Best Bluetooth Earphones under 1000-1500

Wireless Bluetooth headphones are giving a tough competition to conventional earphones. This is mainly because of the availability, features, and affordability. The headphones can seamlessly pair with any other device offering the same quality of sound output. Neckband counterparts are also an added advantage of some of the models of Bluetooth Earphones.

Thus, if you search for wireless Bluetooth under the budget of 1000 to 1500, you have come to the right platform. In this article, we will share with you the list of the best Bluetooth Earphones under the budget of 1000 to 1500. Proceed to read the article for more information on them.


10 Best Bluetooth Earphones under 1000-1500

Depending on the battery life, connectivity, sound quality, comfort, and performance, below are the Best Bluetooth Earphones under 1000 to 1500 INR


Infinity (JBL) Glide 120 Metal In-Ear Wireless

Infinity (JBL) Glide 120 Metal In-Ear Wireless

It is now time to enjoy immersive quality music with great Infinity signature sound from JBL Glide 120 Metal In-Ear Wireless headset. With 32 ohms of impedance and 20 Hz – 20 kHz frequency, this high-end sound system comes with multiple features and technological advancements. The Bluetooth V5.0 of this model ensures seamless pairing and connectivity with other devices like laptops, tablets, music players, smartphones, and more.

The powerful Polymer battery (Rating: 85) of this JBL Glide 120 allows the device to play 7 hours of music under fully charged conditions and optimum sound settings. This equipment’s solid metal build-up enhances its durability, longevity, and flexibility for users to anywhere you want. The neckband’s Flexsoft design allows you to go for jogging, workout, and walk with the device for a longer period comfortably.

Moreover, this metal in-ear wireless earphone’s enhanced deep bass feature comes with a 12 mm Dynamic driver to deliver premium quality sound with crispy effects. IPX5 sweat and waterproof technology keep the gadget safe from getting damaged due to unwanted splash. You can enjoy a slip-free and tangle-free headphone experience with its magnetic earbuds. Just clip the earbuds and get rid of the hassle of adjusting them.

There is a 3-button remote in the middle of this device that can make your operating task easy and simple. You can easily play, pause, and skip tracks without reaching out to your smartphone. With a hands-free calling facility, you can also activate the voice assistant feature through this earpiece.


Highlighted Features:

  • 7 hours of battery life (single charge)
  • Geared with dual equalizer technology (normal & deep bass mode)
  • Bluetooth V5.0 for seamless connectivity
  • Flexible and metallic design of earbuds
  • Suitable to use in the workout and walking
  • Magnetic earbuds with 12mm Dynamic driver
  • Backed with hands-free calling facility
  • Comes with a 3-button remote for easy handling
  • Voice assistant facility includes


Mivi ThunderBeats Bluetooth Earphones

Mivi ThunderBeats Bluetooth Earphones

Bring Mivi ThunderBeats Bluetooth headphones home and immerse yourself with the optimal joy of listening to high-end music. Experience HD quality sound effects with crystal clear resonance in your ear with a low latency rate. The device can lead you to the harder workout or a tough jogging session with no fear of getting damaged by sweat or water splash.

The Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity option with 30 feet of operation rage allows you to move freely with no sound cut interruption. The powerful Lithium-ion battery supports the device to playback for over 7 hrs on a single charge. The HD based sound and Super bass allow the users to catch every minor sound effect with high-transparency.

The light-weight and rugged metallic design of this high-efficient earpiece ensure to withstand against all conditions. The magnetic lock feature is another useful headset facility that allows the users to manage this earbud with no hassle. The in-line mic with a multi-functional button of this Mivi Bluetooth earphone gives you a complete hands-free calling facility.

Besides, all you need to do is just press and hold the MFB button for 5 seconds to blink the red & blue LED light and turn on the Mivi T-Beats for greater connectivity. Just tap the Mivi T-Beats to connect your device via Bluetooth.

