Sheena Behera

Sheena Behera knows the top to bottom when it comes to home appliances. She graduated from the Indian Institute of Science with Mechanical Engineering in the year 2011. She has spent a lot of time working with clientele who require safe and efficient electronic appliances. Her main task at apolloedoc, as an expert, is to provide an unbiased opinion on the safety, durability, and longevity of products we use at our homes daily.  She has ample experience in HVAC systems ((heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), and sets strict standards for what passes in her list. Sheena has been working with us since 2018 and has consistently provided our readers with the necessary information to make the right buying decision.  Playing badminton, keeping herself fit, and binge-watching series’ on Netflix are some of her favourite pastimes. She also enjoys flowing away in the stories of fictional books like Harry Potter and The Handmaid’s Tale. She has a chirpy, yet strong collaborative skills and works hand-in-hand with our other writing experts whenever required. Although her family is originally from Odisha, she has spent most of her childhood in Bangalore due to her father’s transfers.
How Often Should You Wash Your Bed Sheets

How Often Should You Wash Your Bed Sheets?

Hygiene is necessary for all walks of life. It is even more crucial when it comes to bedding. If you are not cleaning your sheets and mattress regularly and efficiently, it may lead to skin rashes, allergies, or breakouts. We sleep around 48 to 60 hours per week. During this time, our bedsheets collect dirt, … Read more

How to remove tea stains from clothes

How to Remove Tea Stains from Clothes?

The stubborn tea stains on your clothes or carpets won’t let go. But, worry not because we have the perfect ways for you. These ways can remove tea stains with one wash and make your clothes, bedding, or carpets as good as new! But first we need to know why common detergents cannot wash off … Read more

Coir Mattress | Everything That You Should Know

What is Coir Mattress | Everything That You Should Know

Finding a suitable mattress is not always an easy task, especially when you have many fantastic options around, offering plenty of benefits. You must have come across a coir mattress during your search for a perfect and suitable mattress. Just like many other mattresses, a lot has been said about the coir mattresses. But is … Read more

What All You Should Know About Memory Foam Mattress

What is Memory Foam Mattress? (Different types and who invented it)

When looking for a mattress, you can find ourself amidst a wide range of possibilities. While going through the many available options, memory foam mattress would be one of the popular names. We are sure you must have heard about memory foam mattresses and are also somewhere aware of their fabulous attributes. Aren’t you curious … Read more

sleepwell mattress review

Sleepwell Mattress Review | Our Top 5 Picks

All the mattresses from Sleepwell brilliantly combine comfort and technology. They design their products to help you remove or lessen back pain while sleeping, which has become of the primary concern of most people. The mattresses are a perfect amalgamation of PU and memory foams concentrating on the pressure points of the body to decrease … Read more

Springwel Mattress Review

Springwel Mattress Review; Advantages & Disadvantages Discussed

Springwel Mattress is one of the most pioneering mattresses manufacturing companies implementing the latest technology in India. If you are looking for a sleeper friendly option that will offer deep down the spine and mental support to you, then look no further and opt for any mattress from Springwel. This would undoubtedly be your best … Read more

The Ultimate Guide For Different Types of Mattress in India

What Are Different Types of Mattress in India?

A mattress suitable for your back or a mattress that supports your entire body – which one to choose? The mattress you sleep is essential to decide the quality of sleep you are getting. Therefore, it is crucial to choose the right type of mattress for your undisturbed and sound sleep. Yet, unfortunately, many people … Read more

Springtek Mattress Review

Springtek Mattress Review – Are they good Enough?

Sleeping peacefully and without any problem in the body is what every single human desire. But, the reality is mostly untrue to it. Well, this can be made possible only with the Springtek Mattresses as they include an immense collection of the entire range of mattresses like a hybrid, orthopedic, and spring mattresses. With more … Read more

Flo Mattress Review

Flo Mattress Review; Why We Recommend It?

Sleep deprivation is one of the common problems among working-class people. Some don’t get enough sleep because of their stress and anxiety while some are still struggling to find their perfect mattress to sleep. Yes, most people haven’t found their suitable mattress for use and are still confused. This mainly is because of the wide … Read more

What is a HEPA Filter

What is a HEPA Filter?

We all are well aware of the necessity of air in our life. It is an indispensable element for us to live. But due to many reasons, it gets contaminated, resulting in unhealthy air quality inside your abode. It never really matters whether you stay in a rural town or dense area. The polluted air … Read more