with its setup and installation.

Highlighted Features:

  • Designed with 4 Omni-directional antennas with 300mbps speed
  • Compatible with one-touch Mi Wi-Fi control app
  • Suitable for seamless connections with all the IoT devices
  • Enabled with parental control feature with Wi-Fi optimization
  • Offers easy setup and installation within no time


D-Link DSL-2730U ADSL2+ Router

With its optimal and exceptional performance, this D-Link DSL-2730U ADSL2+ Router guarantees to offer you great value for money. The router is an excellent choice to enjoy fast internet accessibility with all the safety measures at an affordable price.

The first impressive thing about this router is its fast internet connection with the potential to take you to the whole world of connectivity. You can experience unmatched internet accessibility with an amazing blazing speed with an ADSL2+ internet connection.

We all look for safe and secure internet connections, don’t we? Well, with this router you would never have to compromise with your connectivity safety. It maintains a secure connection using its wireless encryption and Quality of Service feature to offer protection against network failure.

Thanks to its 150mbps speed and a high-frequency of 2.4GHz, the router can deliver exceptional performance. The users can conveniently browse the internet with decent uploading, downloading, online games, video streaming accessibility, etc.

For offering better coverage to the users, this router is designed with a single antenna. The users can establish secure connectivity with the various wireless devices using the available 4 LAN ports and 1 WAN port. The universal plug-and-play allows the connected devices to seamlessly discover each and other for quick data sharing and transfer.

Last but not the least, the router is quite easy to assemble by following a step-by-step guide. It also offers a 3-years manufacture warranty to the users to be a complete package of excellent performance.

Highlighted Features:

  • ADSL2+ internet connection for an unmatched performance
  • Maintains connection safety with encryption and quality of service feature
  • 150mbps speed and 2.4GHz frequency to deliver exceptional functionality
  • Designed with 1 antenna along with 4 LAN ports and 1 WAN port
  • Quick data sharing with universal plug-and-play


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Choosing the best router under 1000 can be a little tricky, but with the right information and detailed analysis, you surely can pick out the best one.

According to our recommendation, we would like to suggest buying the TP-Link TL-WR845N N300 Wireless Router. With its excellent safety features, fast speed, uninterrupted connectivity, and multiple work modes, this router has got all the qualities that make it a distinguished choice from the rest of the mentioned names.

Let us know if you have any other brilliant router to your knowledge. Also, if you need any other information related to any of the mentioned routers, then please do comment below. We will reach out to you with the best possible help.

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