The Glide 120 earphone comes in a complete package that contains 1 wireless earphone, 1 charging cable, two sets of earbuds, an instruction manual, and warranty papers inside the box. CVC passive noise cancellation feature is also present in this sound system to deliver call voice with extra clarity.


Highlighted Features:

  • Immersive quality HD sound output
  • 7 hours of battery life (fully charge condition)
  • Backed with Cvc 6. 0 passive noise cancellation technologies
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity option (30 feet operational range)
  • Compatible with wireless devices (smartphone, laptop, tablets, etc.)
  • Tangle-free design for easy handling
  • Comes with ergonomic design for the best fit


Infinity Glide 100 Bluetooth Earphone

Infinity Glide 100 Bluetooth Earphone

INFINITY is one of the best earphone manufacturing units that brings to you its latest Glide 100 Bluetooth Earphone. The technical advancement and latest wireless earphone units’ latest features allow the users to enjoy their favourite tracks with better sound quality and clarity. The Dual Equalizer modes (deep bass and normal) are the most effective wireless streaming system via Bluetooth.

The powerful Lithium Polymer battery composition of this Glide 100 model backs the device to perform for long 7 hours uninterruptedly with a single charge. It’s advanced 9 mm Wide Dynamic driver ensures the high-level audio output with better clarity and bass. The neckband design of this Infinity model fits perfectly for you and improves your styling.

The wireless earpiece comes with IPX5 technology that makes the use exceptionally comfortable and secure from getting damaged against sweats and water splash. You can always stay active and focused on your work, thanks to its magnetic earbuds. The feature stops the earbuds from getting tangled and misplaced while you are not using them. Just clip-up the earbuds together and keep them in a safe and secure position.

This product’s comfort fit design allows the users to listen to music for a long time with zero discomforts in the ears. The 15.8 x 3.5 x 10 cm dimensioned light-weight (15 gm) model has a 3-button remote in the side position for hands-free operational benefits. You can easily play, pause, and change tracks and receive phone calls with it.

Integration of the Voice Assistant facility is also an effective feature of this Glide 100 model that allows you to control the operation with voice command on GoogleNow and Siri.


Highlighted Features:

  • Dual equalizer system for a great music experience
  • 7 hours non-stop playtime capacity
  • Backed with deep bass and punchy audio
  • Crafted with advanced 9mm wide dynamic driver
  • IPX5 sweat and splash resistant
  • Magnetic earbuds facility (tangle-free handling)
  • Comfort-fit design with hands-free calling facility
  • Compatible with Voice Assistant feature


Boult Audio ProBass X1-WL in-Ear Wireless Earphones

Boult Audio ProBass X1-WL in-Ear Wireless Earphones

Choosing the right earphone that can give you total comfort with immersive quality sound has always been a difficult matter for anyone. Boult Audio ProBass X1-WL can make you choose easily due to its features and latest enhancements. The wireless earpiece comes with 12 hours of battery life that allows you to carry the gadget on your day out.

With the quick charging feature, the model takes only 1 to 1.5 hours to fully charge for outstanding performance. The Oval-shape designed earbuds of this ProBass X1-WL unit comes with an effective nozzle (60 degrees angled). The shape allows the earbuds to tunnel the sound directly into your ear canal to let you catch every track’s effect.

The noise-isolating feature is also there in this Boult model that clears all the unwanted noise around you during phone calls. The durable and light-weight headphone comes as a comfortable neckband with in-line control facilities.

Moreover, this model’s aerospace-grade micro woofer drivers deliver premium quality sound with a crisp tune and clear bass for 100% sound satisfaction to the listeners. The IPX5 water-resistant facility can keep the device always safe and secure from getting damaged against unwanted water splashes or sweat.

With the most advanced version of the Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity option, you can enjoy a seamless and stable connection. This Bluetooth earphone model’s dimension is 18 x 11 x 1.5 cm that comes with just 28 gm of weight. The device comes in a compact box that contains 1 X1-WL earphone unit, 2 pairs of extra earbuds, micro USB charging cable, a user guide book, and warranty documents inside it.


