About Us

Apolloedoc.co.in is a blog that offers a one-point solution to all your daily requirements! We are a team of experts in Navi Mumbai, India, helping readers like yourself choose better, by providing comprehensive information on products like electronics, health supplements, and more. The current market is ever-growing, with new technologies swarming in every other day! As a consumer, it can be difficult for you to keep abreast these rapid changes and find a product suitable for yourself and your home. 


This is why we have designed this website to provide you with every essential detail of products lucidly and understandably. We have some of the best testers and reviewers on board who have considerable experience in their respective fields. Our experts have a streamlined selection and reviewing process, which allows us to present you with products and information, which is the most helpful! We have a reliable system in place that you can check below:


How We Pick Our Products

This screening process has several stages where the durability, strength, warranty, quality, and other essential factors of a product are checked. Hundreds of hours are spent in assuring that only high-quality products make the cut in the final list. Our process is also aided by the experiences and reviews of previous consumers on the internet. 

But what steps go into making this process so tight and seamless? Let’s dig into it!

  • First stage: We begin our process by first acquiring products according to a specific requirement our readers are looking for. Maybe you need a washing machine for your family of four? Or perhaps you want to lead a healthier life? Or perhaps it’s neither of these, and you only want to know which face wash to use for acne? We pick up these clues from different public forums and start working toward providing our best opinion. 


  • Second stage: This stage of our process consists of testing! All the products are tried and tested by their respective experts. These experts work tirelessly through hundreds of hours to check different aspects like durability, quality, and build of a product(s) and shortlist the few best for the final review. 


  • Third stage: The shortlisted products are now compared to side-by-side and put to the test again. This step is conducted with the experts’ high scrutiny to ensure a well-informed and dependable opinion is provided to the readers. The product’s pros and cons are listed as the expert to provide a completely unbiased and genuine view. 


Our Experts

Below is our expert review team who collaborate and set the seal on all the products listed out on the website:


Ankit Kumar

Ankit Kumar

Ankit is our tech guy who stays vigilant of all the new technologies that hit the market. He completed his BTech in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Manipal University in 2013. Currently, he helps apolloedoc by testing, reviewing, and presenting technologically-sound products for our readers. He hails from Chandigarh, Punjab and now lives alone in the big city Mumbai to follow his dreams. He enjoys drafting tech blogs and researching/updating on the new inventions every day in his leisure time. At Apolloedoc, Ankit provides us with his professional opinion on the built and quality of electronic products. 


Mirganshi Gupta

Mirganshi Gupta

Since 2013, Mirganshi has been a certified gym trainer from the Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute (GGFI), India. She also has a B.Sc. in Nutrition and Dietetics from Lovely Professional University (LPU). She hails from the pink city, Jaipur, and is currently managing more than a hundred clientele for body transformation workshops at a high-end gym in Mumbai. Mirganshi is an excellent addition to the Apolloedoc team because of her remarkable grip on body nutrition and health. Her opinion is salient when it comes to health supplements, protein powders, and even fat burners. She tries all of the products she recommends to ensure only the best gets through. 


Sheena Behera

Sheena Behera

Sheena is a kitchen and home specialist who writes for Apolloedoc on sections for home appliances. She has pursued Mechanical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, and has worked herself up the ladder since 2011. She has ample experience in HVAC systems (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), and ensures all products pass the quality measures she puts them through. She hails from Bangalore itself and is currently working with us to acquire, test, and present home appliances that serve the best to you as a reader and consumer.