Best Menstrual Cup in India 2022

Best Menstrual Cup in India 2022

Feminine hygiene products are often priced higher, especially sanitary pads and tampons. This is why women opt for menstrual cups for two reasons. First, it effectively collects the fluid without any changes of leakage. Secondly, since it is reusable, it turns out to be a cost-efficient option. But if you are new to menstrual cups, … Read more

CGM Vs BGM | Which Monitor is Best?

CGM Vs BGM | Which Monitor is Best

Do you know? 80% of adults have prediabetes, but they do not see that they have it! It is because most people in the world say prevention is better than cure but do the opposite. In simple words, unless they develop diabetes, they do not go for blood sugar testing. Non-diabetic people should always go … Read more

10 Glutamine Rich Foods that Can Boost Your Muscle

Glutamine Rich Foods that Can Boost Your Muscle

The lack of glutamine in the body can cause disturbances in the immune system. Since the presence of glutamine is necessary to improve gut health, muscle growth, and athletic performance, doctors and nutritionists often recommend glutamine-rich foods. Glutamine performs various functions, like boosting our muscles and maintaining our immune system. There are several food items … Read more

4 Ways to Straighten Hair Naturally at Home

How to Straighten Hair Naturally at Home

Getting your hair looks straight, healthy, and sleek might be solving like a tough equation of math. Using styling tools like hair strips can rip off the moisture from your hair, ultimately causing breakage. With time and regular use, hair straighteners, hot curlers, or blow dryers can cause severe damages that can make even the … Read more

Is a multivitamin better than individual vitamins?

Is a multivitamin better than individual vitamins

You surely would have heard about the benefits of individual vitamins for curing certain diseases, isn’t it? You also must have wondered if consuming individual vitamins is better than consuming multivitamins, isn’t it? Frankly, this is quite a dilemma to choose between individual vitamins and multivitamins as both come with their respective benefits. Also, the … Read more

Paleo Diet Indian Version for Weight Loss

Paleo Diet Indian Version

It took many decades for humans to develop from our intimates to this current state. Since this state works for us, it also makes us susceptible to various disorders and diseases. The predecessors were muscular enough to hound down wild animals or be chased by them. They can also withstand cold just by warming themselves … Read more

What Is Normal Blood Sugar Level According To Your Age?

What Is Normal Blood Sugar Level According To Your Age

Prolonged high blood sugar can have adverse effects on your health. It can potentially damage the vessels that supply blood to the other important organs. This can lead to stroke, heart diseases, vision problems, kidney diseases, nerve issues, etc. This is why it is necessary to understand the normal blood sugar level, especially as per … Read more

How Many Calories Should I Eat a Day to Gain Muscle

How Many Calories Should I Eat a Day to Gain Muscle

Putting on weight isn’t the fight. But, putting on healthy weight is a difficult task. Gaining weight does not mean eating anything without any control. Gaining weight requires a strategic approach towards nutrition and exercising regularly to benefit from it. Gaining muscles is very similar to weight loss. You need to regulate the calories you … Read more

Protinex vs Whey Protein | Which One is for You

Protinex vs Whey Protein

Protein is an essential nutrient that brings significant nutritional benefits to the table. It helps build muscles, make hormones and enzymes, and repairs tissues. While one can get protein from their diet, some additional help is always appreciated. Well, those requirements can be fulfilled with the help of protein powder. However, it can be challenging … Read more

Best Fat Burner | Best Fat Burning Supplements in India 2022

Best Fat Burner

According to many studies, when you’re on a weight-loss or fitness journey, your focus should be on reducing the fat percentage in your body—instead of being fixated on a weighing scale. Fat burners are designed to do this job for you! But there are many misconceptions about fat burners on the market, and you might … Read more

Best Pain Relief Spray in India 2022

Best pain relief spray

Chances of muscular pains have increased to a high level due to our stressful lifestyle, hectic schedules damaged mattress. Pain is the clear warning of a prevailing condition sent by the body to our brain to register the potential damage done to the tissues. Pain is quite annoying but it is one of the most … Read more