Highlighted Features:

  • Long battery life (12 hours playback)
  • Quick charging facility (1 – 1.5 hours)
  • A sturdy and light-weight earphone model
  • Noise isolating feature includes
  • Bluetooth version 5.0 for seamless connectivity
  • Backed with a high-quality mic
  • IPX5 sweat and splash-proof facility
  • Crafted with in-line control buttons


Boult Audio ProBass Curve Wireless Neckband Earphones

Boult Audio ProBass Curve Wireless Neckband Earphones

If you are searching for a better option to experience mesmerizing music with marvellous tone and deep bass, then Boult can be the ultimate solution for you. The new Audio ProBass Curve Wireless Neckband Earphones from Boult comes with multiple latest features and technologies to meet your sound expectation in a mind-blowing way.

With a powerful Lithium-Ion battery, this light-weight device (89 gm) can playback for 12-15 hours uninterruptedly with all optimized and crisp sound effects. The robust micro-woofer driver of this model delivers crystal clear sound with stable midst and clear highs.

The Noise Isolating feature of this ProBass Curve wireless earpiece unit can easily dominate all the unwanted sounds around you in any noisy environment during phone calls. It makes the call voice louder and clearer to make you feel comfortable to listen properly. This efficient headset’s oval shape design fits perfectly in your ear canal to tunnel-down the optimized sound directly with better tune and bass.

For the seamless connectivity, this highly efficient earpiece is backed with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 version. The inclusion allows the gadget to connect with other wireless devices like smartphones, laptops, and tablets, or music players in a faster way. There is also an alternative that allows you to connect the headset with 2 devices simultaneously at a time.

If you are a game lover, you can have some satisfactory audio effects with real-time impact during your gaming session with this Audio ProBass Curve model from Boult. The in-line control board allows you to take complete control over calls, music, and volume from it.


Highlighted Features:

  • 12-15 hours of battery life
  • Attractive curve design with oval-shaped earbuds
  • Comes with Off-axis magnet technology
  • Noise cancellation feature includes
  • Designed with micro-woofers drivers
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity option
  • IPX5 sweat and splash resistant model


Bass Evolution Tornado Bluetooth 5.0 Neckband Wireless Sports Earphone

Best Bluetooth Earphones under 1000

Bass Evolution brings you its latest edition of sports earphones that come with immersive quality sound and design to provide music lovers’ ultimate experience. The Tornado Bluetooth 5.0 wireless Neckband has multiple useful features and infused technology for crystal clear sound output with an ultra-long operating range of Bluetooth (50 meters).

With prolonged 8 hours of battery life, this mini earphone comes with CVC 6.0 noise cancellation facility. The feature allows the users to listen clearly and loudly during their phone call conversation. The system dominates all the unwanted sounds around you and makes the caller’s voice louder and easy to understand.

The metal casing of this 20.4 x 18.4 x 3.1 cm dimensioned wireless device from Bass Evolution fits perfectly in your ears and provides a comfortable sound experience. The nano-coated component makes the device secure against water splash and sweatproof one for use. The Tornado neckband model comes with a design for sports lovers with the longest range of Bluetooth connectivity.

Moreover, the 10 mm Dynamic driver of this sound system delivers music with Hi-Res audio quality. This is the most attractive gadget for powerful and deep bass lovers. The easy-to-use inline 3-buttons control makes your handling task easier. You can easily play and pause, skip music, volume control, and receive and answer calls with an immediate effect.

The 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response rate and 32 Ohms of impedance helps the wireless earpiece unit deliver premium quality sound output with better bass and clarity. It comes in a compact box that contains 1 tornado neckband, 1 micro-USB cable for charging, 3 ear tips (small, medium, and large), and user guide and warranty documents inside it.


