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Neurologist in Chennai

Neurology is a centre of excellence at apollo hospitals and deals with diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the nervous system. the apollo hospital neuro departments are equipped with the best team and state of the art facilities like neuro radiology, sleep lab, intensive care units etc. our neuro team takes care of more than 300 variety of problems like aneurisms, dementia, alzheimer’s, epilepsy, cerebro vascular diseases, headache, multiple sclerosis, stroke , neuro oncology, neurophysiology, sleep neurology . the apollo stroke program is a protocol based approach and is benchmarked with the best institutions in the world. taking the best of care for your nervous system is an aspect whose importance cannot be underlined enough, so leave it to the apollo portal to find the best Neurologist s for any challenge that befalls your nerves! Find the best advice for all your  health needs, Apolloedoc portal offers appointments with the best neurologists in chennai to cater to all your medical problems. Apolloedoc offers hassle-free, quick appointments with the finest neurologists in chennai.  Avail Excellent treatment options for all your health problems and ensure your well-being with their expertise and care.