Dymatize CLA Capsules – 90 Softgell

Dymatize CLA

  • Contain 780mg of CLA in each capsule
  • Made up with non-GMO safflower oil
  • A gluten-free product to intake
  • 90 tablets for 90 days served
  • Reduce extra fat and promote lean mass
  • Advanced with linoleic acid elements
  • Helps to lose weight in a shorter time
  • Enhance your workout ability


Obesity will never let you live with 100% freedom in your life. Are you planning to lose some extra fat by having some effective hard workout sessions? If yes, then you can try Dymatize CLA Weight Loss Supplement with your workout to get the best and quick results. This health supplement from Dymatize comes in a soft gel capsule form that helps to reduce your body fat and promote your lean mass to get a better shape.

The bottle of this product contains 90 capsules inside it for 90 days serving, which means you need to consume 1 capsule daily to get the best result. This Dymatize CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) is infused with 780 mg of CLA in each capsule that supports the fat-burning activities of your body.

CLA is a fatty acid that is naturally found in milk products and meat that supports fat loss in your body. This Dymatize CLA capsule contains CLA without any calories that can easily help you to achieve your goal for a leaner body.

This CLA weight loss supplement is the best nutrient partitioning solution for men and women’s health. It will help you to control your diet to assist you to get the perfect body shape you want.

This is a 100% gluten-free product that is backed with PreWO and L-Carnitine Xtreme to provide the best result for you. Let us take a close look at these soft gel capsules and check all the useful advantages.