Ankit Kumar

After completing this graduation in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Manipal University in 2013, Ankit began rummaging the current Indian market of technology and science. At apolloedoc, Ankit’s job profile consists of cumulating, researching, testing, and verifying products related to tech. He has a knack for details and catches even the tiniest advantages and flaws that can make or break the product. Since last year, he has been writing for apolloedoc and has been our knight in shining armour when reviewing home appliances. Ankit’s favourite pastimes consist of jamming onto his guitar with a couple of friends and constantly updating and learning new things! He is also a big-time pet lover and has a cute little pug named Oreo back in Chandigarh. He has bagged many achievements in his college by participating in multiple extracurricular activities. Writing is something that comes to Ankit naturally. He has his own blog where he posts about coding languages and even provides coaching to students from 12th grade to 2nd year of college. At apolloedoc, Ankit beautifully showcases his knack for the written word by lucidly explaining information in an unbiased way.
Amazing Ways To Use Hibiscus For Hair

10 Effective Ways To Use Hibiscus For Hair

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Is Biotin Tablet Good For Hair? Does It Really Work?

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How To Make Rose Water At Home

How To Make Rose Water At Home?

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How To Gain Weight Naturally

How To Gain Weight Naturally? (10 Effective Tips)

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How To Become Slim? (11 Tips To Get Slim Body)

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Avoid Bloating After Drinking Protein Shakes

5 Ways To Avoid Bloating After Drinking Protein Shakes

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10 Ways Your Mattress Affects Your Sleep and Health

10 Ways Your Mattress Affects Your Sleep and Health

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Which Water Purifier Should You Buy if Your Water Has High TDS

Which Water Purifier Should You Buy if Your Water Has High TDS?

Water is the most crucial need for humans. Without water, the human body cannot work. Every system of the body, from cells to tissues, needs water to function correctly. But what if you found that your water has high TDS, which can cause many diseases? So, not only water but healthy and safe water is … Read more

How to use toner?

How to use toner? A Complete Guide on Face Toners

Many beauty experts and influencers on social media recommend adding toners to your skincare routine. But, we often aren’t aware of what toner actually is or how to use it the correct way. Using toner regularly can provide benefits for your skin especially in the long run. Unlike cleansers, toners clean out the impurities from … Read more

Almond Oil on Your Face

5 Amazing Benefits to Using Almond Oil on Your Face

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