About Us

The Apolloedoc is dedicated to the coverage of Health, Electronic and other product reviews, detailed listicles and buying guides. Our aim is to help people discover good quality products which fulfil the users needs.


About the New Ownership

The domain previously belonged to Apollo Hospitals where they offer online doctor appointment now they have moved askapollo.com.  So if you are looking for doctor appointment please visit to https://www.askapollo.com.

Now, the ownership has changed, We’ve acquired the apolloedoc.co.in domain using GoDaddy because of love for the name and there is no active trademark in any class. Although, we have nothing to do with the previous owners, and we aren’t using any content which belongs to Apollo Hospitals.


How did we get this domain?

We have acquired this domain using GoDaddy Domain Registrar.

Let me explain you how it works, each domain needs renewal after it gets expired. the previous owner was unable to renew it because they have moved their business to another site askapollo.com.

It showed up in GoDaddy where it was ready for registration to any person. Apolloedoc.co.in was a good name that’s why we acquired it and built this Review Blog.

Our Apolloedoc stands for “Apollo” The Greek God of Healing, “E” for Electronic & “Doc” for document.

Apolloedoc: Apollo Electronic Document

This also means that we have no relations or affiliation with the previous owner.


What Will Readers Find on this New Blog:

We have invested a good amount of time to research and write reviews and buying guides for products in Health, Supplements and Home essentials categories.

You can find buying guides like below on our blog which will help you to make the buying decision according to your needs.

  1. Best Whey Protein
  2. Best Mass Gainer
  3. Best Multivitamins
  4. Best Glucometer
  5. Best Fat Burner
  6. Best Green Tea
  7. Best Water Purifier
  8. Best Air Purifier
  9. Best Fitness band
  10. Best Vitamin C Serum
  11. Best Mattress in India

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