Highlighted Features:

  • 8 hours of playtime capacity
  • Supports auto-pairing feature
  • Backed with Bluetooth 5.0 (seamless connectivity)
  • Long 50 meter of operating range
  • 10mm dynamic driver for outstanding sound delivery
  • Designed with 3-buttons inline controller
  • IPX-5 water, sweat, and rainproof model


pTron Bassbuds in-Ear True Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

pTron Bassbuds in-Ear True Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

It is time to immerse your music experience with light-weight earbuds from pTrone. The Bassbuds in-Ear True Wireless Bluetooth Headphones is one of the latest models that come with stereo effects and chip-set to deliver the high-end loss-less audio quality audio output to its listeners. The inclusion of Bluetooth version 5.0 enhances the connectivity system in a faster way. The lower power consumption rate of this ear-set unit makes the device last longer.

The Bassbuds model also supports dual stereo calling to make the voice clearer and louder for the users. This handy headphone’s unique acoustic design has cutting-edge sound quality with a high-frequency response and distortion-free bass. The Lithium Polymer battery composition of this sound unit allows the device to playback for 6 hours and calling for 5 hours with a single charge.

This model’s portable storage case is a highly efficient 400mAh charger that can charge your earbuds for at least 2-3 times a day. This headpiece unit’s net weight is just 28 gm (earbuds 4 gm) that allows you to enjoy your favorite tracks with no hassle of managing the tangled wire. It takes 1 to 1.5 hours to get fully charged-up for a performance.

Noise cancellation technology is a smart inclusion of this TWS earphone that powerfully dominates all the external noise around you to make the calling voice louder and clear for you. The 7.1 x 3.8 x 3.1 cm dimension is a perfect fit earphone, made with ABS+PC materials that make the device long-lasting and durable. The multi-function buttons in the earbuds allow you to take complete control of calls, music operation, and hands-free calling.


Highlighted Features:

  • In-ear True Wireless headset with stereo sound & bass
  • Backed with multi-function buttons on earbuds
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity (fast and smooth)
  • 6 hours of playtime and 5 hours of calling capacity
  • 10-meter wireless range and voice assistant support
  • Designed with built-in microphone for hands-free calling
  • Noise cancellation technology includes


WeCool Moonwalk M1 True Wireless Earbuds

Best Bluetooth Earphones under 1500

If you are looking for a sleek and ultra-stylish wireless headphone, then WeCool Moonwalk M1 True Wireless Earbuds can be the ultimate solution for you. The balanced and rich quality sound output of this light-weighted musical device comes with a great wireless connectivity option of Bluetooth 5.0 for fast and smooth connection & pairing.

This Moonwalk M1 unit’s ergonomic design comes with a smart LED display that can show you the charging condition and status. The latest v 5.0 Bluetooth connectivity option allows the unit to connect and pair quickly with other wireless devices. 10 meters of the operational range allows you to move freely and stay active and focused on your goals with no cutting-audio issue.

A multi-functional button on the earbuds allows you to control all the musical operations like play, pause, skip track, receive, and reject phone calls. The Moonwalk M1 model can play uninterruptedly for 4 hours in a fully charged condition. It takes 50 minutes for the earbuds and 1.5 hours for the charging case to get fully charged. The storage case of this model can easily charge the earbuds for 2 – 3 times a day.

The optimum sound quality and deep bass effect are the key factors in this WeCool headphone that attract more customers. With 4.8 x 4.8 x 3 cm of dimension and only 35 gm of weight (with storage case), this high-end earpiece comes with noise cancellation and hands-free calling facilities.


Highlighted Features:

  • A sleek and ultra-stylish shape that fits perfectly
  • Infused with Bluetooth V 5.0 connectivity
  • IPX5 rating sweat and splash-proof product
  • Lightweight product 35 gm (earbuds weight 3.5 gm)
  • 4 hours of uninterrupted playback capacity
  • 350 mAh charging and storage case
  • Backed with noise cancellation technology


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Overall Best Earphone Under 1000

Therefore, we can conclude that choosing a Wireless Headphone will go well according to your requirements. We recommend Infinity (JBL) Glide 120 Metal in-Ear Wireless as the best model from our list. This is because of the features like 7hours of battery, dual equalizer technology, metallic design, and 3 remote buttons for easy handling. This is all for today. Do come back next week for more reviews like this.

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